Black and White – G.NA (MV)

Wee it’s out! This is G.NA‘s new video Black and White.

I was anticipating the video because Jinwoon of 2Am stars in it! He is very cute! ahahaha… especially when he does that eye smile. He looks good in this MV! And I absolutely adore when he does that smirk! Makes you want to pinch him! ahahaha

Anyway, this is a nice song. It’s a cutesy one though compared to the previous songs that she has released. But I like it because she managed to sound distinctly even if the new song is a very pop inclined one. The voice quality she has rendered when she sang I’ll Back Off So You Can Live is the same for this song. The concept of the video is not exactly new but it works for the song. I wonder how this song will do on the charts since its a new GNA sound.

**credits: KPOPMV020@yt