Sensual GD and TOP???

My friend was screaming at me to put this video up on my blog!!!

She adores TOP so much!

Don’t be mislead with the title of the post.. i posted that because that was my reaction when I saw this music video.. Baby Goodnight (by TOP and G Dragon).

It’s a different side to the boys! The video has a sensual touch to it and I think it’s all up to you to make your interpretation. The song is nice though, but i still prefer Don’t Leave and Ppokigayo.

My friend is absolutely adoring this video! oh well, she adores TOP… if it was Taeyang doing this, I think I would go gaga with envy!

**credits: BIGBANG@yt


Dont Leave (집에 가지마) – GD and TOP (Live)

Me Likey this song… Don’t Leave (집에 가지마) by G Dragon and TOP.

I saw this performance on Ingkigayo (SBS) last Sunday. And me likey the song because it sounds so good! I feel like I’m listening to a song made by an American singer! It’s cute but at the same time it has the twist of  rap. The guys pulled it off! How lucky the girl is…

**credits: BIGBANG@yt


Knock Out (뻑이가요) – G Dragon and TOP

G Dragon and TOP has posted a new video on Big Bang’s youtube website for the song Knock Out (뻑이가요).

I don’t know about you, but I like this better than High High. ^_^ It sounded kinda different from the usual Big Bang songs.. so I guess that’s the reason. It’s something fresh. My mind keeps repeating the song’s beat! Cute video too!


**credits: BIGBANG@yt


She’s Gone – G-Dragon ft. Kush

I am still preparing my Yesung post tonight.. And while looking for the perfect kind of pictures for him I’m posting lots and lots of videos.. kk I feel like it! 😀

And this is a post for a G Dragon video…

Well in Big Bang I like Taeyang better but this guy is really amazing! He has his own style, he could write songs and he has a lot of talents!  I am posting this for all the fans of G Dragon! 😀

bonus: G Dragon pic… kk handsome??

**credits: xtlover@asianfanatics + UrAsianSource@youtube


Let Me Hear Your Voice – Big Bang

It’s been awhile since I posted a Japanese song on my blog! ^^ and thanks to Big Bang.. I could post more Jpop stuff…

The boys have been busy recently with their promotions of their album in Japan.. and they are getting busier (I think) because they a new single that’s called Let Me Hear Your Voice.

According to the article I read in Kbites, this is the first Japanese OST for the group the first song they made after Daesung’s accident! woot woot! VIP’s must be really glad.. though they are not doing the promotions in Korea, at least they are not idle!

Loved Taeyang’s voice! oops biased opinion ^^ 😀 but the song did sound nice… a little different from the usual Big Bang sound.. and I kinda like it! ^^ most of the songs you will hear the voices of Daesung, Seung Ri and Taeyang.. the rap comes at the last part and it’s done in English!  The video was revealed last Oct. 26.

** credits ohdaiba@youtube + kbites


Heartbreaker – G Dragon

Big Bang has been back in the music scene but as of the moment they are focusing on promoting their single in Japan. And I have to say that they did a good job because in just months from the launch of Gara Gara Go, they succeeded in Japan.

But for this post I will not be posting anything about their promotions in Japan or about Dae Seung’s accident (I hope he gets better ^^), instead I will be posting the video of G Dragon’s song Heartbreaker. Some of you might have heard the song or seen the video, but I was on hiatus so I’m still posting it kikiki ^^.


I love the concept of the video and G dragon looked handsome here :D. It’s very different from the Big Bang concepts, and it shows GD can be uniques but at the same time he still is part of Big Bang. It’s just a little sad because this song has an issue of plagiarism.. because it sounds a little bit like the Right Round song (i think it does though a bit). But I think fans are not minding this issue as this album is doing real good in the charts.

So here is the video of the song.. I’m a little lazy to post the lyrics of the song, so please click on this link for the lyrics 😀

**credits  YGEntertainment@youtube, makikawaii@blogspot and  mv_288@asianfanatics


Gara Gara Go – Big Bang MV

I miss these boys!

They were gone for a bit but now they are back. Well they came back some time ago with the Japanese version of their song Heaven (My Heaven is the Japanese version’s title I think). And now they are back with a new single! Gara Gara Go!

This is the MV of the song!

The song is in Japanese but it still has the usual Big Bang sound to it. I miss seeing Taeyang dance! Really – so glad I saw this MV! ahahaha I really glad they’re back! 😀

**credits  Kpopluv19@youtube


Big Bang’s new single soon!

VIP’s! rejoice! I know we all missed them – I especially miss Taeyang! ahahaha.. but from what I’ve read Big Bang will be releasing a new single soon! And that soon will be on July 8!! Yipee! I can’t wait!!!


They will be releasing their new Japanese single on July 8. According to allkpop, the single will have two versions and hree tracks each with the following tracklist:

1. Gara Gara GO!
2. Top Of The World
3. Stylish

1. Gara Gara GO!
2. Top Of The World
3. So Beautiful

I’m so psyched about this! ahaha I missing these boys also! wahahah

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MNet’s Celebs You Want To Spend Valentine’s Day With

I know its a little late to make this post as Valentines was days ago. But I’m still going to post this. They are soooo cute! ahahaha.

credits to DBSKnights33@youtube for posting the video

1. Lee Min Ho


2. Xiah Junsu (DBSK) – yay! 😀


3. Kim Beom


4. G Dragon (Big Bang)


5. Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) – yay! 😀


who do you want to go out with??? 😀

credits to asianfanatics for the pics.