Sweet Dream – MFBTY (MV)

So it’s a Saturday and I have nothing to do today. And I was a bit bored, so I decided to post some again.

Though I haven’t posted anything, I am still a bit updated with Korean music. But with the recent rise in the number of Kpop groups, I don’t know who is who! Seriously… they are just so many of them now… and their songs are just the same.

But recently I find myself listening to a lot more than just Kpop. I’ve been listening to a lot more than just Kpop, but I think I really enjoy the K-indie music as well as K-hiphop. And this song has been on my playlist. It’s from MFBTY (My Fans Better Than Yours), a project group of Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae (Tasha/T) and Bizzy. It’s called Sweet Dream.

The Video

I actually heard the song before I saw the video. So when I saw the video I was like.. What the heck happened! Hahaha. I have actually been a fan of Drunken Tiger and Yoon Mirae for quite sometime now. And this is the first time I’ve seen them do this kind of stuff in their videos. It was like seeing their alter egos in the video. Did I enjoy it? Ya.. in a twisted kind of way. Maybe I enjoyed it because it was fun to watch them here. Because it’s very different from their image. It shows that they aren’t afraid how they looked like or if it does something to their current image!

The video is full of surreal things. You really don’t expect that to happen in reality.  Maybe they were trying to say a lot of possible things can happen in our dreams – which I bet a lot of us had experienced one time or another. And then when we wake up we know it was just a dream. But I have to say, the robot Tiger dream was scary!

The Song

I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (notice the number of exclamation points!) When I heard this song the first time I just played Melon 100 chart. I honestly thought it wasn’t a Korean artist who sang it. But when I saw the album cover had Yoon Mirae I couldn’t believe it.. then I hear Tiger JK rap. I am so amazed by this song. Amazed because the beat was electronic-club with a mix of hip hop. It was like listening to a Black Eyed Peas song only in a different language!

I honestly enjoy Korean electronica music. Though this genre is not so popular yet and is (to me) still of an Indie status. But I love this kind of music and it’s certainly something different from Kpop. I am so happy that MFBTY produced this song because it lets people know that there is more than just Kpop in the Korean music industry.

I do hope that they will be making more of this sound even though they are just a project group. Korea needs more electronica!

Final Verdict: You’d never believe it was from a Korean artist until you hear the rap. If you like electronic/hip-hop you’d love this song. I can’t wait to hear more of MFBTY songs!

credits: JUNGLEMFBTY@yt


Kpop Stars on Twitter!!!

updated this post: april 27, 2o10

I just started tweeting (my twitter site)!!!

A friend of mine urged to make my own twitter and I can’t seem to stop! kk.. but another reason for joining this is because a lot of Kpop stars have now started tweeting!!!

Here are some of the Kpop stars I found on twitter (links to their twitter accounts.. it’s real guys!!):

Donghae of Super  Junior (the first Suju I think to have his twitter)

Shindong of Super Junior

Sungmin of Super Junior

Siwon of Super Junior (^_^ i’m very happy he started tweeting! i heart him)

Tablo of Epik High

Nicole of Kara

Yubin of Wonder Girls

Sun of Wonder Girls

Sohee of Wonder Girls

Mimi of Wonder Girls

Hye Rim of Wonder Girls

Changmin of 2AM

Jinwoon of 2AM

Jaekyung of Rainbow

Kang Ji Young of Kara

Go Hara of Kara

Gyuri of Kara

Mithra of Epik High


Yenny of Wonder Girls

Jo Kwon of 2AM

VJ Isak (Arirang)

Kevin of Ukiss

Alex of Ukiss

Eli of Ukiss

Kim Kibum of Ukiss

Hyung Jun of SS501


Official Wonder Girls

Official 2ne1 twitter (you need to send a request)

Drunken Tiger

One Way

Henry – Super Junior

Jessica – SNSD

Brian Joo

Nichkhun – 2PM

Amber – f(x) – need to send request

Taeyeon – SNSD

Hyo Yeon – SNSD

Krystal – f(x)

Victoria – f(x)

Kibum – Super Junior

So if you’re a kpop fan… start tweeting now!!! 😀

Oh if you know Kpop artists who are not on the list… please leave a comment 😀 comments are highly appreciated! thanks!!