Dalamatian’s Comeback with E.R (MV)

Since their debut, I really liked this group. and so I was glad that they’re making a come back after more than a year of hiatus.

It’s Dalmatian with E.R.

I haven’t really been paying attention to Kpop news — too busy having a vacation and watching all the dramas and movies that I missed. So When I saw this MV I was frantically looking for Day Day. I thought my eyes were deceiving me. A quick google search told me that he has quit the group for personal reasons. NOOOOOO! Sigh.. the group has a new singer rapper, Simon. I have to admit he is pretty good looking, but Dalmatian is different without Day Day!! Oh well I have Daniel and Jisu to root for now.

The reason why I liked Dalmatian was because of how they were structured — 3 guys would rap and the other 3 would sing. They were like a nice hip hop pop group. But with this new song, I didn’t really hear a lot of rap. I mean, I know how good singers Jisu and Daniel are, but it sounds a little different to me. Maybe a little more mainstream. It’s too common. Compared to their past songs, this one had lesser rap. Maybe they are changing their concept or something, but it’s just not the same — Dalmatian without a lot of rap in their songs… too different! Wonder what MC Mong would have said if he heard this song.

But but but.. on the plus side.. the video was hot! Though a little morbid and stuff (wonder how it feels like to be stuffed in that body bag!). About time they showed off their bodies!! Kya! fan girling! Also, the painted tattoos were not as bad as I thought it would be. I love how they showed off the manly side of Jisu and Daniel! Omona! Jisu.. you’ve matured so much! As usual Youngwoon has the hair that catches your attention! Remember his blue hair? Well I haven’t seen him have long curly locks!

Conclusion: Song — good but it’s doesn’t give me the Dalmatian vibe. Video — sizzling hot except for the morbid parts!

**credits: cjenmusic@yt


Dalmatian’s New Songs!!!

There are a lot of emerging groups in the Korean industry. Most of you have their own favorites, but I would have to say that mine is Dalmatian.

Dalmatian made their debut last year with the song Round 1. The group was formed by MC Mong (oh how I miss his songs). And I liked them because their concept is different… 3 rappers and 3 singers…  their sound is unique… well maybe because MC Mong wrote their debut song.

I was very excited when I learned that they were making a new album. And of course yesterday they released their 2 new videos… That Man Opposed and Lover Cop.

That Man Opposed (그 남자는 반대)

Lover Cop

They look very handsome in their vids… and I still love the fact that they have 3 rappers and 3 singers. When I compare both videos, I like That Man Opposed better than Lover Cop. Because of the cutesy pop sound, but has a lot of rap to it. Plus Day Day looks really great there! I can definitely crush on Day Day because he is older than me! kk Inati looks great here too… you could never guess how old he is! He looks younger. Love Youngwon’s blue hair! kk its not very common in and he looks great…. no one ever dared try that kind of hair! kudos for him for being so brave and accepting that blue hair… I bet he will never forget that in his lifetime! kk

I will be watching out for their promotions on the music shows! Dalmatian doggy dog!! kk

**credits: isentermedia@yt