I Love You – 2NE1 (MV)

Yay!! 2NE1 is back with a new track called I Love You.

The Song 

My favorite girls are back!! I love it that they have a more mature sound in this single with a touch of the 2NE1 sound that the Blackjacks have grown to love. This song is a mix of electronica, house, rnb and hip hop.. with a bit of the retro feel that is popular now in Korea. Do I like it? Yes!!! I love that it’s catchy with the lyrics saying I Love You. It kind of reminds me of cross between Bonnie Bailey and Kylie Minogue track with a twist of the 2NE1 sound they are familiar with. It’s no doubt this is a track that only these girls can perfect!

I love that they experimented with this sound, and they have delivered it.

The Video

I love that YG has finally shown the sensual and mature sides of the girls! I love the glam, the make up and the clothes! So fashionable! I gotta love those close ups! They look very very pretty! Though there’s not much of a story, from what I gather it’s like a girl singing about someone that she loves while thinking about him. I think because the title is I Love You, I would have wanted more than this MV.. like a love interest or something. I’m not complaining about the MV though.

I read in a report that Dara shed tears when she had to shave her head for this comeback. I think that’s mighty brave of her.. I think she has has changed from the cry baby Sandara Park in Star Circle Quest to a very mature Dara of 2NE1. (In case you did not know Star Circle Quest was the contest that made her popular in the Philippines. I used to watch it a lot back then, and there wasn’t a time when Sandara didn’t cry or looked pitiful at that time. I wasn’t rooting for her back then, but I think now, she’s not the same girl anymore, and I like her a lot now!).

Now I want to see them on music shows, but that means they will be going head to head with my favorite boys… Hmm, well I think that would be good to see them both together in a show!

Final Verdict: Can’t help singing I Love You when I hear this song.. but I expected a bit more with the video, but I’m not disappointed.

**credits: 2NE1@yt


I Love You – 2NE1 teaser

I was all hooked with the Super Junior comeback that I forgot posting about 2ne1‘s comeback! They are coming back with a song called I Love You.

Not really sure what to expect of the song, but it sounds like a track with a cross of hip hop, house and electronica. I think the song is now available on iTunes.


I guess I have to wait for it’s release! But they do look pretty in this picture! And why does Dara never age! She’s older than me but she looks really really young! Kya~~~~

**credits: 2ne1@yt + as tagged


2NE1 Nolza Clips

Wohoo!!! I super love YG Entertainment for posting up the videos of the girls’ concert!

They posted clips of 2NE1‘s first concert NOLZA!

I Am The Best

Go Away

Only Look At Me – Wow Minzy!  

I’m sure all the Blackjacks who were not able to come to the concert were delighted!  And a note on the side… I love how the girls have individual colored microphones! kk I want one! kk

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Ugly – 2NE1

It’s not really my favorite 2NE1 song, but they have a new song out.

It’s called Ugly.

I love the girls, but I think I am not a fan of this song — well at least not too much. Sorry Blackjacks, but I don’t like the meaning of the song. To me the song is a self-pity themed one, very different from their old songs. I mean, 2NE1 songs are supposed to be screaming girl power, but a song saying “I think, I’m ugly… I wanna be pretty just like her” is not really giving empowerment to a girl. It’s just quite opposite from the 2NE1 concept that I have. The song I think is about a pathetic girl wanting to be pretty. Could they make a song like I Don’t Care??

But what I do love about this song is that they had the whole chorus in English! Wohoo!! Another first from them. Though some of the words are too much accented that I had to listen to it a few times before I can get some of the words.

About the video, again with the explosives! I would have understood it the song was screaming empower me. Like Hate You or I am the Best. But the lyrics and the video don’t really match. There was a sign there saying Ugly Girls not allowed, and then they go breaking things, breaking chains on the gate which to me could be interpreted as “I’m Ugly, so what??”. But on the other hand the song says “I think I’m Ugly… I wanna be pretty just like her”. They don’t go together! But maybe the message they want to say in the video is that it’s not good to be fake (Plastic zone anyone?). Just this is NOT the right song!! (Don’t lash me, if you don’t understand Korean, look for the translation of the song, and you’ll know why it’s not my favorite 2NE1 song)

But what I do like about the video is their use of neon glow in the dark paint! How cool can that be!

Wish they had a better song though. But this song wouldn’t stop me from being their fan. I Am the Best and I Don’t Care are still my 2 favorite 2NE1 songs.

Again these are just my opinions.. ^_^

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Hate You – 2NE1

Wow! A fully animated music video from a Kpop idol group!!!! And who made it?? 2NE1!!! Cool!!

This is their new track Hate You.

I so love the innovativeness of these girls. And  I think this is what I really like about YG Entertainment. They really push the limits when it comes to innovation. I love that there is always something new about their videos. And this is one of the best videos perhaps of 2NE1.

It was cool to see the girls be transformed into animated characters. It was directed by graphic artist Mari Kim. I so love Dara’s character! kk And I love the fact that they included several traits of the members. Try to look for the part where Bom was eating corn! I loved that! And the guns here I could forgive.. kk

The song.. well it’s not exactly their best, but it still has that 2NE1 sound that’s very distinctive. I can’t wait to see their performance of the song.


**credits: 2NE1@yt

Don’t Stop the Music – 2NE1

The girls are back with a new track Don’t Stop the Music!!

How to describe it.. it’s the same kind of 2NE1 sound with something kind of different! I think this song was meant for the girls to sing. I like that it has the same hip hop feel. Well most people would say that they sound the same. But as you listen to the song, its different from the past music that they’ve released. On a side not, in the video, Bom is sporting a new hair color, but I think she looked better in the red hair she sported when they promoted “Go Away”. I love her dress though, the one with the teddy bear-ish design 🙂

Kudos to the girls for releasing another nice track! and congratulations for them for winning this year’s Artist of the Year in the MAMA awards! 🙂

**credits 2NE1@yt


2NE1’s Back!!!

Posting again… why? because 2NE1 is back! and they are going to be in Ingkigayo for later in the afternoon! I can’t wait for their performance!

It’s been a long time since they released a song and since they have been performing on music shows and as their fan I can’t hide my excitement! kk 🙂

The girls also released 2 of their music videos… and another one of their videos will be released today.. so i’m posting the 2!

Clap Your Hands

Go Away – i really like this song!!!

Among the 2 songs I prefer Go Away.. love CL’s rap! Dara looks so pretty in all the videos! kk.. Can’t Nobodu will be released later so I might be posting it up as well!

I can’t wait for their performance… it’s said they are going to be doing 3 songs.. got to tune in to Ingkigayo later! can’t miss it!!!

credits: 2NE1@youtube (yes… they have their own youtube channel!!)


Try To Copy Me (MV Only) – 2NE1

It’s impossible for me not to post this!

When I saw this video, I liked it on the spot! I really like this girls and whoever is making their concept I would have to say he or she is doing a pretty good job at it!

During the past few months, one of the reasons why I did not have the energy or the want to post something on this blog is because most of the Kpop songs all sound the same and their videos look the same. Like I mentioned in a previous post, most videos had a black or dark background. And then the artist would be singing and dancing while there are lights flashing. I know I like Kpop music but recently it’s as if eveyrthing was the same and all had the same concept.

But when I saw this, it was a wonderful and invigorating sight to see! Now I understand why most of my Korean friends like them. They always tell me that 2NE1 is different from most of the idol girls that are very famous in their country. At first I never understood why, because to me they are just the same.. well maybe before I thought 2NE1 had better and more catchy songs and they just dress differently from others. But when I see this video, it’s very clear! like crystal! These girls are indeed different and they do set a trend. I can’t wait for their next video! I hope it’s something unique again…

I am not posting any lyrics on this entry.. you may find them online.. I just figured that it’s impossible for my blog not to have this video! SO even if it’s quite old.. I’m still posting it..