Do You Know (알고 있나요) – Someday ft. Jea (BEG)

For a fan of the drama Boys Over Flowers, I know you must be familiar with this song. In the OST of Boys Over Flowers, Do You Know by Someday was featured as one of the songs, which of course became very popular.

But did you know that there was a duet version of this song featuring Jea (Brown Eyed Girls)??

At the time Boys Over Flowers was airing, I did not know that there was a duet version of this song, up until a few months ago when I was searching for new songs to download. This song was one of my favorites in the BOF soundtrack so I was a little hesitant about this version. I was very much surprised that this version was sung as a duet. But when I heard it, I immediately liked it. Heck, I even prefer it over the one that was featured in BOF.

I love the idea of having Jea’s voice in the song. I mean I like her voice, I think she has one of the strongest voice in the Kpop industry. It added more spice to the very likeable song. The blending of the voice sounded very much pleasant to my ears.

As for the video.. well remember that guy who played Sam Soom’s ex-boyfriend, yup that’s the same guy. And I have to say he looks better here. He was too lanky during the Kim Sam Soon days (but that was in 2005, I think this songs was in 2009). Oh sorry I forgot to tell you his name is Lee Kyuhan. And if you’re a Super Junior fan, you might have seen him in Introducing a Star’s Friend with Leeteuk and Eunhyuk.

So I hope you liked the song… and if you like it you can click here to have it 🙂

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Other songs i love now… as of 2010.07.29

Though I haven’t been blogging too much… I still try my best to be updated with the latest Kpop… I like some of the songs.. some I don’t.. but recently I have been listening to these songs.. these are kind of like my recommendations to someone who wants to know the latest kpop songs… (this of course excludes super junior songs.. kk ~~~)

I Need A Girl – Taeyang

One word to describe it — HOT!!!! Absolutely love him! kk Dara and Sol look good together kk~~ nice move to choose her as the girl in the MV

Good Girl, Bad Girl – Miss A

This rookie JYP group sound good! Their debut song hits the spot.. kk well it’s kind of addicting when you hear the words… “You don’t know me” and “So shut off (but sounds like up) boy!”.. plus Jia really looks good with her PINK hair! you go girl! 🙂

Bbi Ri Bba Bba – Narsha

The solo track of Narsha 🙂 she is my favorite BEG member.. kk and I loved her more when I saw her on Invincible Youth.. and she has this song that’s really really addictive! and looove her make up.. when i saw it on allkpop.. wow! 🙂 bbi ri bba bba.. kk~~

Come Back Again – Infinite

Another addictive song from a rookie group. This is their debut song and though it did not win any award, its pretty nice to hear.. well thanks to one friend of mine i couldn’t stop singing.. dashi dorawa.. dorawa dorawa.. kk but i have to say when these boys dance, their moves are really synchronized.. precise.. and got to love the guitar part after the chorus.. kk ~~

I My Me Mine – 4minute

Hmm.. I’m not so much of a fan of the girl group.. but I like this song (the second song from them that I like). But I dont like HUH… but this one sounds really good and I like the dance.. 🙂

credits: ygentertainment + interminabletube + magicsailor123 + 4minuteofficial and woolliment @ yt


Dance Tutorials Anyone

I am postponing the Get to Know them post.. I am still on the process of finding the right kind of pictures to post.. I don’t stay too long online and I don’t have much time these days as I have lots to do.. so.. those posts will have to come later

But that doesn’t mean I am not posting anything…

I can post something still…

So one friend asked me if (because she knows how crazy I am about Kpop) I learned to dance all those K-dances also… my answer is no! wahaha… though the dance steps are familiar but I prefer to sing than to dance ^_^

I suddenly remembered that conversation today and so I made this post to include some of the dance tutorials of Kpop artists..

After watching all those videos of Ingkigayo, Music Bank and Music Core (which we missed for a month now), I’m pretty sure you want to imitate your favorite idols.. so I present them to you… and this will come handy when you sing in the neoraebang! 😀

Tell Me (one dance I would love to learn! kk)

Gee (kk i know the chorus a little.. but then again i would rather sing it!) – 2 parts

Mister (butt dance baby!) – 2 parts


Genie (Tell Me Your Wish)

**credits yukarilovesrika and SuperInfectedmushroo@youtube + crazy girls and NewEcho