Christmas Time – Jellyfish Entertainment Artists

Christmas is definitely in the air. And this year Jellyfish Entertainment has given us an early Christmas present!

Artists who are signed under the label have come together to make an album this Christmas. The album is aptly titled Jelly Christmas. And their first title track is called This Christmas.

Its a very nice Christmas track, just fit for the season. And to me it’s really nice since Sung Sikyung sings. And there’s also Park Hyoshin, Brian Joo and Seo In Gook to name a few. It’s a powerhouse cast if you ask me. And for some who miss Sung Sikyung‘s voice, especially when he says “Jaljayo” (Good night), you hear him say “Merry Christmas” in that same voice!! ohhh make you fall in love! ^_^

And since ’tis the season of giving, it is said that a portion  of the profits of the album will be donated Snowmen Making Miracles‘ campaign by NGO Good Neighbors in order to aid starving children overseas. Cool! And this is why I love Christmas!

I can’t wait for the holidays! just a few more days to go!! ^_^

**credits  brianjoomusic@yt + allkpop


In My Head – Jason Derulo and Brian Joo

I am fired up and I am posting like crazy tonight — and this is what happens after a very long hiatus from not posting on my blog!!!

I know they performed this some time ago and I saw that performance courtesy of TVants.. but I still like watching the performance and I soo love this song!

I actually first heard of the In My Head song when I knew Brian Joo had a new single. I am not much of his fan, I am a Hwanee fan… but I like Fly to the Sky so I like Brian.. kk and I also think he is funny especially when Jo Kwon of 2AM is around!! They crack me up! I knew of Jason Derulo and I thought his voice was nice but I didn’t know he was the one that sang the original version of In My Head, not until I saw this.

At first I was wondering how come another guy was singing the song… It took me about a few moments to realize that it was Jason Derulo’s song!!! And from that moment I got hooked on this song… and it has been playing on my playlist for sometime now! 😀

Why I like the song.. because it is not like the usual rnb songs or hip hop songs that I hear nowadays.. I mean the sound and the feel to me is different.. and I just can’t help but singalong with “In My Head it’s going down..” kk it’s kind of addictive when you listen to it more and more…  and this song makes you want to dance too… so i like it…

Why I am posting this song.. I was actually looking for the original video of this song (Jason Derulo’s version)… but for some reason, I couldn’t post it.. so this is the next best thing to the original MV.. if I can’t post it then I would have to post the live version! And this video was when he visited Korea and had a tour in Korea! I love how they performed the video… and oh well I just like Jason Derulo! kk I think that reason is enough!

For the lyrics I think there are some available online.. you could also check Jason Derulo’s youtube website

**credits  TheZdlm13@youtube