Otanjoubi Omedetto Blanca-San!!

This is a birthday post for a dearest friend!

I actually did not know what to post… but then I remembered her love for the Korean Drama Goong (Princess Hours) and the teddy bears of Goong.. thus the pictures on this post will feature the teddy bears! Don’t worry Blanket we will go to the teddy museum soon! kk.. I know you love Japanese.. but the greeting will be in Korean! kk

We Came To Wish You a Happy Birthday…

Saengil Chukha Hamnida…

Saengil Chukha Hamnida…

Saranghaneun Blanca!!!

Saengil Chukha Hamnida!!!

To my dearest friend who loves Princess Hours and the Teddy Bears, who loves watching Criminal Minds, who has an addiction to the Japanese langauge, who introduced me to Hana Yori Dango (thus my addiction to Jdrama), who I am converting to liking Super Junior (yaw palag!), and who NEVER gets tired of listening to me complaining….

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Another Late Birthday Post

This was is another late birthday post.. and I hope another friend of mine will not kill me!! kk kidding!

Actually, my friend Marj’s birthday was last January, and since I wasn’t up to posting something at that time.. I wanted to post something now… It’s better late than never right! 😀

So I asked today what she wanted… I wasn’t pretty sure who is the Asian star she liked now.. because before she held a flame for Jerry Yan (kk 😀 yes F4 days!). But maybe now she liked someone.. and it was a good thing I asked because I would have placed pictures of Jerry. And she sent me a message saying that she wanted Kim Bum (F4 – Korean F4) especially when he visited the Philippines… but because I did a post on that before so I decided to look for some other random pictures. And here is my present!

Hi Marj! Meet Kim Bum….

Kim Bum is a little confused now with what gift to give you for her birthday…

Hmmm.. should a text message be enough?? (what are you texting Kim Bum??)

Or should he take you out and take a stroll in the rain sharing an umbrella with him…

Or should he play you something romantic on his saxophone…

But in the end he settled for flowers for a wonderful beautiful lady like you.. awww.. how sweet of him!!!

Happy Birthday Marj!!! (“,)

Happy Birthday Marj! hope you enjoyed my birthday post for you!!! Though your miles away from us we love you! I can’t wait for your next vacation! Saranghae!

And pahabol… winking Kim Bum! isn’t he just adorable???

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A Very Very Late Birthday Post

I know it’s almost been a month since her birthday… but I’m still making a birthday post for Joan! Happy Birthday Joan! And to help me greet you… I asked Fei Lun Hai to give you some cake!

Last year it was a mix of Vic Zhou and Wu Chun pictures. This year I asked her what she wanted me to post.. and she said Han Geng (Hankyung of Super Junior). It was because of Han Geng that all my Super Junior addiction started. Because Joan liked Han Geng she started watching Suju videos. And she shared some to me and the rest is history… So wish granted!

A Very Serious Han Geng…

A Very Handsome Han Geng! don’t you agree Joan?

Han Geng is writing something… for Joan maybe? – even when he is writing he looks good!

Han Geng has some presents Joan! He said he made this shake for you! ^^

And his other present is this stuffed animal for Joan! ^^

And his last message for Joan is… “生日快乐 李南, 我爱你!!!” (“,)

Happy Birthday Joan!! How you liked it.. sorry it came a bit late ^^ Thanks for everything and anytime you need me I’m here 😀

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Happy Birthday Sittie!

This is a very late post! And I’m super sorry I wasn’t able to post this earlier! 😀

But anyway… I want to greet a friend of mine belated Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday.. Happy Birthday… Happy Birthday to you!!

I asked her whow photos she wanted me to post for her birthday.. and she said she wanted to see pictures of the f4 (korean f4) boys.. so I’m granting her wish 😀

If you enjoy the pictures… please copy them and do not hot link! thanks.. 😀

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Happy Birthday Choi!

This is my birthday post for my friend Choi…

She is miles away and so that’s why I’m doing this post…

She may not have the same addiction that I have over Asian things.. but sometime awhile back she was looking forward to watching Meteor Garden. Whereas Joan and I liked Zai Zai, she was quite partial to Ken Zhu… so I’m trying to find the best Ken Zhu pics for her


ken zhu2




CHOI! saengil chukha hamnida (생일축하합니다) !!! :D…

pero.. dapat kul sana wa inta tayyeb (كل سنة و انت طيب) ang greeting… ahaaha

Hope you like the pics! miss you…

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生日快乐 李南! Sheng Ri Kuai Le Li Nan!

This post is especially for Joan! She is one of my closest friends…

Since she is a long way from home and because I wasn’t able to send her a present (sorry…) I’m making this post for your birthday!!

For her birthday gift I’m posting photos of her favorite actors.. they are Zai Zai and Wu Chun!

Zai Zai’s pictures…


vic zhou cup

vic zhou cute smile

vic with car

Flowers especially for Joan’s Birthday!!!

vic with roses

Wu Chun Pictures…

wu-chun wuchun_01wu chun peace sign

I love this pic! 😀


生日快乐 李南! Sheng Ri Kuai Le Li Nan!

wu chun with cake

miss you joan! mwah!

** credits to eigna614, francesca and ngoton@asianfanatics and wu chun’s wretch site for the pictures