Chu Chu – Spinel (MV)

For the first time in a long time! Now we see girls who are not dancing while singing songs. Instead we see them bringing guitars and playing them!

It’s a new duo and they call themselves Spinel and this is their debut track Chu Chu.

Can you believe these two girls are just middle school students?! OMG! Amazing! They do sound really good. I first saw them perform on one of the music programs and they sound really nice. Their song sounds really bubbly and its good to know that Korean music is branching out to the acoustic genre. I hope there would be more of this kind of sound and more of the girl’s music. They’re starting a trend!

Will be watching out for them!

And I want one of those guitars! kk mine doesn’t look like that! kk

**credits:  TonyKPOPMV@yt


Have You Ever Fallen In Love – Standing Egg

I like to listen to Asian Music. Most of those I listen to are the songs from idol groups… however nowadays, I have a soft heart for those groups or individuals who do not belong to idol groups and whose music is fresh and are different from what we commonly hear.

And this is one of them… its from a group called Standing Egg and the track is called Have you Ever Fallen in Love.

Why I like it? Lately, most of the popular songs in the Korean music scene sound poppish. However, I don’t really hear acoustic songs too much, unless they are done on music shows like Chocolate or Sketchbook. I always enjoy when Lyn does an acoustic version of the popular songs on those shows. Have you ever fallen in love sounds fresh and is not from a common genre. It sounds good to the ears. Also, I am a fan of the acoustic genre, but we have yet to see it’s rise the Kpop industry as there are only a handful of groups who perform it. The group’s vocal quality sounds good too, it fits perfectly with the strumming of the guitars.

I hope talents like them would rise to the music scene. Good luck to them guys!

**credits: TonyKPOPMV@yt


Haru Haru: Sungha Jung version

I absolutely love acoustic music… in my country it’s quite popular.. and i loved it since i was a kid because i grew up listening to my cousins playing this kind of music.

I usually watch some acoustic performances online in different websites.. and there’s this kid who really got me amazed.. a Korean kid by the name of Sungha Jung (Jung Sungha). This kid is really good!!

Then today while going over my yt subscriptions, I saw a video of him performing my favorite Big Bang song.. ok so two favorites of mine.. and i told myself, this has to be posted tonight! Actually I’m just sharing something about this kid. You will know what got me amazed when you watch him play.

The video says it’s embed codes have been disable so I’m not sure if you can watch the video I posted above. But nontheless, this is the link to that yt video.. watch him.. and i recommend you watch his old videos too…

to post one more tonight??? kk ~~~ i really miss blogging!


Meet Boyce Avenue

I was out with some friends earlier today (actually I just got home.. and I decided to post this entry). While we were sharing some drinks and listening to the songs the band was playing, a friend asked if we had heard the songs by Boyce Avenue. Since I am currently addicted to Asian stuff, I didn’t know who they were. So I asked her who that was. She then took out her phone and she made me listen to a cover of Chris Brown’s Forver. The band sounded great — and I was curious to know who they were.

When I got home about 30 minutes ago (its 4AM, Cebu time), I started doing some research about them. My friend said that they were quite famous on youtube. And that’s where I started looking for them. I was watching some of their videos and I am pretty impressed with these guys.  Imagine having about 4 million hits on one video. I googled them and found out that they were an acoustic band composed of 4 members, 3 of which are brothers. They have done quite a few covers of popula songs like Chris Brown’s Forever, Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love and Rihanna’s Umbrella to name a few.  Most of the songs you would find on youtube are covers but they have made an album and its available on itunes. I think they are quite good based on the few songs that I have heard. I think they are one of those artists to watch out for.

Since most people may not be familiar with them (like I was before I heard their songs tonight), I am posting 2 of their videos from  youtube channel.

Forever (Chris Brown cover) – Boyce Avenue

Apologize (One Republic/Timbaland cover) – Boyce Avenue

To know more about this band, you may visit the boyce avenue website. Also check their channel on youtube (just search for boyce avenue).

Hope you like them!