This is What Happens….

when you become too busy with work and other stuff…  you don’t make a blog post!

It’s been like weeks since I made the last one and before you know it, it’s another month.

A lot to post, a lot of catching up to do. And I am starting with this… the OST from Queen In Hyun’s Man (though I haven’t posted anything it doesn’t mean I’m not watching dramas and stuff).

The drama was finished last week but I still can’t get over it. This is one of them dramas where I had to wait and agonize for the next week to watch with subtitles! I don’t normally do that… but this “men-boong” drama makes me crazy! I still can’t get over it!!! Now I miss Ji Hyun Woo’s smile (well technically it’s Kim Boong Do’s smile :P). Pity he will be serving the army in July.

This OST is called Same Sky, Different Time (같은 하늘 다른 시간에) sung by Joohee of 8Eight.

Why is this drama over? kya… still obsessing over Heejin and Boongdo! This is madness I tell you!!

**credits:  CJENMMUSIC@yt


You Are The Best of My Life – Lee Hyun (8eight)

A sweet and funny MV!

This is the MV for Lee Hyun‘s (8eight) new song, You Are The Best of My Life.

It’s a fun MV and I think the story fits the song. It has cameo appearances of 2AM’s Changmin and Juri. It’s concept is like Shallow Hal.. if you’ve seen that movie. Ultimate lesson: Love is blind and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.. kk

I have no doubt of Lee Hyun’s voice, as usual he gives a very powerful ballad.

**credits: annyeong944@yt


8eight at Kim Jeong-Eun’s Chocolate (Oct. 24, 2009)

I wasn’t able to see this last night but youtube has the videos up!

8eight is probably one of the Kpop groups that I am really very impressed with because of how their voices blend together and because of the songs that they have. I love love love their songs! So I am sharing their performance from last night! And I’m sharing it because I am currently addicted to Lee Hyun’s 30 Minutes Ago!! Couldn’t get enough of it!!! Will be posting the 30 Minutes Ago probably tonight! 😀

8eight – Song Medley

8eight – Heartbreaker / Mister

8eight – 30 Minutes Ago

**credits CodeMonmonSeason4@youtube


Goodbye My Love – 8eight

I can’t believe I missed this song when it was posted by wondersmurf on youtube! grrr… My new job is really keeping me busy these days… sigh.. But I have the weekends to post all kinds of stuff in my blog! ahahaha

I saw 8eight perform this song on Music Core but I heard this already, I just forgot where. 8eight’s songs are really wonderful to listen to. I love the way the rap parts fit the song perfectly. The song I’m posting is their song following Without a Heart. It’s called Goodbye My Love.


The MV stars Kim Seo Eun (Ga Eul from Boys Before Flowers – very pretty girl),  Jung Gyu Woon and Jung Jin Woon of 2AM. The song is really nice and the MV is a very sad one but I love the story. It broke my heart in pieces.. Awww… I haven’t seen MV’s like this in a long time. I’ll stop ranting now.. and here is the song..

Goodbye My Love – Romanization

annyoung jal jinaeni
gwiyubdun ni ulgooleun yaejun gwa gateunji
jogeum neujen anbu
neujeun ibyuleul dama sseunda

ddeun geum ubsshi wae pyunjinyago mootji aneulji
maesaeji mini hompi heunhandae goodji
peneul deuneun gun hokshina nae mam da mot junhwalggabwa
daleun bangbubeulon yukshina andwelguh gatta
himgyubduhla mani saranghetdun tuhla
mwuh hana hana nae ddeutdaelo dwaeneun gae ubduhla
geuman nul gwaelob hyuhla seuseulo dajimhago
jookeun deut gidalyuhdo niga oneun gun aniduhla

jalgayo nae sarang ijen bonaejoolggaeyo
giuk choouk modoo ijeulggaeyo
jioogo jiwuhsuh sarang hanjumdo biwuh nelggaeyo
nae mamaesuh

hanbun dan hanbunman nul dashi bogae dwaemyun ulmana joeulgga
ilun duhdin milyun noonmooldo modoo jioolyunda

momi muluhjimyun maeumdo muluhjindan mal
hanado naegen soyoung ubduhla da guhjitmal
haru haru galsoolok chochweh haejineun naega ansseuluh
dolagal soon ubsseulgga maeileul mooluh seuseulo
aetaneun nae mameul jwiuh jjanae solichyuhbwatja
naegen deulijiga anneunda
chooukeh ggeutaesuhya ibyuleul ggaedaleun hoo aeya
nae mamaesuh nul bonenda annyoung

jalgayo nae sarang ijen bonaejoolggaeyo
giuk choouk modoo ijeulggaeyo
jioogo jiwuhsuh sarang hanjumdo biwuh nelggaeyo
nae mamaesuh

duh shigani jinamyun nuhleul ijeul jool alatneundae
dashi ddo dashi nun nae mamsokae chajawa

andwaeyo nae sarang bonelsooga ubneyo
geudel geudel ijuhya haneundae
jioogo jiwuhdo naegen ddo geudae bboonin gabayo
mian haeyo

Goodbye My Love – Translation

hello, how are are you? is your face still cute like before..
pouring out my late regards and my late farewells, i write..

i wonder if you’ll simply ask me why it’s a letter
when messages on mini homepages are more common
firmly, i pick up my pen.. just in case i can’t convey my heart
i feel like i can’t do this any other way
it was really hard. when i loved you, nothing happened the way i wanted it to
i keep promising myself to stop bothering you
even though i wait until death, you won’t come

goodbye, my love. i’ll let you go now.
the remembrances and the memories, i’ll forget them all
i’ll erase and erase and empty out every drop of love
from my heart

one time, just one more time, if i am to see you again, how nice would that be..
this lingering attachment, these tears, i’ll erase everything

the saying that as the bodies grow farther apart, the heart grows further apart as well
is of no use to me, it’s all lies
everyday, i become more and more worn out.. i’m sorry for causing you trouble
everyday, i ask myself, “can’t we go back”
even if i wring out my distressed heart and cry out, you can’t hear
now, at the end of our memories, after i’ve realized our separation,
i’ll let you go from my heart.. goodbye

goodbye, my love. i’ll let you go now.
the remembrances and the memories, i’ll forget them all
i’ll erase and erase and empty out every drop of love
from my heart

i thought i would forget you as time goes by
but you keep finding your way into my heart again and again

i can’t.. i can’t let go of my love
i have to forget you, you
no matter how much i try to erase
i guess you’re the only one for me
i’m sorry.

Goodbye My Love  – Hangul

안녕 잘 지내니 귀엽던 니 얼굴은 예전과 같은지
조금 늦은 안부 늦은 이별을 담아 쓴다

뜬금없이 왠 편지냐고 묻진 않을지 메시지 미니 홈피 흔한데 굳이
팬을 드는 건 혹시나 내 맘 다 못 전활까봐 다른 방법으론 역시나 안 될 거 같아
힘겹더라 많이 사랑했던 터라 뭐 하나 하나 내 뜻대로 되는 게 없더라
그만 널 괴롭혀라 스스로 다짐하고 죽은 듯 기다려도 니가 오는 건 아니더라

* 잘가요 내 사랑 이젠 보내줄께요 기억 추억 모두 잊을께요
지우고 지워서 사랑 한 점도 비워 낼께요 내 맘에서

한 번 단 한번만 널 다시 보게 되면 얼마나 좋을까
이런 더딘 미련 눈물도 모두 지우련다

몸이 멀어지면 마음도 멀어진단 말 하나도 내겐 소용 없더라 다 거짓말
하루 하루 갈수록 초췌해지는 내가 안쓰러 돌아갈 순 없을까 매일을 물어 스스로
애타는 내 맘을 쥐어짜내 소리쳐봤자 네겐 들리지가 않는다
추억의 끝에서야 이별을 깨달은 후에야 내 맘에서 널 보낸다 안녕

* 반복

더 시간이 지나면 너를 잊을 줄 알았는데
다시 또 다시 넌 내 맘속에 찾아와

안돼요 내 사랑 보낼 수가 없네요 그댈 그댈 잊어야 하는데
지우고 지워도 내겐 또 그대 뿐인가봐요 미안해요

**credit  wondersmurf@youtube and crazykyootie@soompi for the lyrics

PS.. i’m sorry for the post spam.. but I’m posting as much as I could while I have the energy of wanting to post a lot!