Fire – 3NE1???

I was catching up on the videos in youtube that I missed when I found this video from CodeMonmonSeason2.

Apparently from  Yoo Hee-Yeol’s Sketchbook which was aired last July 3, there was a remake of the popular Fire song by 2NE1. And guess who made the remake.. they call themselves 3NE1 (or more like 31 from what you hear in ther video — eh eh eh eh eh 31.. ahahaha) — and they are composed of Lee Soo-Young, Jang Na-Ra, Park Kyung-Lim.

I really like Jang Nara and I miss seeing her in the dramas. I was glad to see this video because of her and because this video gave me a good laugh! I love their hair! ahahaha This video is more or less a parody of some sort of Fire.. but they carried it. They even made their best efforts to perform the dance! And I could conclude that 2NE1 really did a good job with their performance of Fire!

**credits  CodeMonmonSeason2@youtube