Look Aum (Hard Candy) – WhatChaRaWaLee (Lyrics)

It’s time to write  a post about a Thai song! Actually I haven’t been listening to too much Thai songs. So I did not have one to post about. But then I was reminded of this song when I saw Sungha Jung uploaded this video to his channel.

It’s a song called Look Aum (ลูกอม) by  WhatChaRaWaLee (วัชราวล). There is no music video for this song, so please play the following video for the audio.

Look Aum (pronounced like luk-om actually means literally hard candy in Thai (the kinds of candy’s have different names).

I have heard this song played and sung by all my students. I noticed that this is one of the very popular songs among high school kids here in Thailand. They memorize this song by heart. Maybe because I’ve heard it a lot of times, so that’s why I didn’t really care to find the original song. And then I heard Sungha Jung played and I am mesmerized by the song!

It’s actually a very beautiful song. The lyrics are really nice. I like hearing it and it’s very pleasant to listen to. And as I found out, it’s also very easy to sing! Hahaha. It’s officially added to the list of my fave Thai tracks. I do love Thai songs like this!

If you want to sing a long, here are the lyrics of the song. As always, credits to thamnong @ deungdutjai.com for the romanization and translations!

Look Aum – Romanized

Nai keen tee fah nun dtep pai duay saeng fai

Rao ohb gaut gun lae maung pai bon fah glai
Soot hua jai soot sai dtah mee dtae rao
Duang jun laung loy lae maup kwahm ruk hai gun
Kaup koon wun nee tee koy doo lae ruk chun jahk hua jai jahk nee pai mee dtae tur

*Chun mai roo wah wun proong nee duang dao ja hai pai nai
Chun mai roo wah wun proong nee taung fah ja pen chen rai
Dtae chun gor roo hua jai kaung chun

**Ja mee piang tur ruk piang dtae tur
Ohp gaut tur duay ruk ruk tee huang yai
Jai chun hai tur mun pen kaung tur roo mai
Took kum mun glun auk mah jahk hua jai

***Rao ja loy kahm fah tahm glahng moo dao
Ja mai mee kwahm ngao kao mah glum glai
Pleng nee peua tur mun pen kaung tur roo mai
Sunyah ja doo lae tur jahk nee dtalaut pai

Mae mee bahng krung chun tum hai tur sia jai
Dtae took took krung tur praum ja maung kahm pai
Tur kao jai hai apai kon yahng chun


Dtor hai lohk salai hai pai gup dtah
Dtor hai dao bon fah lob leuan hahng glai
Ja chun hai tur mun pen kaung tur roo mai
Took kum mun glun auk mah jahk hua jai


Look Aum – Translation

During the night the sky is full of lights
We embraced each other and looked up at the distant sky
To the end of my heart, to the end of my vision, there’s only us
The moon floats by and bestows love upon us
I thank you today for looking after and loving me, from my heart, from now on, I have only you

*I don’t know where the stars will disappear to tomorrow
I don’t know how the sky will be tomorrow
But I know my heart

**I’ll have only you, I’ll love only you
I’ll embrace you with love, love that’s concerned
The heart I give to you is yours, do you know?
Every word that comes out comes from the heart

***We’ll float through the sky in the middle of the constellations
We won’t have loneliness intruding on us
This song is for you, it’s yours, do you know?
I promise I’ll take care of you from now on, forever

Though there are sometimes that I make you sad
But every time you’re ready to look past it
You understand and forgive a guy like me


Even if the world is destroyed and disappears from sight
Even if the stars in the sky fade away
My heart that I give you is yours, do you know?
Every word that comes out comes from the heart


Look Aum –  Thai

สุดหัวใจ สุดสายตา มีแต่เรา
ขอบคุณวันนี้ที่คอยดูแลรักฉัน จากหัวใจ จากนี้ไปมีแต่เธอ
(*) ฉันไม่รู้ว่าวันพรุ่งนี้ ดวงดาวจะหายไปไหน
(**) จะมีเพียงเธอรักเพียงแต่เธอ
โอบกอดเธอด้วยรัก รักที่ห่วงใย
(***) เราจะลอยข้ามฟ้าท่ามกลางหมู่ดาว
สัญญาจะดูแลเธอจากนี้ ตลอดไป
แต่ทุกๆ ครั้งเธอพร้อมจะมองข้ามไป
เธอเข้าใจ ให้อภัยคนอย่างฉัน
ต่อให้โลกสลาย หายไปกับตา
ต่อให้ดาวบนฟ้า ลบเลือนห่างไกล

And here is a bonus. This is the video of Sungha Jung‘s cover of the song. Gotta love him playing it!!!

**credits:TinNAmou@yt + deungdutjai.com + jwcfree@yt



Pae Jai แพ้ใจ (Surrender) – Mai Jaroenpura ใหม่ เจริญปุระ

Sharing another Thai song that I love to listen. This is the only Thai song I can sing in the karaoke (neoreabang). People here love to sing, but their songs are mostly in Thai. There are only a few places that have a good selection of English songs.

Anyway.. this song is quite old but it’s very good to hear.. and if you are learning the language, you can practice by singing it. It’s called Pae Jai แพ้ใจ (Surrender) by Mai Jaroenpura ใหม่ เจริญปุระ.

I’m not sure what year it was released by I am told that this is an old song. But from the look of the video, I’m guessing it must be during the 90s as the clothes scream 90s fashion! This song is very nice to listen to. I first heard it when a colleague of mine played it on her car. My friends here taught me how to sing it.. and this is what I can sing when we go to singing rooms (btw, Thais love to sing!). I love how easy it is (even for someone who does not speak Thai) to sing this song.

I recently got the translations from Tahmnong.. Kopkun mak mak naka for translating and letting me use the lyrics on my blog.

เก็บใจไว้ในลิ้นชัก คงไม่เจอแล้วรักแท้
Gep jai wai nai lin chuk kong mai jur laeo ruk tae
I kept my heart in a drawer, I wouldn’t find true love
เบื่อกับความปรวนแปร มันไม่แคร์และไม่หวัง
Beua gup kwham pruan prae mun mai care lae mai wung
I was bored of the uncertainty, I didn’t care, didn’t hope
มันเหมือนคนชินชา ไม่มองไม่ฟัง และแล้วก็มีเธอเดินเข้ามา
Mun meuan kon chin chah mai maung mai fung lae laeo gor mee tur dern kao mah
It was like I was indifferent, I didn’t see, didn’t listen, and then you came in

เข้ามาค้นในลิ้นชัก ที่ปิดตายเพราะรักร้าว
Kao mah kon nai lin chuk tee pit dtai pror ruk rao
You came and looked in the drawer that had been permanently closed because of a broken heart
ให้อภัยใจเมาเมา มาแบ่งเบาที่ฉันล้า
Hai apai jai mao mao mah baeng bao tee chun lah
You forgave my inebriated heart and eased my fatigue
มาสนใจใยดี คนที่ไม่มีค่า ให้รู้ว่าตัวเองยังสำคัญ
Mah son jai yai dee kon tee mai mee kah hai roo wah dtua eng yung sumkun
You cared about me, a worthless girl, and let me know I was still important

(*) เก่งมาจากไหน ก็แพ้หัวใจอย่างเธอ
Geng mah jahk nai gor pae hua jai yahng tur
How did you do it? I was defeated by your heart
เมื่อไหร่ที่เผลอ ยังนึกว่าเธออยู่ในฝัน
Meua rai tee plur yung neuk wah tur yoo nai fun
Any time I’m fantasizing, I still think of you in my dreams
ยังมีอีกหรือ รักแท้ที่เคยเสาะหามานาน
Yung mee eek reu ruk tae tee koey sor hah mah nahn
Is there still more of the true love I once searched for for so long?
Wun nee pen ngai pen gun ja ruk tur
Whatever happens today, I’ll love you

(**) เมื่อเธอรู้ว่าฉันรัก ก็อย่าทำให้ฉันหลง
Meua tur roo wah chun ruk gor yah tum hai chun long
Now that you know I love you, don’t make me infatuated
บอกมาเลยตามตรง นี่เรื่องจริงหรือฉันเพ้อ
Bauk mah loey dtahm dtrong nee reuang jing reu chun pur
Tell me straight if this is real or if I’m just crazy
ตอนนี้ยังพอทำใจ ถ้าสิ่งที่ได้เจอ คือฝันคือละเมอและไม่จริง
Dtaun nee yung por tum jai tah sing tee dai jur keu fun keu lamur lae mai jing
Right now I can still accept it if what I’ve found is a dream or fantasy and isn’t real


วันนี้ฉันรักเธอ คือเรื่องจริง
Wun nee chun ruk tur keu reuang jing
Today I love you, it’s real

Try to sing this song!

**credits:  JAPANEK9@yt + deungdutjai@wordpress


Talay See Dum – Lula ft. Tar Paradox

Making the most of the free time by posting a lot on my blog! ha ha.. sorry for the flood in the posts!

Now, I’m sharing a Thai song. It’s called Talay See Dum (The Black Sea) by Lula ft. Tar Paradox.

I actually first heard this from the OST of Nadech and Yaya’s drama Game Rai Game Rak. It sounded kind of cute that time but I did not pay attention because when that drama was shown I was still new here. But my students sing it a lot and they taught me how to sing it and now it’s one of my favorite Thai songs.

This song was released in 2008. Though it’s not new, it’s very good to hear and the video is not as odd as some of the Thai videos now. I like the simplicity though the concept maybe a bit like Lucky (Jason Mraz and Colbie Caliat). I like the vintage concept though and it looks like it was shot in Paris. Also love the concept of like the guy is in the billboard. It’s cool! But the wrong thing however is that they are singing about the sea (talay means sea) but their video is shot in a city.. hmm talk about having a video that does fit the song again. I hate things like that the most, but I’ll try not to ruin my happiness towards this song because of the video.

Anyway, here are the lyrics.. credits goes to my favorite resource for Thai lyrics Tahmnong.

Talay See Dum

ทะเลสีดำ ไม่มีแสงไฟ
Talay see dum mai mee saeng fai
The black sea has no lights
มองไม่เห็นทาง เธอกลัวหรือไม่
Maung mai hen tahng tur glua reu mai
Looking, we can’t see the way, are you scared?
ได้ยินเสียงเธอ จะกลัวอะไร
Dai yin siang tur ja glua arai
I hear your voice, what’s there to be scared of?
จับมือฉันไว้ ฉันก็อบอุ่นหัวใจ
Jup meu chun wai chun gor aup oon hua jai
Hold my hand, it warms my heart

(*) เธออาจเหน็บหนาว ทุกคราวที่เจอะคลื่นลม
Tur aht nep nao took krao tee jur kleun lom
You might be cold every time you face the ocean winds
Gor hom jai chun duay kwahm aup oon kaung tur
So envelope my heart with your warmth
Aht maung mai hen sen kaung kaup fah glai
We might not be able to see the far-off horizon line
Yung mee saeng duang dao ja koy tum tahng hai rao gao pai
But we still have the starlight to lead the way for us to step on
Tur nae jai
If you’re sure
Chun nae jai
I’m sure

(**) ทะเลสีดำ
Talay see dum
The black sea
Mai nahn gor chao
Soon it’ll be morning
Kum keun nep nao
The night is cold
Jup meu chun ao wai
Hold my hand
Talay see dum
The black see
Mai dtaung wun wai
There’s no need to be nervous
Ja tum chen rai
Whatever you do
Gaut chun wai tur
Hug me

ทะเลสีดำ ทำให้ฉันกลัว
Talay see dum tum hai chun glua
The black sea makes me scared
อาจทำให้เธอ นั้นต้องลำบาก
Aht tum hai tur nun dtaung lumbahk
It might trouble you
ไม่เห็นเป็นไร อย่าไปคิดมาก
Mai hen pen rai yah pai kit mahk
I don’t see any trouble, don’t go thinking so much
มันคงไม่ยาก เพียงเธอจับมือฉัน
Mun kong mai yahk piang tur jup meu chun
It won’t be difficult, just take my hand


**credits:  iamanchale@yt + deungdutjai@wordpress


Cry Cry Cry – Palmy (MV and lyrics)

I found another Thai song that I really like. I heard it first on the radio while driving with my cousin. And I can’t seem to get over this song! It’s Cry Cry Cry by Palmy.

I am being told that Palmy is probably one of the best and most successful singers in Thailand. And after hearing this song and listening to her other songs, I have to say her music is good! Good for me at least. I’m a certified fan now. Though I’m still a bit frustrated because I don’t know the meaning of the song… (edit: i do know the meaning of the song now!!! see below.. many thanks to deungdutjai@wordpress for the translations and romanizing it!!)

Anyhow, the reason why I fell in love with this song was because it sounded soooo good! I mean I think its a sad song as the tune denotes (as well as the video), but I’m a sucker for songs like this. The song sounded like a European track, I couldn’t even tell at first that it was Thai. But when I listned carefully it was in Thai. It’s a refreshing track from all the pop ones I am listening to most of the time. I’m developing a likeness to Thai pop music!

I think it would be nice to see it as the next big thing to Kpop and Jpop 🙂

edit: this is the lyrics of the song with its romanization and english translation:

Cry Cry Cry – Palmy

มองฟ้า เมฆครึ้มสีหม่น
Maung fah mek kreum see mon
Looking at the sky, it’s cloudy and a melancholy color
รักที่ร่วงหล่น กับฝนที่ประปราย
Ruk tee ruam lon gup fon tee pra prai
Love that falls with the sprinkling rain
คิดถึงวันเก่า สองเราเปียกปอน
Kit tueng wun gao saung rao piak paun
I miss the old days, the two of us soaked
Tahm glahng sai fon proy aun
In the middle of a late rainshower
Lae tur gup chun sumput gun
And you and I touching

Chuang welah tee meuan koey yoo nai fun
The times are as usual in the rain
Jaung maung doo sai fon prum leua yoo
Staring at the drizzling streaks left
กับวันที่สายไป นั่งมองดูฟ้าคิดถึงเธอ
Gup wunt ee sai pai nung maung doo fah kit teung tur
On a day too late, sitting looking at the sky and missing you

(*) ฉันก็จะเอาแต่ CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY
Chun gor ao dtae cry cry cry cry cry cry
I only want to cry cry cry, cry cry cry
ในวันที่ฝนโปรย เหม่อมองดูฟ้าร้องไห้
Nai wun tee fon proy mur maung doo fah raung hai
On a rainy day, absently watching the sky cry
ฉันก็จะเอาแต่ CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY
Chun gor ao dtae cry cry cry cry cry cry
I only want to cry cry cry, cry cry cry
Nai wun tee fon prum keu wun tee chun mai mee tur eek dtor pai
On a rainy day, it’s the day that I won’t have you anymore

Dtae welah gor moon won yoo yahng nun
But the time passes on like that
Lae jai chun ngao leua gern took krao
And my heart is so lonely every moment
ที่มองดูฝนพรำ ยิ่งทำให้ฉันคิดถึงเธอ
Tee maung doo fon prum ying tum hai chun kit tueng tur
When watching the rain fall makes me miss you more

(remember romanizations and translations are not mine, please credit deungdutjai@wordpress / htttp://deungdutjai.wordpress.com when copying.. thanks!)

**credits: gmmgrammyofficial@yt + deungdutjai@wordpress



Someday (สักวันหนึ่ง) – OST A Little Thing Called Love

I believe that the easiest way to learn a language is to watch their movies and listen to their songs. That’s what happened when I wanted to learn Korean. Though my Korean is not too good, but I can understand bits and pieces thanks to watching all the dramas, variety shows and having more than 10GB of hard disk space of Kpop songs.

Now because I really have to learn the language, I have decided to listen to Thai music and watch their movies (and possibly in the future their dramas and variety shows). So this is the first ever Thai song that I am posting on my blog.

I actually wanted to do this a few months ago but I never had the time. But at last I’m posting it today. The song is called Someday.

If you have seen A Little Thing Called Love, you would be familiar with this song. This was the song played when Shone was looking at the notebook he made for Nam. I loved this song even though I did not know what it meant. I’m not sure who sang it, so if you know please do leave a comment.

I looked for a video with English subtitles so it would be understood. Oh how I love sad songs.. 🙂 Anyway, the video does contain some spoilers of the movie but that’s ok. The woman’s voice is really good. Thai music is not really popular yet to other parts of the world. Before seeing this movie I only knew G20.. a Thai girl group that is packaged like a Kpop group. I know of them because they guested on Star King. But other than that I don’t know them.

But while riding on my Ah’s car (Ah means younger aunt in Thai), I really like listening to the songs being played on the radio. Well.. Chan pood Tai mai dai ka (I don’t understand Thai), but i like th sound of the songs. I think I would like Thai songs. My only problem is I don’t know where to start and who is a good artist.. Can anyone help me??

If you’re Thai, please leave a comment (in English please) and recommend some Thai songs please 🙂 Much appreciated! Any Thai ELFs willing to help me?? kk 🙂

Thank you!!!

**credits: CatMatdz@yt