Uncommitted – Junsu (Xia) — with lyrics

Finally Junsu has released a slow song. I have been waiting for this! And boy oh boy was I surprised when the ballad is all in English!

It’s Junsu‘s Uncommitted.

The Video

I actually saw the video when it was released last week, but I never had the time to write about it. When I saw it, my first impression was that they are trying to show Junsu’s sexy side not the cute side we were used to seeing back then. But though I am still not over the cute Xia face, I think it’s good that they are trying to sell the mature side of him.. like a statement that he is all grown up now.

The video actually works for me. Although, I wanted to tell all those girls to get their hands off him! haha.. anyway, that’s the crazy fan talking and not me writing! This video works because it shows in that he is a player and he likes to party ergo he doesn’t want to settle down ergo the message of the song. I think the part where he was arguing with the girl signals the message of the song.

The Song

I like the song, especially the tune. It has a very western feel to it. Not very common in Korean ballads / slow songs. If it wasn’t him singing, I would have thought that this song was from a foreign artist.

But what brings me back to reality is the English! I know he is Korean, but if you plan to release a song in English, you have to make sure the words are understandable to someone who speaks/understands English. I understand perfect English but some of the parts.. let’s just say I’m not sure what I was hearing.  Although, Junsu’s English pronunciation skills have improved a lot… well that is if you compared it to how he sang in the past. But frankly, he still needs a bit more practice. There were parts in the song where the stress wasn’t right so I wasn’t sure what it was.

I think if CJES wants JYJ to breakthrough in the US, they would have to do what the Wonder Girls did, learn the language and the culture.

Anyway, if you were wondering what the lyrics is for this song here it is:

She said I couldn’t be committed
She said I’m too much of a player
Come on

Ey, ey

It was all a dream
Reality was far from
the safe picture she painted for me
She told me I was the one and I believed
until the dream dissipated so suddenly

I don’t know why she was so compelled to leave
Something was messin’ with her psychology
I’m confused, she’s sayin’ something’s wrong with me,
But how can I fix something I cannot see?

She said, “You’re not ready
Baby, you’re not ready for the real thing”
She told me that I’d be
unfaithful and I cannot believe

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

How could this be, she’s telling me
I will never let her be my everything
She said I’m a player and I’ll never change
I feel that I’m ready to leave the game.

She said she could’ve never trusted a player like me
but baby that was part of my history
she’s telling me breaking hearts is a part of me
it’s like it’s in my system and it would never leave

She said, “You’re not ready
Baby, you’re not ready for the real thing”
She told me that I’d be
unfaithful and I cannot believe

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

I’m committed

Uncommitted, I’ll never admit it
and then i’ll never get it but somehow she could be right
Uncommitted, I’ll never admit it
and then i’ll never get it but somehow she could be right

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

Final Verdict: The video fits this very good song.. however as this song was sung all in English, they could have done better with the pronunciation.

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Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye.. Real or Not?

Ok so first off.. I don’t know if it’s real or not! When you go online I’m sure you’d find a lot of conspiracy theories about it..

But I actually made this post because for the past few weeks I have met 2 friends on my blog who I think are the best at this topic and I want to make a post especially for them both so they can share their thoughts!

They have the best resources for this… and their powers are not the same as mine… so I invite both Esigh and Bigungmama to share thoughts on the topic posted above…

And this would be a nice resource for JJH and YEH fans who both want them to end up with each other (me included).

If you think it’s real, please don’t hesitate to drop in a comment and your thoughts about the two of them. Sharing is caring and that is what my blog does!

Esigh and Bigungmama… share more of your thoughts! ^_^

By the way.. rant all you want on my blog! wink wink

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Yoon Eun Hye’s Goong Fashion

I was watching Goong the other day. Though I have noticed it a long time ago when I first saw Goong, I am just posting it now. I Super Love the clothes that Yoon Eun Hye wears in the drama.

When looking at her dresses in the drama, you have to remember that this drama was made in the late part of 2005 and was shown in early 2006. So the Hallyu fashion today is very different from the Hallyu fashion at that time. But I love the pieces that she wore especially the hanboks. I think watching this drama was the first time I saw I saw the fusion hanbok style.

I want to do screencaps but I’m too lazy to do them, so instead I will post most of the official pics from the drama as well as pictures I found while lurking in the internet.

So tell me which one is your favorite?

I remember wanting a Korean school uniform because of this drama! 

These were the Hanboks she wore

These two were my favorites

Compilations of what she wore (i did not compile it so credits to whoever did it :))

And did last but not least.. I so love these shoes!!!

If you have more pictures to share, please write it in the comments below 🙂 Thank you!

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Tarantallegra’s Dance Version (Junsu of JYJ)

Now this is more like it!

It’s the dance version of Junsu‘s (JYJ) Tallantalegra.

 I think this is way better than the other MV. Why? Because of the dance! OMO, I love how powerful the dance is!!!

I also have to say that this dance video was very well edited. It’s not like all the other dance version MVs where the artist just dances. It still has a very strong connection to the concept of the previous video with a lot less of all the drama and more dance. I did not cringe in while watching this video. lol!

Now the only thing that’s would make this song’s promotion perfect is if Junsu can promote this in broadcasts like Music Bank. Wonder when I can see him and the rest of JYJ do it again??

This post is a little short because I can’t help going through the video over and over again! The dance speaks for itself! ^_^

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Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In for Instax

So I was busy reading about Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na (if you’re a Queen In Hyun’s Man fan.. you would know that Ji Hyun Woo confessed he really like the girl a lot — but this post is not about that so I’m not going to elaborate!), when suddenly I saw this ad pop up!

It’s Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In for Instax (42 sec CF).

Bring back Georoh and Gu Yonghwa!!!! Suddenly I miss Sungkyungkwan Scandal!

To watch the 30 sec version click here.

To watch the  20 sec version click here.

Could this two be cuter! Look at SJK playfully kicking YAI! Personally between the two I’m more of a Song Joongki fan.. though Yoo Ah In looks good too! I think this hair suits him more than his disheveled look in SKK. But it was a role after all. I thought he looked a bit old with that hair. Seeing him like this reminds me of how young he looked in Antique Bakery. But he did look good. As for Joongki, I won’t say anything more but that he looks so cute.. If I start babbling I might sound like a crazy fan girl. Oh Joongki why do you look so perfect! kya… pinching myself now!


But it’s good to see them in a commercial. On a side note, I think the concept of this ad is quite good, banking on how manly Yoo Ah In is, with reference to the manly Georoh and how romantic Song Joongki is — Gu Yonghwa is that you? Very simple black and white background, not too much fuss with the set, but it gets the message to the audience. I like that!

Now we see an ad, wish we could see them in another project for television or film together!

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When I learned that Xiah Junsu was going to release a his solo album I was thrilled to the max! And I think it’s about time!

And he has released his song Tarantellegra.

As his fan since he was DBSK, I am so happy!! My Kpop addiction started my DBSK craziness and Junsu was my favorite back then (recall mode: drooling over his biceps in Mirotic). To me he has the best vocals in the group (and I think the critics would agree too) and the best dancer! Though some would say Yunho is the best, but Xiah for me was more graceful and fluid, Yunho’s was a bit more powerful to my liking and too serious. So as a fan I’m thrilled for his album.

As for the song, I didn’t really get it at first. Honestly I was a bit hesitant to make this post, but I give credit to my Junsu fandom. When I saw the title of the song I was like.. where did I hear this.. and yes, it’s Harry Potter! No wonder it sounded so familiar! It was the dancing feet spell Draco Malfoy used against Harry when they dueled. (sorry I like Harry Potter too much!). And this is what the music is supposed to be. I’m not very keen on it at first but after listening to it a few times it was getting to me. So now it sounds good — it’s a dance track. Now I wish he would really promote a slow song!

Honestly… I am not a fan of the video. I know the message is supposed to be about in a spell.. but it was too dark and I don’t know I feel like something was not right. Sorry Junsu, though I like you, I think this video was awful! (my opinion guys so don’t bash!) I especially don’t like the part when they dyed your hair orange and they let you wear that ridiculous outfit with two girls dancing beside you! OMG!!! Omona… memories of the Ayy Girl MV are creeping in..

The only consolation I had with this video is how awesome you were dancing! And I think the dance was quite powerful. Oh and did anyone notice that his back-up dancers were not Korean? Anyway, though it’s a powerful MV, I just didn’t like it.

I would very much like to see him perform this on the broadcast shows, but I’m not sure if that is going to happen! Sad… it would be nice to have him promote a slow ballad too.

Verdict for this: It’s better to hear the song! But watch the MV to support him.

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Go Jun Pyo vs. City Hunter (fanmade video)

This is so cool! Though I think this has been posted somewhere else.. but it’s so cool!

It’s Go Jun Pyo vs. City Hunter… well at least in a fan made video… the video title is Hunter Over Flowers.

I was actually brought to this video because of a post from Dramabeans (one of the best sources for drama info and recaps!). The video was actually about Fashion King (Yoo Ah In) and Rooftop Prince (JYJ’s Yoochun). And then I saw this! As you can see its a video of Lee Min Ho playing 2 different characters from 2 different dramas. And one word for this video — EPIC!!!

If I didn’t know better I would think this was a preview for another drama! Can you imagine Go Jun Pyo and City Hunter are twins and are about to Kill each other?? Now this is a drama I want to check out! Love it!!!  The video is actually edited by  wjrghk007 from a naver blog and was reuploaded on youtube. The video I posted has the English subs. And for the editing, this is hands down a really good one!

Don’t you think so??

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Get To Know Them – Siwon (Super Junior)

Two straight Get To Know Them posts in 2 days! I couldn’t wait to post this and I am itching to post this..Why? Because he is my bias!

I think he is the most handsome of all the Super Junior members! Sorry but there is no stopping Choi Siwon when it comes to charms, charisma and most especially good manners. This boy is absolutely perfect! Like an angel sent from somewhere.. ok that’s the biased me talking. By the, this post might be a little longer than usual as I have sooo much to put!


Siwon (시원/始 源)
Real Name: Choi Siwon (최시원/崔 始 源)
Nickname(s): Simba (named by Heechul), Horse (Mal, for his zodiac)
Date of Birth: February 10, 1987 (Apparently, Siwon’s real birthday is April 7, 1986)
Place of Birth: Seoul Gangnam (south of Han River near Apgujung) (서울 강남)
Height: 183 cm/6′
Weight: 65 kg/143 lb
Blood Type: B
Siblings: younger sister Choi Jiwon
Specialty/Hobby: Singing, Dancing, Acting, Taekwondo, Chinese (language), Playing drums
>> He is Christian
>> Aside from being in Super Junior, Siwon is also an actor. He even acted alongside Andy Lau (a very famous Hong Kong actor) in the film “A Battle of Wits”
>> His dad was against him being a super star, and in case you don’t know, he’s dad is a CEO of a pharmaceutical company
>> He studied in China as an exchange student for three months
>> He is famous for being the Super Junior member with a lot of gestures and often times he members imitate him

Videos Videos

 Showbiz Extra Interview

On the set of Oh My Lady

Singing Who Am I

Smartphone CF

** I wanted to find the other CFs but, I think this is the best as it shows the Siwon from Athena!

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Wish I Was There – Song Joong Ki Star Date

How handsome can he be!!!

Song Joong Ki was a recent guest for Star Date on KBS World!!

I swear he’s getting more handsome! And look at those girls.. ahaha I wish I was there — oops sorry about that, that’s just the fan girl talking. But seriously this guy is so handsome and he’s looking younger! Sooo handsome! and the smile.. ok ok I’ll stop.

But I do hope he becomes better as an actor. I mean he’s not yet as good as the veterans in the Korean drama and movie world, but he can act. He just needs more exposure and LEAD ROLES! I do want to see more of him playing the lead in the dramas. He did quite well in Sungkyungkwan scandal, I think he can do good in other roles.

Oh that eye smile! Song Joong Ki!!!!!!!!!!! kkk 🙂

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I Can’t Wait for Skip Beat!!!

Ok so I know some of you may have seen the trailer already as it has been uploaded on youtube for sometime now. But I really really can’t wait for it.

Skip Beat is actually one of  my favorite anime and manga. It’s one that I have watched for a long time, though unfortunately I haven’t been paying close attention to it now. I like it because Ren Tsuruga is to me the ideal man! (though this kind of men you only meet in mangas, i’m not sure if they really exist!! kk). Also, the story of this anime/manga is quite interesting to me.

I was really happy when it was picked up for a live action adaption which was then supposed to be starred by Ariel Lin and Jerry Yan. I’m not much of a Jerry Yan fan (though I have to admit he is getting more handsome the older he gets), but I like Ariel Lin. She is by far a very talented Taiwanese actress, at least in my opinion (i love how she can change characters but I love her the most in ISWAK).

When news of the change in the actors came, I was a bit disappointed that Ariel Lin was not going to be part of the project. But the disappointment was replaced by happiness when I learned Siwon was going to play Ren Tsuruga!! Wee… Just perfect!

So I can’t wait for this to be shown!!

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