Daniel Henney was in Mactan today!

When you haven’t checked your twitter and instagram feed all day, and you saw Daniel Henney posted that he was in Mactan, what your reaction be?

Since I read it at 8PM Philippine time (he posted it 9 hours ago) with one hell of a migraine – I couldn’t help but smile! (Although part of me wants to cry because I missed the chance of stalking him lol)

For those who are unfamiliar who Daniel Henney is – once starred in Kdramas like My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Spring Waltz and Fugutive Plan B. And he was the guy in the movie Seducing Mr. Perfect. (Ye older Kdramas and movie for newly converted fans)

He’s also in US Shows like Criminal Minds and was Agent Zero in the Wolverine movie.

Although he hasn’t been in Korean TV or movies, I still think he is one of the handsome Kstars.

From your fans in Cebu: We do hope you enjoyed your stay and that you ate a lot of seafood and mangoes!

**Credits: danielhenneyofficial@IG + marvel wikia + as tagged (Note: Images are not mine, they’re from the web)

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Rain and Daniel Henney in Manila

Rain and Ukiss recently had their concert last night in the SM Mall of Asia.. I did not have the chance to go to the concert because Manila is a plane ride away from where I live.

Not seeing the concert was ok.. but I turned into a green eyed monster when I saw this picture from the Smart Communications facebook page (they were a sponsor to the show). Apparently, it wasn’t only Rain who came to Manila but there were also other artists who came and one of them was Daniel Henney!!

I so envy some of the people who went to the press conference! kk

And you might be asking why are they here?? Well according to the article “Rain is in the Philippines to film a TV Series called Runaway, which is a Domangja and TV5 Co-Production.” TV5 is one big of the 3 broadcasting companies here in the Philippines.

And why is Daniel Henney here? ” Runaway features your Korean drama favorites. Jihoon Jung, aka Rain, who starred in “Full House”, “A Love to Kill” and “Ninja Assassin.” Daniel Henney, who is a Hollywood actor, starred in “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”, “Spring Waltz” and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. Lee Na Young starred in “Ruler of Your Own World”, “High Kick Through The Roof”. Lee Jungjin starred in “I Love You, Don’t Cry”, “Love Story in Harvard”. Yoon Sun Ha starred in “Love Greeting” and “Did We Really Love.””


Though I wasn’t there, I saw pictures to relive the moment.. And I’m sharing them!!

To see more pictures, please visit Smart Communication’s post on facebook.

credits to Smart Communications, Inc. @ facebook


Daniel Henney and Hugh Jackman Interview

Daniel Henney is one of my Korean eye candies. I started to like him when I was watching My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

I’m sure if you like you’ve probably heard (and you’ve probably seen the trailer of the movie) that he will be playing alongside Hugh Jackman in the movie Wolverine X-men Origins. He will be playing a character called Agent Zero.

daniel henney

I think both Hugh Jackman and Daniel Henney went to Korea recently to promote the movie. I found a clip on youtube of their interview. This interview was done last April 11. Waaah he is soo handsome! Both of them are..

** credits to CodeAnalysis@youtube for the video


Kissing Me – Alex (Clazziquai) and Daniel Henney

Daniel Henney is one of the Korean actors I completely adore. The first time I saw him was when I watched the drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon (though sometimes this drama is called My Lovely Sam Soon). Though Hyun Bin (another actor I adore ehehehe) played the main character, I can’t help but be in love with Daniel Henney. And thanks to google it was easy to find information about him. And thanks to youtube, there are videos available that could feed me with Daniel Henney addiction..


I started to search for some videos and movies which he starred and I came across the movie Seducing Mr. Perfect (in some versions it Seducing Mr. Robin). I remember watching this movie on crunchyroll.. that’s about 2 or 3 years ago (did you see his abs! ahahaha). Everytime I watch a movie I usually look for the OST. And I was really excited when I found out that Daniel Henney sang on the OST! And he even had a duet with my favorite singers!


The song I’m posting is from the OST from that movie. It’s called Kissing Me. I’m having a little problem finding the english translation for this song as well as the hangul version. But I did find the romanization version thanks to kreah ( i love her lyrics site!!!). If you do have the translation as well as the hangul, feel free to post it on the comments! thanks 😀

Kissing Me (Romanization)

Hello nae-minun ib-sul nae-rikkan Hello sarang-suron-ae-gyodo
i-jenun sexy haji anha

Hello narul kkae-u-nun ajime Hello naman para-bonun niga
chogumshing budamdwe

nun-chi obshi saranghanda ma-rhago amu-ttaena kiss
tang-hwang-su-re nal man-dulgo
su-re chwihyae saranghanda chonhwaro
ul-mokkori-nun noropgo ba-raeda chugo

kurae-to naniga sarang-surowo nae-dungdwiye ungkurin
chogun okkae bodumko / ba-mha-nul barabomyon haeng-bo-khan
usumi hul-lo na-oji

onjena ggong norul ji-kyo-chugesso
yoyurob-jin an-hji-man nae-ge him-i dwae-junun
dumchi-khan namja-il-kke onjena
naman mid-ko kissing me!

sae-chim-hage nunul kkalgo kuyangi cho-rom dodohan
cho-umye niga kuriwo
yonghwal bomyo ji-chi-ulda nae-morup-pae-go
chamidun / noye mosubul momyo

kurae-to nan niga sarangsurowo supo wiye chamidun
werubgo gin balgarak / sarangsuron ne mosub-kyoteso
nae-ga jikyo chugo shipo

nado niga nomu sarang-surowo
choyong-hage ji-kyochun song-shi-rhan noye
mosub-mocharan narul sarang-hae-chunun
nol mido Kissing Me

** credits to SuMmeRsALt89 for the video, kreah for the romanization and loveasianactors.com for the pics

** sorry for the daniel henney overload pics ^^ — i cant help it!

update!! if you liked the song please click here