Like Money – Wonder Girls ft. Akon (MV)

Let me just say! I love this track!!!

It’s Like Money by the Wonder Girls featuring Akon.

Ok so before I say anything, I have to congratulate the girls! To have a collaboration with such a big artist as Akon is a big feat. They’ve  worked hard and they’ve been through a lot so kudos girls!

The song…

When I first saw a teaser that they were collaborating with Akon, I wasn’t really sure about what will come out it. I was a bit worried for the girls.  But when this came out, it’s actually pretty good. Well, it is to my liking. I mean if I didn’t know they were a Korean pop sensation, I’d think this was a song done by a western artist. It sounds very western, like something you’d hear in a club or played in a party. I love it! I actually like this better than Like This. And it does sound very much like an Akon song. Though most of the parts of the song are auto-tuned, there are still some parts that sound like it was them singing!

With the Wonder Girls, I am actually Yenny biased, so I am very happy that she gets a lot of parts to showcase her voice. Not that I have anything against the other members, I just like the way Yenny’s voice sounds. The girl’s English have improved a lot! Clap clap to Sohee! I think she’s really working hard.

The only thing awkward about this song was when Yubin said “instructions” in her rap. It sounded like something was wrong. I don’t think it was her pronunciation, it was more like how to fit that word into the rap. Awkward!

The Video

Ok so I know that they were kind of telling the story that the girls were androids of some sort who were made to be perfect “for complete domination”. And then there was something about the “the future is now”. Umm what does it have to do with the song? The song is practically telling you “how I to love me”, but the video says otherwise. I understand perfect English, and this video doesn’t fit it! The dancing part was ok. But the introduction was kind of weird and off track. It’s misguiding the audience as it doesn’t fit the songs lyrics. And they didn’t even close the story..

But the girls are very pretty here especially Lim and Yubin. The dancing was good.

Just the video.. just the video..

Final Verdict: Score for the song: 9 out of 10! Found another WG song to put on replay mode. Video?? Score: 3/10… the girls were beautiful in the video but the story was a complete fail.. sorry, not the best one!

**credits: WonderGirlsVEVO@yt


Like This – Wonder Girls (MV)

Missed posting a lot of videos so I am making up for the lost…

No Bashing please!

Let’s start off with Wonder GirlsLike This MV.



This was released 2 weeks ago. When the teasers came out, I was genuinely excited to see that the Kpop world is venturing out to making a flash mob music video. I thought it would be really great if they pulled it off. I am a fan of flash mob videos and anything to do with flash mobs. I think it’s a very unique concept, if you get the right people and if you choreograph it properly.

However, this when I saw this video after it was released, I got a little dizzy! One moment it focused on Lim then in a split second it suddenly panned to the mob and then to another angle and then to another place. Maybe it’s just the editing or something but I think they should give sometime to let their audience see what they were doing. To me, it doesn’t look like flash mob! I am sorry Wonderfuls, but I think they could have done better if they watched how Fox TVs MOBBED was edited. Also I think they forgot that the concept about a flash mob is like having a few people start dancing then others would follow suit gradually. But in the video once they saw the Wonder Girls dancing, everyone started dancing as if they memorized the steps! It was not very natural. I think they could have executed the concept better, even if its a very short song.

But I do commend JYP for being the first to ever thought of using this concept in a Kpop video. Flash mobs are a trend all over the world and a lot of people feel happy when they see it. I also know that it’s not easy to organize people to be part of the music video, especially when there are about 200 or 300 of them, of which 70 to 80% are not professional dancers. It’s hard enough to organize them much less teach them the steps and put them in the right place. Round of applause for JYP.


I’m glad that they decided to do a song without too much of a retro feel. I was getting a bit tired of that. The song is a very  likable. Not a favorite of mine though (Nobody is still my favorite!) but it’s a very catchy song with a very catchy feel. It’s a song that fits the flash mob concept had they made it work. This is also a new style for the Wonder Girls in terms of the song and I am glad that they pulled it off!


I always like watching all Wonder Girls dances and this is another one that I like. It’s a very fun dance! Lim looks really cute when doing the dance! The best thing about their dances is that it looks so complicated when you see it in their videos but the steps are actually very simple. Though I think this is the most difficult among their dances! But I loved it!! I saw them  perform in the live broadcasts and it looks so good! I think I should start watching tutorials now…

Final Verdict: A catchy Wonder Girls song with a must learn dance, but the flash mob video makes you dizzy!

**credits:  wondergirls@yt




This Christmas – JYP Nation

If there is SM Town… and then there’s YG Family… now we are introduced to JYP Nation.

This is how the artists under JYP Entertainment call their group. And they have recently released their MV “This Christmas“.

Yes, Christmas is in the air!!! Oh well.. it should be since it’s December! But I love the coziness of this video… And I think its good because they captured the true meaning of what Christmas is.. being together with the ones you love.. be it romantic or not. Oh and I love the way they had Nichkhun do the last part of the song! very very good!

Christmas is actually my favorite time of the year! I’m so excited for Christmas!! Thank you JYP Nation for making me start to feel the Christmas season… so I think I’d better start doing my Christmas list!

**credits: jypentertainment@yt


Dance Tutorials Anyone

I am postponing the Get to Know them post.. I am still on the process of finding the right kind of pictures to post.. I don’t stay too long online and I don’t have much time these days as I have lots to do.. so.. those posts will have to come later

But that doesn’t mean I am not posting anything…

I can post something still…

So one friend asked me if (because she knows how crazy I am about Kpop) I learned to dance all those K-dances also… my answer is no! wahaha… though the dance steps are familiar but I prefer to sing than to dance ^_^

I suddenly remembered that conversation today and so I made this post to include some of the dance tutorials of Kpop artists..

After watching all those videos of Ingkigayo, Music Bank and Music Core (which we missed for a month now), I’m pretty sure you want to imitate your favorite idols.. so I present them to you… and this will come handy when you sing in the neoraebang! 😀

Tell Me (one dance I would love to learn! kk)

Gee (kk i know the chorus a little.. but then again i would rather sing it!) – 2 parts

Mister (butt dance baby!) – 2 parts


Genie (Tell Me Your Wish)

**credits yukarilovesrika and SuperInfectedmushroo@youtube + crazy girls and NewEcho


Kpop Stars on Twitter!!!

updated this post: april 27, 2o10

I just started tweeting (my twitter site)!!!

A friend of mine urged to make my own twitter and I can’t seem to stop! kk.. but another reason for joining this is because a lot of Kpop stars have now started tweeting!!!

Here are some of the Kpop stars I found on twitter (links to their twitter accounts.. it’s real guys!!):

Donghae of Super  Junior (the first Suju I think to have his twitter)

Shindong of Super Junior

Sungmin of Super Junior

Siwon of Super Junior (^_^ i’m very happy he started tweeting! i heart him)

Tablo of Epik High

Nicole of Kara

Yubin of Wonder Girls

Sun of Wonder Girls

Sohee of Wonder Girls

Mimi of Wonder Girls

Hye Rim of Wonder Girls

Changmin of 2AM

Jinwoon of 2AM

Jaekyung of Rainbow

Kang Ji Young of Kara

Go Hara of Kara

Gyuri of Kara

Mithra of Epik High


Yenny of Wonder Girls

Jo Kwon of 2AM

VJ Isak (Arirang)

Kevin of Ukiss

Alex of Ukiss

Eli of Ukiss

Kim Kibum of Ukiss

Hyung Jun of SS501


Official Wonder Girls

Official 2ne1 twitter (you need to send a request)

Drunken Tiger

One Way

Henry – Super Junior

Jessica – SNSD

Brian Joo

Nichkhun – 2PM

Amber – f(x) – need to send request

Taeyeon – SNSD

Hyo Yeon – SNSD

Krystal – f(x)

Victoria – f(x)

Kibum – Super Junior

So if you’re a kpop fan… start tweeting now!!! 😀

Oh if you know Kpop artists who are not on the list… please leave a comment 😀 comments are highly appreciated! thanks!!


Nobody – Wonder Girls English Version MV

This was posted on the Wonder Girls channel on youtube yesterday. It’s the official Nobody MV of the English version of the song..

They still used the MV of the song.. the difference is that most of the conversation on the video is done in English. To me it was kind of weird watching the video since I saw the Korean version first.. But still it was ok.


If you want to sing along with the song here are the lyrics:

Nobody (English Version)

You Know I still Love You Baby. And it will never change. (Saranghae)

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You How can I be with another, I don’t want any other I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Why are you trying to, to make me leave ya I know what you’re thinking Baby why aren’t you listening How can I just Just love someone else and Forget you completely When I know you still love me

Telling me you’re not good enough My life with you is just too tough You know it’s not right so Just stop and come back boy How can this be When we were meant to be

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You How can I be with another, I don’t want any other I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You How can I be with another, I don’t want any other I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Why can’t we just, just be like this cause it’s you that i need and nothing else until the end Who else can ever make me feel the way I I feel when I’m with you, no one will ever do

Telling me you’re not good enough My life with you is just too tough You know me enough so you know what I need boy Right next to you is where I need to be.

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You How can I be with another, I don’t want any other I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You How can I be with another, I don’t want any other I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I don’t want no body, body I don’t want no body, body

Honey you know it’s you that I want, It’s you that I need Why can’t you see~

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You How can I be with another, I don’t want any other I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Back to the days when we were so young and wild and free Nothing else matters other than you and me so tell me why can’t it be please let me live my life my way why do you push me away i don’t want nobody nobody nobody nobody but you

**credits  wondergirls@youtube + ♥ KPOP JJANG 짱! + It’s Davey! @ Spectacle + Ameeh@asianfanatics


Nobody – Wonder Girls (Full English Version)

I hope it’s ok to post this 😀

I saw this while I was lurking around youtube..

This is the official English version of Nobody by the Wondergirls! (only the audio)

It sounds nice… I could understand Yoobin’s rap parts! ehehehe The girls are really getting very popular in the US. I’re read somewhere (I just forgot the source) that they will be opening for Jonas Brother’s! You go girls! 😀

**credits itsKPop@youtube


Now – Wonder Girls

KTF Ever’s X-Slim phone CF was launched last weekend I think (I’m not sure but it was the same time Anycall Bodyguard was launched). For the promotion this time it was the Wonder Girls that promoted the product. These girls are getting very popular not only in Korea but also around the world!!!


The song used for the video is a remake of the Fin KL song called Now. According to wondersmurf (who posted the video on youtube) there isn’t much difference with the song just that the beat is slower and Yoobin’s rap. In this post I’m putting up the Wondergirls MV,  KTF Ever commercial. I haven’t found the lyrics yet. But I’ll be posting it as soon as I find it :D.  I’m also posting the Fin KL MV so you can check it out. Fin KL did the song almost 10 years ago and it sounded really good. The video also features a very young Jo Insung (sigh — he’s entering the military today… double sigh).


For those who are not familiar with Fin KL, they were a girl group who was launched in 1998. Their name stands for Fine Killing Liberty (read wikipedia to know why). Lee Hyori (who sang Hey Mr. Big and U Go Girl) was part of the group.

KTF Ever Commercial

Now – Wondergirls MV

Now – Fin KL Version

** credits to wondersmurf  and  gomdoriii@youtube for the videos.


Critique of Idol Group’s Lead Vocals – Junsu’s the best!

This was shared by a friend of mine while we were chatting earlier today. Since that friend did not want to post it on our blog (I share a blog with 4 other friends), I ended up posting it. It took me quite awhile since I had to look for good pictures (the hardest part of posting something.. sigh).

So anyway, recently, Arena magazine put out a list for All Round Critique Of Idol Groups’ Lead Vocals. And guess who got number 1! ahaha it’s Junsu!! I totally agree (without any biases whatsoever). To me he has one of the best voices that I’ve heard and I really like the way he sings and expresses his feelings while singing a song (oops there goes the bias part ehehehe..)

So this was the list (I included pictures in case you’re not familiar with the other names mentioned).

Tone Colour/ Timbre

secret code junsu1. Xiah Junsu (DBSK) – 12

lee-hong-ki2. Lee Hongki (FT Island)

jonghyun2. Jonghyun (SHINee) – 11

ryeowook13. Ryeowook (SJ) – 9.5

yeongsaeng634. Heo Youngsaeng (SS501) – 9

20090227wondergirls1sun15. Sunye (WG) – 8

f_taeyeon5m_e198e8816. Taeyeon (SNSD) – 7.5

daesung7. Daesung (BB) – 6.5

Performance Ability
1. Xiah Junsu – 12
2. Lee Hongki – 11
3. Taeyeon – 10.5
4. Jonghyun – 10
5. Sunye – 9.5
6. Ryeowook – 8.5
7. Heo Youngsaeng, Daesung – 7.5

Vocal Volume
1. Xiah Junsu – 12
2. Taeyeon – 11
3. Jonghyun – 10.5
4. Daesung, Sunye – 10
5. Lee Hongki – 8.5
6. Heo Youngsaeng – 8
7. Ryeowook – 7

Overall Package
1. Xiah Junsu – 12.5
2. Jonghyun – 11.5
3. Taeyeon, Sunye – 10
4. Lee Hongki – 9.5
5. Daesung – 8.5
6. Ryeowook, Heo Youngsaeng – 8

Total Score
1. Xiah Junsu – 48
2. Jonghyun – 43
3. Lee Hongki – 40
4. Taeyeon – 39
5. Sunye – 37.5
6. Heo Youngsaeng, Ryeowook, Daesung – 33

** Source: SNSD Baidu Bar + 闪耀星球 (
Translations Credits: atlantis-x
Credits: SHINee Forums+ OneTVXQ
Shared by: missclaire17@Onetvxq +
and sheilapiglet@soompi (dbsk 4th thread) for sharing

** credits also aspire and kitty1011@asianfanatics and  love_ft for the pics