Flying Girls (비행 소녀) – Vanilla Lucy

I was browsing over my subscriptions on youtube, checking if there was anything interesting. One of the videos was from a group called Vanilla Lucy. I thought the names sounded funny… and I thought they were yet another girl band trying to beat their way through the mad Kpop scene. I also got interested because the blond girl really intrigued me.

Out of curiosity I clicked the video and discovered that they are not your average girl group! They are like a band, one girl pays the saxophone/flute, the other one plays the violin, the other the cello and the blond girl that caught my eye is the lead vocals.

Their song  is an upbeat track that sounded fun and nice! Watch it!

Why I am posting? Because I think they are something refreshing from the regular Kpop scene. And it’s not everyday you see girls who play instruments — and not the common kind — I think they are a group to watch out for!