To You – Teen Top (MV)

I don’t really go gaga over Teen Top songs, but I think I like this the most among all the songs they’ve released.

It’s their new single To You.

I don’t know what it is about this song that I like it so much and I can’t stop listening to it!  I don’t even know how to explain it. Maybe because it’s not too loud and not as electronic as all the other songs Kpop artists are releasing these days. It sound good to me. Maybe it sounds so simple unlike all those other Kpop tracks we hear nowadays.

Honestly I can’t keep up with all the Kpop groups now. I don’t even know who is who. There are just too many of them! But anyway, I still like the Kpop sound, but it’s become a lot repetitive.. like one of friends said, the songs sound the same like there is none that would stand out. I wish Kpop artist would invest more on finding catchier songs with a flair of originality.

On a side note, the video of this song was ok, just the usual Kpop video. But I have to say, the make up doesn’t look really believable. I am not an expert with how to put make up, but the scars (or was it dirt) on their faces look so fake. Oh and do I see a bit of Ring Ding Dong in the dance?  The plus about the video was the ring back! Loved how they chose the catchiest part of the song.

Final Verdict: A song that I am hooked on as of the moment, but nothing was special about the video, except for the catchy ring back tune! I want one! ^_^

**credits:  LOENENT@yt



Kpop Boys.. Dressed as Girls!

OMG! This is so funny~~~

I mean I’ve seen most of these clips.. when they were shown in the shows.. but having a compilation made it even funnier!

Thanks to one Kpop user who compiled all these videos! I’ve been so tired lately but these videos made me laugh a lot!!! Gomawoo!

Featuring the boys of Super Junior, Big Bang, 2PM, 2AM, FT Island, Zea, Ukiss, Mblaq, SS501, Beast, Shinee, DBSK, and many more!!!

Kpop Boys Dressed as Girls Part 1

Kpop Boys Dressed as Girls Part 2

The prettiest to me is still Heechul! ^_^ Heesica for the win!!!

**credits: K05Dee@yt

Supa Luv – Teen Top (MV)

Teen Top is back with a new single Supa Luv.

I have to say this song has got a potential. Clap was a unique song but I like this better and I think this song will enhance their idol image. This is exactly what the boys need! The beat is absolutely addicting… I found myself singing I’ve got that Supa Luv. And I think they look good in this video. Their new hair fits them and the boys have grown! Their dance is still very well choreographed… though the use of the matrix move is too overrated.

It’s also a plus for all the Shinhwa fans as they get to see Eric in this video. He is still handsome even after all these years.

Good luck to the boys when they promote this! Hope they have more songs like this! weeee

**credits  TonyKPOPMV@yt