Fashion Trend – Secret (Korean Group) Style

There is no doubt that Korea is a fashionista country. And it is very evident in how the way people there dreess up, even when they are meeting their friends. A friend once told me that you cannot just dress down in Korea or will look like a loser on the street.

Now thanks to the Hallyu wave, Korea’s fashion has spread all over the world. Even from where I live, some teens dress like how Kpop artists dress up on Music shows (though sometimes it’s ridiculous, because it’s very hot in my country!!!). However, not all the things that artists wear on the shows are wearable to me. I think it’s good for their perfomances, but going around the mall.. uh uh! No way!

Now to the main topic.. Secret has made promotions for 2 songs this year, one is for Shy Boy and the other is for Starlight, Moonlight. And what I noticed from their concept, is that they used clothes that are very wearable. It’s casual but very chic. And definitely not over the top.

Apparently, these clothes have been a trend in Korea, where girls show their feminine sides with soft tones and goddess like styled dresses.

And thanks to secret the 50’s 60’s style clothes are gaining interests again among the young generation. It scream vintage. And did I tell you how much I love the shoes!! Mary Janes!!! If there was a time I’d like to go back to that would be the 50’s and the 60’s.. I just love their style back then.

This is what I admire about the group and their stylists!

I still love the other girl groups but sometimes I can’t wear what they’re wearing!

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Shy Boy – Secret (MV)

The MV is finally out!

I just posted a few hours ago the teaser… and before I hit the covers, the video has been up!

I totally dig their outfits.. Well except for the pronunciation of “Shy”, me like the video! kk I totally love their concept. It’s like Grease all over again! The retro look is definitely on the rise! The doo-bop part gets you addicted!

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Shy Boy – Secret (Teaser)

This is a very cute teaser! wahaha it reminds me of Grease! This is the teaser to Secret’s new single Shy Boy.

Their costumes remind me so much of the Grease and everything 1960’s. I love the vintage fashion! The guy in the video looks.. well to put it in a nicer term.. funny. Especially when he was kicked! kk girl power!!

Some of their concept photos:

So where is my love?? kk Can’t wait for it!

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