Britney Learns Gangnam Style from Psy

It’s amazing how big Gangnam Style is all around the world!

And now, Britney gets to learn how to dance Gangnam Style from Psy himself!

Britney and Simon Cowell were guests on The Ellen Show. Ellen brought up that Britney made a tweet one time that she wanted to learn Gangnam Style. And lo and behold, Ellen surprises Britney by bringing out Psy to teach him.

I guess you can say Britney was shocked! Hahaha.. I guess she never expected Psy to come and teach her. I think her surprise was genuine. Look at the last few seconds of the video, she didn’t know what to do and she was surprised by the dance lessons.

But Psy is a character! I like it. “Dress classy and dance cheesy” is epic quote of this season!

You go Psy!

**credits: TheEllenShow@yt


Umma Gangnam Style

I am posting this because I think it’s so cool.

Psy‘s Gangnam Style has become a phenomenon all over the world. And naturally it has a lot of parodies and dance choreographies. But out of all those, I think this one is the best that I’ve seen.

It’s Mike Song and his Mom  dancing to Gangnam Style. The video is aptly titled Umma Gangnam Style.

I know Mike Song ( from Kaba Modern. If you aren’t familiar, they were the runner up during the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew (the season that Jabbawockeez won). He is a choreographer and he is quite famous in the States. And for all the Beauty’s out there, he is the co-choreographer of B2ST’s Breath. Anyhow, according to the youtube post, this is the first choreography he taught his mom who is 60.


I wish my mom could do that! Haha.. but I know she never will. Lol Sorry Ma! 🙂

**credits: mikesong@yt


Back to Normal… thanks Oppa Gangnam Style!

I’m back! I have opened this blog for about 2 weeks now.. I’ve been really busy with work and other stuff that I have neglected this blog for some time. I am not quite finished with what I need to do, but the load is at least lighter now. I can’t make any picture compilations yet, but will be posting on this blog this month again..

Anyhow, this song has been keeping me company and I could not stop listening to it even though I was busy!

Oppa Gangnam Style – Psy

Call me crazy but I love this track! I love the song for it’s humor! Psy hasn’t lost his magic… and I think it got better! The video is super funny that I can’t help but watch it again and again. The dance.. not your idol kind of dance but it makes you want to dance even if you look ridiculous! Props to all the cameos especially to Hyuna for being such a sport at dancing that rodeo cowboy inspired dance! But shouldn’t MC Yoo wear green? Haha.. but the yellow looks good! Absolutely loved this song for it’s difference from all the others that has been released! You go Psy!

Thank you Oppa Gangnam Style for keeping me sane for the last 2 hectic weeks! Oh Oh Oh Oppa Gangnam Style!

See ya!

*credits: officialpsy@yt