A Very SMTOWN Christmas!

It’s been a long time since SMTOWN has made a Christmas album. I think maybe it’s been over 2 years since they did a Christmas album. They did have a summer one about a year ago or was it two. I’m talking about the album the featured Seaside.

Anyway, for the holidays, fans of SMTOWN are delighted because they have released a Christmas album featuring the song Santa U Are The One. The song was sung by Super Junior with Henry and Zhoumi.

First things first.. I’m truly happy that they are reaching out to the world using English as the language for most of the songs for the Christmas album. It’s something Kpop artists don’t usually do for Christmas. I’m sure a lot of ELFs are glad to hear the boys sing in English. I have to say, it’s quite understandable! It’s a good sign because that means SMent is investing in language instructors. And all the songs which were sang in English in the album are pretty good sounding, but the pronunciation, well they need to work it out.. Guess practice makes perfect!

I also have seen that a lot of fans have been pretty upset because it’s only Super Junior singing on the video. Well actually this song is what Super Junior sang for the album. The other groups have their own songs too. But as to why SM used their songs and not the songs of the other groups, i don’t know, but i’m guessing its because if you think about it, the boys have a wide fan base not only on Korea but around the world — and I mean a lot if you combine all the Elfs in the world (fans registered to a fan club and fans who are not registered to one). So for brand recognition (I’m speaking from a businessman’s point of view), a lot of people recognize them.  Yes, they are a bit biased for this, but they have to appease their stock holders too so more would invest in the company.. and the more people invest, the more awesome a company becomes, the better the artists becomes. And also, it’s a possibility that the other groups have their own schedules and they can’t fit in making the music video. And who knows next year, it would be f(x) or SNSD or Shinee or DBSK singing the song. So let’s not bash about it and enjoy the song and have a little of that Christmas spirit.

But isn’t it nice to see all SMTOWN personalities in one video. I mean for me, I always enjoy all their SMTOWN videos even from before. I think its fun to watch!

Again, let’s not bash too much on the video and who sang which song.. let’s just have a very Merry Christmas!!!

**credits: SMTOWN@yt


Pinocchio (Danger) – F(x)

This song is… ok well honestly at first I was not as impressed, I like NU ABO so I didn’t like it too much. But the more I listen to it, the better sounding it becomes. It’s addictive! Wahahaha

It’s F(x) Pinocchio (Danger).

An officemate who likes them very much keeps on playing it and so I think I got hooked with the duhratdaratdat part. I have to admit it’s addicting to hear it! The dance is also quite impressive (but I still think Nu Abo is the best f(x) dance!) And Amber is back!! We miss her kk! I think f(x) would never be the same without her!

But there is one very well let’s just say, not a pleasant thing about the video. I mean I know how funky f(x) outfits can be, and I like it. But my god what the heck were they thinking when they made Krystal’s outfit — the aqua blue hideous shiny thing (blouse) that she is wearing! it’s like a Halloween costume gone bad! I mean she was also wearing some shiny dresses, but that looked good… but that’s like a curtain.. I can’t even describe it properly. I think they should be careful how to dress the girls! (Well for some it maybe an awesome piece, but come on, it doesn’t really look like haute couture)

I just wish they don’t use that dress of hers during promotions. I wouldn’t be too impressed.

**credits: sment@yt + as tagged


Chocolate Love – SNSD and F(x) versions

This came out last week but I never had the time to post it on my blog. This is the MV for Chocolate Love that features both SNSD (So Nyeo Shi Dae) and F(x).. and both version are the same but different — same song but f(x) version has a rap part.. different dance — same chorus the stanzas are different — so cute! Love love love the concepts!

Which do you prefer??? ^^

Chocolate Love – SNSD Version – Retro pop version

Chocolate Love – F(x) Version – Electro pop version

**credit sment@youtube