Random CNU (B1A4) Pictures…

I’m really digging this kid right now!! Kk I know I know.. so sue me if I am hi noona! kk

When B1A4 first debuted as a group, I immediately found my bias with CNU.. I don’t know why but I definitely think its the glasses that got me! To me he looks different from all the other boys in the Kpop industry now because he has a distinct look with his glasses. I’m not sure if it’s just a concept like 2AM’s Changmin in Confession of a Friend. Anyway, this kid looks good with glasses to the point that I couldn’t imagine him without it!

I decided to make this post because I have notices a lot of people have been frequenting my blog because of B1A4.. So I selected one of them (but I wanted to do Baro too.. just that I like CNU more..) and thn decided to look up some photos.. just to share a bit.. and here they are.. hope you like it! Oh how can this boy be too cute to handle! kk 🙂


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Beautiful Target (Zoom Zoom Version) – B1A4

These boys are getting more and more popular.. and it hasn’t been a year even since they debuted. So this is off  B1A4 youtube channel, the new MV version of their song Beautiful Target.

I am not really sure what’s the difference between the two versions or why this is called the Zoom Zoom version (B1A4 fans please enlighten me). I thinks its the story part of the video and the dance sequences. But I actually liked this better than the first one. I have to admit though that this is more like a fan service video with their fans seeing more shots of the boys. Anyway, I think the song is pretty catchy! But I prefer Ok! compared to this one though. But but but.. there is one thing I really hope their producers would work out the next time.. Can they give the boys some English coaching please. I know I know, they are not native English speakers, but I know a lot of Koreans can speak English and are studying English for that matter. So I guess by now they know how to pronounce words properly or distinguish how to say Z or R. When I first heard this song I was like what’s joom joom? Is there are Korean word like that? My limited Korean knowledge told me NO.. and when I got online to google the lyrics.. its zoom zoom! OMG! I was like didn’t they have any language coaches? And the sad things is it gets repeated over and over throughout the song. And don’t forget the Locket.. umm isn’t that what we hang on our necks that has a picture of someone we love. I think their producers ought to do a better job at coaching the boys. I don’t think it’s their fault for not pronouncing the words properly, but if they had a coach it would have sounded better.

Oh Engrish…

But I still enjoyed the video and looking at them boys!! kk

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B1A4 on Park Kyung Rim’s radio show

A short B1A4 post (OMG!!! posting much??). I noticed a lot have been visiting the profile post that I made, so I am going to post another article about them!

The boys have recently been on Park Kyung Rim‘s radio show (oh and by the way I absolutely adore her). I think it’s their first radio broadcast if I understood correctly ^_^.


They sing OK! Aigoo… totally crushing on CNU! love the hair… and Sandeul’s voice is awesome really!


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Introducing B1A4.. O.K!!!

I am actually crushing over a new boy group! kk I actually saw their video a long time ago and liked it the first time I saw it. Thus, I am looking forward to seeing more of B1A4!

They have debuted with the single titled O.K. And they first had their performance on Music Core last April 23.

I should not be too much of a fan girl! kk I know they’re super young (and I am in my middle 20’s OMG!!!). This isn’t like my Dalmatian fandom, I can get away because Dayday is older! kk But I like them just fine.

The group is made up of 5 members, 1 member with blood type B and the other 4 has blood type A, thus the name B1A4. The five members are born within the 1991 – 1993 range… aishhh too young! kk The members are Jinyoung (the leader), Baro (the rapper and the only one who is blood type B), Jung Hwan (the main vocal), CNU (the one with the long hair and with glasses), and Gongchan (maknae). I’m totally crushing over Baro and CNU! kk CNU really reminds me of Kim Hyun joong during his SS501 days — especially that time he was in We Got Married with Hwangbo. Baro is just really cute! kk

Me likey their debut song too. Yes, I know it’s too cutesy, but I think it fits their ages just right. Unlike most idol groups nowadays who have a strong concept when they make their debut, I love the fresh look that they project. Just I think Gongchan has a little part in the video.. just the love me love me love me parts.. The song doesn’t sound also too common because of the part that goes… I love you woo woo woo.. kk I think this is my favorite part! It sounds like something an American song (during the 90’s) would contain. It sounds like a dance rock song… which is really good for me.  But I do hope they wouldn’t just stick to singing these kind of songs. I hope they would bring more variety to their music in the future.

The boys are receiving a lot of Kpop love from fans, not just in Korea but all over the world. Are they the next Hallyu star?? possible! kk and I would love that!

Anyway… I close this post with a few more of their pictures. If you want more, visit their B1A4 soompi thread and the official B1A4 website (in Korean though, but you can leave your messages there!).

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