Get To Know Them – Siwon (Super Junior)

Two straight Get To Know Them posts in 2 days! I couldn’t wait to post this and I am itching to post this..Why? Because he is my bias!

I think he is the most handsome of all the Super Junior members! Sorry but there is no stopping Choi Siwon when it comes to charms, charisma and most especially good manners. This boy is absolutely perfect! Like an angel sent from somewhere.. ok that’s the biased me talking. By the, this post might be a little longer than usual as I have sooo much to put!


Siwon (시원/始 源)
Real Name: Choi Siwon (최시원/崔 始 源)
Nickname(s): Simba (named by Heechul), Horse (Mal, for his zodiac)
Date of Birth: February 10, 1987 (Apparently, Siwon’s real birthday is April 7, 1986)
Place of Birth: Seoul Gangnam (south of Han River near Apgujung) (서울 강남)
Height: 183 cm/6′
Weight: 65 kg/143 lb
Blood Type: B
Siblings: younger sister Choi Jiwon
Specialty/Hobby: Singing, Dancing, Acting, Taekwondo, Chinese (language), Playing drums
>> He is Christian
>> Aside from being in Super Junior, Siwon is also an actor. He even acted alongside Andy Lau (a very famous Hong Kong actor) in the film “A Battle of Wits”
>> His dad was against him being a super star, and in case you don’t know, he’s dad is a CEO of a pharmaceutical company
>> He studied in China as an exchange student for three months
>> He is famous for being the Super Junior member with a lot of gestures and often times he members imitate him

Videos Videos

 Showbiz Extra Interview

On the set of Oh My Lady

Singing Who Am I

Smartphone CF

** I wanted to find the other CFs but, I think this is the best as it shows the Siwon from Athena!

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Get To Know Them – Donghae (Super Junior)

I haven’t been posting any Get To Know Them stuff for almost a year now. And since most often than not, people are directed to this blog because of the pictures, so I am trying my best to post as much Get To Know Them as I can this vacation!

I have to continue with Super Junior and the next on my list is Lee Donghae. ~~ I know a lot of people who would go gaga over him!


Real Name: Lee Donghae (이동해/李 東 海)
Nickname: Fishy (물고기, it’s actually just “fish” but because of how Koreans pronounce it, it became “Fishy” to international fans),
Date of Birth: October 15, 1986
Place of Birth: Mokpo in Southern Jeolla Province (Jeollanamdo Mokpo/전라남도 목포)(전라남도 목포)
Height: 175 cm/5′ 8.9″
Weight: 60 kg/132 lb (Donghae mentioned on Itta Upta 4/4/09 that he weighed 59kg)
Blood Type: A
Siblings: older brother Donghwa
Specialty/Hobby: Dancing, Exercise, Singing, Watching movies
>> It was his late father that encouraged him to be a singer
>> He is the easiest one to cry, and according to other SJ members, his crying style changes everytime
>> He tries his best during variety shows
>> He was supposed to be in a group with DBSK’s Uknow.. but aren’t we mighty glad he is with Super Junior!
>> His name means East Sea

 Videos Videos

 Showbiz Extra Interview

 Donghae’s Powerful Dance

Donghae Imitating Siwon

** Donghae always does this! And it’s always funny.. the best imitation however was when they guested in Come To Play last 2009, but I could not find the clip anywhere. There are some full videos but I only wanted that clip 😦 

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Get to Know Them – Eunhyuk (Super Junior)

At last!!! My report is finished! I can post something on my blog!!!

I’ve been prolonging posting because I needed to focus on the report that I was making… And today I get to post something about my favorite Anchovy! kkk well.. that’s his nickname.. but though it might not sound good to others but I think it’s absolutely adorable…

Today, the post will be dedicated to Super Junior’s dancing machine.. EUNHYUK.. real name Lee Hyukjae (not to be mistaken for the comedian with the same name — and that is exactly the reason why he changed his name.. kkk). This guy is absolutely cool!!!


Eunhyuk (은혁/銀 赫)
Real Name: Lee Hyukjae (이혁재/李 赫 宰)
Nickname(s): Jewel Guy (보석미남), Monkey (from the Zodiac)
Date of Birth: April 4, 1986
Place of Birth: Goyangshi NeungGok (고양시 능곡) (경기도 일산)
Height: 176 cm/5′ 9.3″ (mentioned on Yashimmanman that his real height was +/- 2 cm so 174 cm/5′ 8.5″ :))
Weight: 58 kg/127.6 lb
Blood Type: O
Siblings: older sister Lee Sora (1984)
Pets: Choco (lives with his parents)
Specialty/Hobby: Dancing (all genres), Exercising, Listening to music
>> His bestfriend since middle school is JYJ’s Xiah Junsu
>> He was in a show called “Showdown of the Century (세기의 대결)” in 2002 hosted by Kangta and Moon Heejun with Sungmin and Junsu
>> He likes to drink strawberry milk
>> He writes some of the rap lyrics in the Super Junior songs

Videos Videos

Showbiz Extra Interview

Eunhyuk’s Funny Poses

Dancing on Star King

Dancing on Introducing a Star’s Friend (and he hired the dancers!!! I wouldn’t hesitate if he gave me that rose! kk)

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Eunhyuk (은혁/ )

Real Name: Lee Hyukjae (이혁재/ )

Nickname(s): Jewel Guy (보석미남), Monkey (from the Zodiac)

Date of Birth: April 4, 1986

Place of Birth: Goyangshi NeungGok (고양시 능곡) (경기도 일산)

Height: 176 cm/5′ 9.3″ (mentioned on Yashimmanman that his real height was +/- 2 cm so 174 cm/5′ 8.5″ :))

Get To Know Them – Shindong (Super Junior)

These Get to Know Them posts are difficult to make! ahahah and I just realized after making 6 of them!!! Well it takes much time and effort, because I need to choose pictures and videos, etc… but nonetheless, it makes me get rid of the stress so I don’t mind. I just wished I had more time to post! kk

Today, the get to know them post will feature the funniest guy from Super Junior! And I have to say he is one of the most talented among them. He can sing, rap, dance, host, act.. an all-around talent! He is Shindong.


Real Name: Shin Donghee (신동희/申 東 熙)
Nickname(s): Dongri Dong Dong (from Ppo Ppo Ppo)
Date of Birth: September 28, 1985
Place of Birth: Moonkyung in Northern KyungGi Province (Kyungbook Moonkyung/경북 문경) (경기도 일산)
Height: 178 cm/5′ 10.1″
Weight: 90 kg/198 lb
Blood Type: O
Siblings: only child
Specialty/Hobby: Making facial expressions, Making jokes, Dancing
Education: Paekche Institute of the Arts (백제예술대학)
>>Made his debut the same year as the MC for DBSK’s Sweet Rose Party.
>> He owns a scooter which he calls Kkoolie (꿀이 which is equivalent to “Oinkie” since in Korea “kkool” is the sound pigs make)
>> He hosts his own radio program Shimshimtapa with Gyuri of Kara
>> He proposed to his girlfriend through a coded message printed on Suju’s 4th album jacket

Videos Videos

Showbiz Extra Interview

Funny Cuts from Manwoon Happiness

Imitating Rain

Dancing the Jive

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Get To Know Them – Sungmin (Super Junior)

It takes me sometime to put up a post like this, and since I had that time today, I’m making this! It’s about time I continue these posts.

And today I am posting Sungmin of Super Junior. To me he is the cutest Super Junior member and he comes second to my list (if I rank all of them in order). He could do the best aegyo in Suju, however we don’t see that all the time now, but still no one can top his aegyo.


Real Name: Lee Sungmin (이성민/李 成 民)
Nickname(s): Sweet Pumpkin (단호박 comes from his line in a one-episode drama called “Sea of sisters”), Minimi (미니미)
Date of Birth: January 1, 1986
Place of Birth: Ilsan in KyungGi Province (경기도 일산) (서울)
Height: 175 cm/5′ 8.9″
Weight: 57 kg/125.4 lb
Blood Type: A
Siblings: younger brother Lee Sungjin
Specialty/Hobby: Chinese martial arts, Acting, Watching movies, Playing instruments
>> Has starred in 2 musicals and is currently casted in the new drama called President
>> Sungmin entered the 2001 SM Youth Best Contest (청소년 베스트 선발대회)
>> He was part of a show that showcased SM trainees that was hosted by Kangta and Moon Heejun (H.O.T). He was in a project group with Xiah Junsu (DBSK) and Eunhyuk
>> He used to host his own radio show called Chunji with SNSD Sunny and Sooyoung
>> He is one of the Suju members who can do martial arts when dancing, the other being Hankyung

Videos Videos!!!

Showbiz Extra Interview

Sungmin Aegyo

Sungmin and His Pink Stuff

Sungmin Singing Falling Slowly with Sunny

Sungmin and His Martial Arts Moves

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Get To Know Them – Kangin (Super Junior)

I finally found some time to continue the Get to Know Them posts! I need to find more time though to sustain it…

Next up on my get to know them list is Kangin.. Korea’s No. 1 handsome guy.. kk or so he claims on Full House. But he’s my favorite raccoon. He is currently serving the army now and I bet a lot of fan girls are waiting for him!


Real Name: Kim Youngwoon (김영운)
Nickname(s): Kang Kings (강깅쓰), Kkang (깡), Neoguri (너구리 aka Racoon, named by Anya from “Full House”), Ox (from the Zodiac)
Date of Birth: January 17, 1985
Place of Birth: Seoul Seodaemoongoo HongEunDong (서울 서대문구 홍은동) (서울 서대문구)
Height: 180 cm/5′ 10.9″
Weight: 70 kg/154 lb
Blood Type: O
Specialty/Hobby: Acting, Singing, Exercise (kick boxing), Swimming
>> He is an only child
>> Is currently in the army but will be back soon!
>> Starred in a movie Hello School Girl and the drama Romance Zero
>>His stage name Kangin (강인) means “strong benevolence.” He is known for his physical strength.

Videos Videos!!!

Showbiz Extra Interview

Compiled Funny Cuts

Singing “Present”

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ELFs will be waiting for you! 🙂

and this link is a tribute done by elfs all around the world for him..

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Get To Know Them – Yesung (Super Junior)

I skipped posting the get to know them posts! It’s nice to put up these things but it really requires effort!!! But I like doing it.. just I did not have much energy yesterday…

So you know what the Get To Know them posts are — no need for me to elaborate.. and for this post it’s going to be Yesung of Super Junior, the fourth member I am featuring.

Yesung to me is the funniest member of Super Junior… because he looks really serious but when he starts goofing around I could laugh until my stomach hurts!!! Try watching Explorers of the Human Body and you will understand why.. kk Aside from his crazy antics, he is one of the boys who has a really really good voice, his voice I think could be compared to Hwanhee of Fly to the Sky but it still sounds different. You will know when Yesung is singing… I heart the way he sang Resignation when they were here in Manila! But anyway this post is for him!


Nickname(s): Cloud (구룸), Dog (from the Zodiac), Rabid Dog (광견; Heechul’s nickname for Yesung)
Date of Birth: August 24, 1984
Place of Birth: Chunahn in Southern Choongchung Province
Blood Type: AB
Pets: a turtle named Ttangkkoma
Specialty/Hobby: Singing, Listening to music, Exercise
>> It was his mom who secretly signed him up for audition
>> His stage name Yesung means an artist / art-like voice
>> He used to be a DJ in a radio program called Miracle For You

Soompi Thread: Yesung Photos

Cyworld: Yesung

Videos… Videos….

Yesung’s Best Moment this is  a fan made video by someone else but I think this video sums up all the Yesung funny moments that I want to include on this post

Yesung singing Couple – with Sungmin on 1000 Song Challenge

Yesung Monologue on Showbiz Extra

Pictures.. Pictures and More Pictures

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Get To Know Them – Hankyung (Super Junior)

GET TO KNOW THEM will be a series of posts featuring Kpop/Jpop/Cpop artists that will tell the readers of my blog who they are. In these posts I will also be including some of their pictures to feast your eyes on!!! kk

This is the third post! Yay! kk I will try my best to keep it up because it’s not easy doing this post!!! kk but I am still enjoying it 😀

The post for today will be about Hangeng… Hankyung in Korean. He is the only Chinese member of  Super Junior and it was because of him that entertainment companies started to recruit members who are not Korean (so thanks to Hangeng there is Nickhun, Henry, etc). It was also because of Hangeng that I first learned about Super Junior.

Hangeng / Hankyung

Real Name: Han Geng (한긍/韩 庚)
Nickname(s): Beijing Fried Rice (북경밥 aka Bukkyungbap; came during “Full House,” from Hangeng mispronouncing and Heechul mishearing 볶음밥 aka Bokkeumbap which just means fried rice in Korean), Dragon (from the Zodiac)
Date of Birth: February 9, 1984
Place of Birth: Mudanjiang in the Hei Long Jiang (黑龙江/흑륭성) Province, located in the northeastern part of China
Blood Type: B (he originally thought he was O then A. It was only in summer 2006 that he found out that his blood type was B.)
Specialty/Hobby: Chinese traditional dance, Ballet, Computer games
Favourite Food: 湖南菜 and Steamboat

Soompi Threads: Acting, Photo

Cyworld: Korean , Chinese

Videos… Videos…

Super Show II in Shanghai Solo – He sang a song called Betrayal (背叛) by Gary Cao Ge (曹格)

Hankyung dancing  Traditional Chinese Dances

Monologue on Showbiz Extra

Picture, Pictures and More Pictures…

I posted something for my friend’s birthday before… it has some Hangeng pictures also.. did not repost the pics so to see it… click this to redirect you to that page 😀

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Get To Know Them – Heechul (Super Junior)

GET TO KNOW THEM will be a series of posts featuring Kpop/Jpop/Cpop artists that will tell the readers of my blog who they are. In these posts I will also be including some of their pictures to feast your eyes on!!! kk

In this post we will get to know Heechul.. the unique guy from Super Junior. Heechul is quite popular in Korea and his cyworld maybe the most visited page among all the Kpop artists. I’ve always thought that he was weird in a good way… well I think the best word to describe him is he is UNIQUE. And I got to prove that in the concert…and I think that is what makes him special…


Real Name: Kim Heechul (김희철)
Nickname(s): Heenim (희님), Cinderella (신데렐라), Flower (꽃), Kim Pink (김분홍), Kim Moodswing (김기복), Kim Cherry (from Youngstreet), Snake (from the Zodiac), Heerobbong (part of the Bbong brothers with Donghae and U-Know Yunho), Heebongie Hyung (Yesung’s nickname for Heechul)
Date of Birth: July 10, 1983
Blood Type: AB
Specialty/Hobby: Writing poems, Writing fairy tales, Computer games
Pets: Heebum (Russian Blue cat) since 11/11/06, Champagne (Siamese cat) since 7/26/08
>> He has an older sister Kim Heejin
>> He debuted as an actor on March 6, 2005 through the youth drama KBS’s “Banolim 2” as Baek Jinwoo

Soompi Thread: Heechul

Heechul’s Cyworld

Videos… Videos…

Dancing to Tell Me (on Explorers of the Human Body), the dance starts around 1:15

Introducing Himself to Anya and Eva in Suju Full House

Heesica!!! Dancing to Gee and Sorry Sorry – Pabo!! 😀

Pictures… Pictures and More Pictures

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Get To Know Them – Leeteuk (Super Junior)

GET TO KNOW THEM will be a series of posts featuring Kpop/Jpop/Cpop artists that will tell the readers of my blog who they are.  In these posts I will also be including some of their pictures to feast your eyes on!!! kk

I will of course start my post with the guys from Super Junior.. (it’s been a week but I still have that hype!!!).. and I should start it with their leader… Angel Teukie!! kk


Real Name: Park Jungsu (박정수)
Nickname(s): Angel without Wings (날개잃은천사), Gaeteuk (개특, named by Heechul), Special Leader (특별한리더), Peter Pan, Ori (오리 aka Duck)
Date of Birth: July 1, 1983
Blood Type: A
Specialty/Hobby: Piano, Composition, Listening to music, Singing
Casting: Starlight Casting System 2000
>> Leeteuk is Super Junior’s ‘Leader’
>> he has an older sister named Inyoung
>> Got a stage name Leeteuk/Eeteuk which means “special”, because he’s a “special guy”
>> Calls himself an “Angel without wings” or “Angel Teukie”, therefore, white is his favorite color

Soompi thread: Leeteuk

Teukie’s cyworld

Videos.. Videos…

Leeteuk Laughing – his laugh is unique and you will know it’s him when he laughs!! kk

Singing Honey (JYP) on Sukira

Showbiz Extra Interview

Pictures! Pictures! and More Pictures!!!

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