Posting Again!!! :D

After a very long hiatus… I’m going to be posting again!

It’s been awhile since I last visited this blog.. and a lot of things has happened to me.. but I am glad to say that I am back and I will be posting again! Yay…

My schedule has been pretty tight for the past few months but I managed to find some time and I will manage to  find some time to post something to this blog… and I have to thank Rain’s new video for this! and my friend who actually encourage me to post something new to the blog!

When I was posting this entry I realized how much I miss posting something on the blog.. For quite some time I was just contented reading other sites and downloading some songs.. but I still want to share.. so I’m back now and I am posting again… I can’t wait to post a lot of things!!!! 😀


Some posts…

It’s been a while since I last had a post on this blog (because once again I’ve been VERY BUSY!)… I realized I miss posting.. so probably today I will be doing some overload on the posting — please bear with me 😀


While checking on my posts I noticed that some of my videos are not working (thanks to sittie for the heads up). The reason is because youtube has suspended pla4rang’s account… Awww…. oh well I guess I have to find another source…


Asian Coke Commercials

So I had nothing to do 😛 ehehe…

I sometimes have an obsession for ads! Ahaha. This all started way back in college (probably because I took up advertising as an additional course). I love the way companies sell their products through their ads. To me I especially love funny commercials — and sometimes it usually gets banned. In the States, companies are willing to pay a high premium just to put show their ads for the first time during the Super Bowl.

One of the companies that has unique and very good ads is Coca Cola. Their ads are really fun to watch. So what I’m posting now are COKE ads. And since my current obsession is with anything asian I’m putting Asian Coke ads in the spotlight..


Asian Coke Ads – China

Angela Zhang and Wilber Pan

If you’ve watched Romantic Princess, I’m sure you know who Angela Zhang is. According to my friend, Angela Zhang is quite popular in China (you can see her on the sprite pet bottle.. or was it 7up??). Wilber Pan on the other hand is the guy who sang Bu De Bu Ai. He also starred in Miss No Good last year with Rainie. This ad is cute. Both of them are sitting together — far apart from each other, when suddenly something that sounded like a telephone rang. As there is no phone in sight, he opened the bag and got the coke out and said “Wei” ahahaha. It was a cute way to get a girl’s attention..

Wilber Pan, Liu Xiang and Angela Xiang

Coke was the one of the official sponsors for Beijing Olympics last year. This commercial was made sometime 2007 and it featured one of China’s athlete (track and field) Liu Xiang. The commercial features Wilber Pan and Liu Xiang fighting over a Coke bottle. Liu Xiang in the end finally gets the bottle (watch it and you’ll see how he did it) but its ok, Wilber Pan gets the girl! wahahaha.. ke ai!

Wang Lee Hom and some Chinese athletes

Wang Lee Hom is still so ke ai!!! This is another coke ad that features the some athetes (again promoting the Olympics). Athletes fight over getting the Coke bottle but in the end the last athlete jumps towards the helicopter and shares the coke with Lee Hom.

Asian Coke Ads – Korea

Shinwa Coke Ad

Ok so I am a confessed Korean entertainment industry addict. There I’ve said it! So I also had to post ads from Korea. I’m starting it with a Coke ad that features Shinwa. I think this is an old ad, but it features them getting “high” on Coke. It was fun to watch them. Spot you’re favorite member!

Jeon Ji Hyun and Eddie Peng

Jeon Ji Hyun is the girl from the infamous movie My Sassy Girl. She reprises that role in the movie. However its not the same guy but with a Taiwanese guy, Eddie Peng (he was the guy from Wayward Kenting – he looks a little like Joe Cheng.

Eric (Shinwa) for Coke zero

Eric is sooooooooo hot! ahahaha. This commercial is actually the third part of the coke zero series. The first and the second commercial had Eric snatched the drink from the girl. The third commercial features the girl’s revenge ^^. He looks so hot here!

Asian Coke Ads – Philippines (some of my faves)

Eto and Beat sabay sabay

I think this came out some 5 years ago or 4 years ago, couldn’t remember. But what I remembered was that it had us doing the beat too! The ad features two girls fighting over who gets the Coke. They do it through a play of hands. I remember my classmates memorized how to do it.. Eto and beat sabay sabay, eto ang beat bawal sablay! ahahaha..

Nikki Gil – Sana

This was the Philippine’s version of the “I Wish” multilingual Coke campaign. This features Nikki Gil (who was not so popular back then). I love the song and the concept of the commercial. Nikki Gil walking around the streets distributing Coke to people from several walks of life… the concept was touching and nice.

Angel and Devil

This was the campaign ad by Coke sometime last year. The concept was unique and cute in a way. An angel from heaven looks down on earth and see people drinking something and they feel refreshed. She comes down and gets a Coke from the vending machine. She see a guy and asks him if he was from here.. then the guy answers “I am now”. Notice the horns! ahahaha… fun fun fun!

It was fun to watch all these commercials. But its a little hard looking for them and posting it! wahahaha. But I’ll be posting another set next time 😀

**credits to all youtube users who posted the videos! sorry I forgot to mention who you are…


Bu De Bu Ai – Back Dorm Boys and Wilber Pan versions

I know its a little late to post something about the Back Dorm Boys but I’m posting anyway. It has been about 4 years since I first saw their video on youtube. We were sulking around a friends house when she showed to us their version of Backstreet Boys’ I Want it That Way. And from then on our circle of friends loved this boys!!

The Back dorm boys, as what they are often called, are two Chinese boys who made their own versions of popular music videos. They recorded it on their dorm room and later on posted the videos on the internet. They became very popular that they were offered to do a commercial for Pepsi. They did a version of As Long As You Love Me (BSB) and  Superstar (S.H.E) to name a few. One of my favorite videos that they did was their own version of Wilber Pan’s Bu De Bu Ai. I’ve loved Wilber Pan since then. I’m posting their version of Bu De Bu Ai as well as Wilber Pan’s version! Happy watching!!

edit: please see in the comments below for the better translation of the song! many thanks to W for providing it! 🙂

Bu De Bu Ai –  Back Dorm Boys

Bu De Bu Ai – Wilber  Pan

Bu De Bu Ai (Romanization)

tiān tiān dōu xū yào nǐ ài
wǒ de xīn sī yóu nǐ cāi
I love you
wǒ jiù shì yào nǐ ràng wǒ měi tiān dōu jīng cǎi

tiān tiān bǎ tā guà zuǐ biān
dào dǐ shén me shì zhēn ài
I love you
dào dǐ yǒu jǐ fēn shuō de bǐ xiǎng xiàng gèng kuài

shì wǒ men gǎn qíng fēng fù tài kāng kài
hái shì yào shàng tiān ān pái
shì wǒ men běn lái jiù shì nǎ yī bàn
hái shì shě bù de tài guāi
shì nǎ yī cì yuē dìng le
méi yǒu lái
ràng wǒ kū de xiàng xiǎo hái
shì wǒ men jí zhù zhèng míng wǒ cún zài
hái shì bù ài huì fā dāi

bù de bù ài
Fôu zé kuài lè cóng hé ér lái
bù de bù ài
Fôu zé bēi shāng cóng hé ér lái
bù de bù ài
fǒu zé wǒ jiù shī qù wèi lái

hǎo xiàng shén bù yóu qí bù néng zì jǐ hěn shī bài
kě shì měi tiān dōu guò de jīng cǎi tiān tiān dōu jīng cǎi.

Bu De Bu Ai (Translation)

I need your love everyday
My thinking is for you to guess
I love you
I just want you to let me live an everyday joyful life

I want you to say I love you each day
What is true love?
I love you
How much do you love me? Your words are faster than I thought

Are our emotions too intense and rich,
or were we predestined by heaven?
Were we meant for each other,
or can’t we just be too nice?
There was a certain time
you didn’t come
It made me cry like a child
are we too eager to show I exist
or is it that I don’t want to be dazed

Gotta love
Where could I find happyness otherwise?
Gotta love
where could I find sadness otherwise?
gotta love
Otherwise I’ll just lose my future

It seems I just can’t help myself, nor be myself; I’m a complete loser
But I’m having days full of joy.

Bu De Bu Ai 不得不爱 (Chinese)

I love you

I love you ,


不得不爱 否则快乐从何而来
不得不爱 否则悲伤从何而来
不得不爱 否则我就失去未来


** credits to chinatown@blogspot for the lyrics, importweed and b123@youtube for the videos

will be posting the download links later


The Time I Went Mountain Climbing…

I was born and raised in a city. I am a city girl. I’ve lived in the city for more than 20 years now. Though there would be times where my family would go on a vacation to my mom’s province, the longest time I’ve been there was 3 weeks. However, my mom’s province cemented roads and pavements. I’ve never been to a place where the cemented road is about an hour away by foot. I’ve never been to that particular place until last Saturday.

One of my officemates invited us to go mountain climbing. The goal was to climb the highest peak in Cebu, which was Osmeña Peak. At first I did not want to participate in the said “activity” — for a lot of reasons – like my being clumsy, my injured left ankle and my stepping out of my comfort zone. But through the coaxing of my friends, I decided “what the heck” and promised them I would come with them to the adventure. I am stepping out of my comfort zone for the first time in history.

Then, the moment I made a promise it seems life played tricks on me. I think it started to happen 3 days before the said climb. We were scheduled for a basic mountaineering course (since it was the first time for most of us, in fact only our mountaineer friend  had climbed a mountain!) three days before Saturday. But on the day we were supposed to have that course, I was given a schedule for my part time teaching job. So I was not able to participate. The night before we were to climb, my cousins were in the mood for coffee and a little chit chat. Coffee with them will last for hours — and it did, in fact I got home at around  1 AM and I had to prepare for the things I’m supposed to bring. I finished preparing at around 2 AM, that meant I only have 3 more hours to sleep since I need to wake up at 5 or 5:30 at the latest to get to the meeting place at 7. I did wake up but I had a splitting head ache.

On Saturday, the weather seemed to have its own ideas. It was raining in the city. And when it was raining in the city it meant there would be more rain in the mountain areas. And it did not stop raining!! When we arrived at the foot of the mountain, there was rain. It was very cold, i bet it would have been about 10 degrees. There was fog. Everytime we would talk steam came out from our mouths (but it was fun to experience that since the Philippines is a hot country and you never experience that here unless you go to Baguio). But since we were at the foot of the mountain it was too late to back out.

So we began walking — so began the torture. We walked for about an hour to get to the last house before the peak. And when we arrived, the wind started to display its angst to the 10 people who were trying to climb the peak. Because of the rain and of the wind, our guides decided that we should spend the night there — a good thing since it was 5 degrees and you literally cannot see a thing! The wind and the rain prevented us from using our tents (too bad since it was heavy carrying them around). Before we slept all of us were hoping that the weather would cooperate the next day so we can climb the peak.

And the weather was good to us! At around 9 AM the sun decided to shine its marvelous grandeur! It meant we could visit the peak. The climb to the peak was about 20 to 30 minutes (sorry we were a bit slow since it was our first time). But the view from the top was really breath taking and it was nice experience, except for the fact the the wind literally would knock you down. But it was an accomplishment — especially for the city girl who was too afraid to step out of her comfort zone.

So lessons learned for this experience: (1) it’s ok to step out from your comfort zone once in a while; (2) a city girl can brave the mountains; and (3) life tends to play little jokes on you but in the end it let’s you gain a once in a lifetime experience.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is how the view from the peak looked like…





Heart of Voh – loved it!

I am currently watching Boys Befor Flowers (Kgotboda Namja) — the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango. In one episode, the characters were having a vacation in New Caledonia. To impress Geum Jan Di (Makino Tsukushi), Goo Jun Pyo (Domyouji Tsukasa) took her on a helicopter ride to offer his “heart”. What amazed me is that, the drama featured a shot where in the was a large formation of plants perhaps that took the shape of a heart — one of the nature’s little miracles. The scene was romantic of course, but I was more amazed with the heart shaped formation. That’s why I’m posting some pictures.

heart-in-voh The Heart of Voh

I did a little research of this picture and its actually called “The Heart of Voh”. According to wikipedia, The Heart of Voh is a large formation of vegetation that resembles a heart seen from above. This sight was made popular by  Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

Close up of the Heart of Voh

Close up of the Heart of Voh

This photograph is simply amazing! I love nature’s little miracles!

** sources: wikipedia and

** check out Yann Arthus Bertrand site for more of his great photographs


Meet Boyce Avenue

I was out with some friends earlier today (actually I just got home.. and I decided to post this entry). While we were sharing some drinks and listening to the songs the band was playing, a friend asked if we had heard the songs by Boyce Avenue. Since I am currently addicted to Asian stuff, I didn’t know who they were. So I asked her who that was. She then took out her phone and she made me listen to a cover of Chris Brown’s Forver. The band sounded great — and I was curious to know who they were.

When I got home about 30 minutes ago (its 4AM, Cebu time), I started doing some research about them. My friend said that they were quite famous on youtube. And that’s where I started looking for them. I was watching some of their videos and I am pretty impressed with these guys.  Imagine having about 4 million hits on one video. I googled them and found out that they were an acoustic band composed of 4 members, 3 of which are brothers. They have done quite a few covers of popula songs like Chris Brown’s Forever, Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love and Rihanna’s Umbrella to name a few.  Most of the songs you would find on youtube are covers but they have made an album and its available on itunes. I think they are quite good based on the few songs that I have heard. I think they are one of those artists to watch out for.

Since most people may not be familiar with them (like I was before I heard their songs tonight), I am posting 2 of their videos from  youtube channel.

Forever (Chris Brown cover) – Boyce Avenue

Apologize (One Republic/Timbaland cover) – Boyce Avenue

To know more about this band, you may visit the boyce avenue website. Also check their channel on youtube (just search for boyce avenue).

Hope you like them!


Sandara Park is one of the Big Bang Girls

“In or out am I in or out?”… “Ang ganda ko, feel na feel ko ang long hair ko…”

Remember these songs? Yes those were the songs made popular by Sandara Park in the Philippines. This Korean gal made it famous here when she made it big in ABS-CBN’s star circle quest (she won second place). After that particular show, there was a string of offers for her in the country (Philippines). She was even hailed as the “pambansang krung krung“. However this gal decided to leave her career in the Philippines to try and make it big in her home country in Korea. The last news I heard about her was that she was a trainee under YG entertainment.

Sandara during her Star Circle Days

Sandara during her Star Circle Days

The other day, I was looking at and I saw an article about her. The article mentioned  that she is to be launched as one of the members of the Big Bang girls. They are YG’s new girl group which has the same number like that of the popular Korean group Big Bang. It is said that G-Dragon (from Big Bang) will be producing the album.

I was not a fan of Sandee during the days she was an actress in the Philippines. But I remember enjoying her “krung krung” moments. I am glad though that she made it big there… She has a career! Congrats!!

** If you’re not familiar who she is, she’s the one who starred alongside T.O.P in Gummy’s I’m Sorry MV. See the video below.


Interesting Skittles Commercial

I was reading one of my favorite blogs (, and she posted a very interesting commercial. It was a skittles commercial for their campaign, “reflect the rainbow, taste the rainbow”. To me it was very interesting not because of the Filipino’s kick. It was interesting because of it featured a Thai and a Filipino. This is probably the first time I saw both nationalities in one commercial. It’s interesting to me because I am both a Thai and a Filipino :D.

So here it is.. eh nagugutom ako eh! 😀

enjoy! (“,)

** credits to ult1m8jonathan for posting this video on youtube

It’s Big Bag!

I posted in my older posts the video of Big Bang’s Haru Haru. Today, I was reading some articles on a website and I saw that someone posted a video of Infinity Challenge’s parody of Haru Haru. The video is really funny — so I decided to share it. Luckily, wondersmurf (from youtube) posted this video on her channel! However watch the Big Bang’s version first before you watch this video… 😀

Haru Haru Parody