Chinese Drama to Watch – You are My Glory 你是我的荣耀

Greetings my dear unnies!

Haven’t seen you in a while 🙂 
Been caught up with life and procrastinating here and there on whether to post on the blog.

As of late, I have been a crazy fan girl on Chinese dramas – especially dramas that have been adapted from IP novels (which as of late has been the trend for most Chinese dramas). It’s been eating up most of my “free” time and it has been quite difficult to be updated and keep track.

But then I saw the trailer of You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀

I could not stop myself from posting because truth be told I am very much waiting for the drama version of You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 to finally be released! 

Finally! It’s been released!!!!!!!!
Check it out on Wetv: You Are My Glory Ep. 1 
2eps per day, Mon-Wed release at 8pm, VIPs get to 6eps in advance.
(Binged all 8 and this unnie who’s a fan of the book is one satisfied unnie!)

Why? Because I have been a fan of it’s book – along with all the other books written by Gu Man 顾漫.

If you have been fan-girling Chinese IP novels, you probably know who Gu Man is as she has written a lot of IP novels that have been translated to English and adapted to Chinese Dramas.

Which are Gu Man’s novels?

Silent Separation  / Heyi Shengxiao Mo (Drama Title: My Sunshine)
Come and Eat Shan Shan (Drama Title: Boss and Me)
A Slight Smile Very Alluring (Drama Title: Love O2O)

Oh yes, she is the novelist behind Love O2O which the same Yang Yang from You are My Glory starred some years ago. 

To be honest I do have high hopes for this drama because…

  1. It’s Gu Man’s book  – and Gu Man is (at least according to this drama’s mydramalist page) is the screenwriter for the drama
  2. This is my favorite among all Gu Man’s book. Yes, it was definitely much better than A Slight Smile Very Alluring. It’s a more relatable one for me at least – except for the Main Character (MC) being an actress. I do like my MCs mature, diligent, hardworking and smart.  To be honest, this unnie is not really a fan of Mary Sue characters
  3. It doesn’t have the rich CEO trope in dramas. Yes, though rich CEOs are ok (I guess), but recently I’ve been tired with novels and dramas having this trope. Though, yes our male lead is still a smart guy – but I can live with that.
  4. Yang Yang  + Diliraba – 2 very beautiful / handsome people – they are one of my favorite actor / actress in China’s dramaland (not the most favorite though, but definitely in my top 10). When it was first announced that Raba would be playing Qiao Jingjing, I have been picturing it in my mind. 
    Edit (07/27/21): Yep Raba is really QJJ! ahaha Just like how I imagined it – I know some might disagree but I kinda like her as QJJ!
  5. Did I mention Yang Yang??? Goodness this unnie’s heart melts every time I see him in anything. This kid is too handsome for his own good! 
    Edit (07/27/21): Yang Yang is super handsome here. I like that the color palette they used in editing didn’t make it dreamy and stayed as real as possible – at least from my point of view. Also, though I haven’t really seen a lot of Yang Yang’s work recently, but compared to Love 020 (drama) and The 10 Miles of Cherry Blossom movie, I think his acting here is better and has more depth compared to both characters he played before. It might also be because of the struggles Yu Tu has gone through – well played so far.
  6. So far, all my favorite characters from the novel are listed on the casts. Let’s hope the supporting will shine as much as our leads.
  7. Edit (07/27/21): Binged all 8 episodes that are available on Wetv. As a fan of the novel, I am very happy because it has so far stayed true to the novel during these 8 episodes. It might be because Gu Man’s the screenwriter. Also, I am quite happy they did not do the same interpretation like Love 020 where the real life people became characters in the game. I appreciate how they use the real graphics of the game in the drama – though, there is room for improvement for the look and feel – but I am satisfied nonetheless.

I do hope that this drama meet my (and your) expectations. 

By the way, I do recommend dear unnies to read You Are My Glory (the novel)

If you do understand Chinese, there is a printed version of the book which can be bought online. However, if you are like me who doesn’t speak a word of Chinese, this website has officially (with the permission of the author) translated this book. – You Are My Glory Translation

Their translations are absolutely perfect and they have also translations of Gu Man’s other novels. They are also the best sources for anything Heyi Shengxiao Mo related. 

Anyway, that’s it for today, happy reading and drama watching!

If you don’t mind spoilers and would like to know what happens in the drama, check out our You Are My Glory recap/summary post.

WeTV English @ yt

– chipskjaa (“,)



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