BLACKPINK Concert: In Your Area Seoul – Day 2

So when I saw the post of BlackPink on their IG Page that they will have a concert, I screaaammmed because:

  1. My sister and I were planning to travel to South Korea
  2. It’s BlackPink 1st Concertttttt in South Korea
  3. Ticket Price is not so $$$

There ticket price is 110,000 won. An is available in an auction ticketing site.ย Link Here

If you haven’t booked a Concert Ticket on an Auction site (or in any other site) here are Tips!

  1. Sign Up & Log In. It was my first Kpop concert and that meant that it would be my first time booking a ticket. When the time the tickets open I clicked the Buy Button but I was informed to sign up ๐Ÿ˜ฆย  so there was a slight delay when I bought the tickets. So it’s really important to sign up first, then Log In before the ticket opening. Well, for a group that has A LOT of fans, it is really important to be fast so you can have that concert slot you want so badly.
  2. Click that Buy Button when the clock hits the time — as in — Press and choose your slot. I clicked the button on time, but I was shocked when slots are getting fewer.
  3. Keep Calm. Believe – You’re definitely going to get that ticket (wink wink) ๐Ÿ˜€
  4. Make sure you have yourย card handy – You will use this in buying your ticket.
  5. Select Your Preferred Seatย 
  6. Don’t Overthink and Pay that ticket! – Well don’t overthink. If you really want it, YOU WANT IT!


The concert event…

November 11, 2018

The concert I have long been anticipating for!

I was so excited because it’s my very first K-Pop concert. I really (literally) felt the butterflies in my stomach, I can’t hide my excitement!!! The concert was held at Olympic Stadium. There were Blackpink merchandise being sold at the venue, we bought our Lightsticks @ 20,000 won.

In all fairness their opening .. is so Lit!

Opening Video Below:

Sharing my video. PS: Don’t mind my background voice ๐Ÿ˜›

Other says that BlackPink only has 9 songs – How can they handle a concert. Nahh-ah the concert was 2 hrs+ Enough for you to Enjoy!

They performed (Not In Order) :
1. Ddu-ddu-du
2. Stay
3. Sure Thing
4. Kiss and Make Up w/ Choreography
5. Jisoo Solo – Clarity

– Jisoo is the non english speaker in the group. But she sings Clarity so well on English and Korean language. What a voice! Soo Pretty.

6. Lisa – So Hot Dance Number

– I screamed during the “almost kissing” scene. HAHAHA. Lisa! your father is watching. But Really, I never saw anybody dance like Liza. So Hot Hot. Seriously though, her father was at the concert ๐Ÿ˜€

7. Rose – Angelic Voice ..

– I really love the voice of Rose and she is my Bias. By the time she opened her mouth to sing I really felt goosebumps all over my body. What an angel.

8. Jennie – Performed her Solo Album

– Jennie’s album was released on Nov. 12 and the concert was on Nov. 11. I was not really expecting that they would show the Full Music Video during the concert, like I was so happy that I’m one of the many who saw it first. And Jennie also performed it at the concert, so YAY!! She is so hot, pretty a total performer.

9. So Hot
10. Boombayah
11. Playing with Fire
12. Whistle
13. Zion T (Guest) – He Sings. I didn’t know him. But Korean fans cheered for him so loud.
(Don’t hate me – I really did enjoy the song)

14. Really
15. Forever Young
16. They even have a dance performance, Four of them SLAYED IT as usual.

The audience/fans also sang along during the chorus part of Forever Young and Stay. I’m one of them who sang. And that’s the nicest way of showing love. Go Go Blinks.

Jisso and Rose post it in Their IG Page.

Rose IG Post

Jisoo IG Post

Stay was one of there closing performance, and Jennie was crying maybe because she was overwhelm by the love of the fans, or maybe because it was the last day the InYourAreaSeoul Concert. I Feel You Jennie.. ;(

Conclusion :

You know they say : “Life so short, so buy that Concert ticket!” It doesn’t matter if you have the VIP or The General Admission ticket, the Important thing is you got to experience the music of your favorite group LIVE!!!1
It’s really a experience different when you see it live – to cheer for them with your lungs out! Seeing them in person even if your far away.

And one thing I noticed with the Korean fans is that they cheer peacefully (which I realized is a nicest way). HAHHAHA. I mean when you compare them with the PH fans. (peace) – don’t hate me ๐Ÿ™‚

One thing that I can say is that IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!
Blinks! It’s time to buy your concert tickets now ๐Ÿ™‚

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-kimyoonjoy :D-


Morissette Amon’s Resignation (์ฒด๋…) Cover (with lyrics)

Annyeong! ๐Ÿ™‚
I haven’t posted posted for quite some time – but it’s good to be back in the blogsphere.

While I was gone, I noticed that there were a lot of hits with an old lyrics post for the songย ์ฒด๋… or Giving Up / Resignation by Big Mama. After googling, I found out that this was sung by Morisette Amon about a month ago in Asia’s Song Festival. I feel kinda bad that I just noticed this now. She is probably one of the best Filipino singers currently – I love her. And I am a bit biased because she comes from the same Philippine province as me! Cebu represent!!!

But hey – better late than never.

So – she sang the song in English. I am kind of guessing that visitors to that post came because of the English lyrics. However, the lyrics posted there were from a translation way back. It’s not the same as her version. So because I LOVE HER (A LOT!), I decided to transcribe it. I do hope I got the lyrics right ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are the lyrics to her version:

Resignation (์ฒด๋…) – Morissette Amon cover

I was happy those times I spent with you
Even though it was so hard for you
It’s not that I didn’t know how you felt in your heart
I felt it too.

Letting go, letting you leave it all behind
It’s something I just cannot get used to
You have hurt me so
And I just can’t help but fall away from you

Why’d you not tell me or you just could not?
Did you ever think of everything I feel?
You fell for me and said you loved me
But you just let me fall and never tried to catch me at all

Should I hate you and try to just forget?
Should I blame myself and live with this regret?
If I could only do it all again, I would turn back time
Back when I was yours and you were still mine

Why’d you not tell me or you just could not?
Did you ever think of everything I feel?
You fell for me and you loved me
But you just let me fall and never tried to catch me at all

Should I hate you and try to just forget?
Should I blame myself and live with this regret?
If I could only do it all again, I would turn back time
Back when I was yours and you were still mine

No, I won’t ask anymore
If you want to walk out that door
Just leave, leave and don’t look back
No, I won’t shed any tear and keep on hoping that you’re still here
I watch you walk away from me and it’s getting hard to see
We we’re never meant to be

Neol manhi geuriweohal geot gata chamayaman hagetji ijhyeojil su itdorok
Dashin saranggateungeo haji anheulrae
Nae majimak sarangeul doraseon neoege jugo shipeoseo
Haengbokhagil barae naboda jo-eun yeoja mannagireul


credits: Music and Me@yt + pinterest + as tagged

Now we can sing her version! (“,)
Anyway, should you take this transcription, please do not forget to credit
Please do not take away without crediting ๐Ÿ™‚

If you want to see the original Resignation post (Korean lyrics and translation) – CLICK HERE!

PS: Oh and yeah! we got a new domain ๐Ÿ™‚

– chipskjaa (“,)