Who’s ready for 2AM’s Comeback?? + Happy 5th Anniversary!

Yay! I can’t contain my excitement!

2AM is finally making a comeback next month!!!!

I have been waiting for this come back since their I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me. Although the boys were still active through individual promotions, variety shows and dramas, nothing beats them making music together.

2AM is actually one of those groups I really like. Yes they are a boyband, they can dance (well maybe not as good as other boy idol groups) but boy can they sing! I love the fact that they are an idol group but at the same time the songs they release are mostly ballads. It’s a ballad but it would still have high ranks on the chart.

The new album is called One Spring Day. From the look of the teaser, it could be a sad song. A set filled with pianos outgrown by roots and trees that are in full bloom — hmm it could mean recalling a love lost in the past? Ok so I’m just guessing. But I really can’t wait for this new album!

I’ve never been disappointed with their songs so my expectations are a bit high. I hope this would not be the first one! Can’t wait for March 5!

Oh and as a bonus… 2AM has been in the industry for 5 years already. This video is a video of that 5 year journey.

Oh how they’ve grown and matured since 2008. I hope they won’t stop bringing beautiful ballads. Congratulations!!!! Please don’t break up. Sorry for that statement but since DBSK broke up on their 5th year, I am almost always scared the idol groups I like will break up.. Please don’t!

2AM fighting!!!


**credits: ibighit@yt + 2am@yt



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