Look Aum (Hard Candy) – WhatChaRaWaLee (Lyrics)

It’s time to write  a post about a Thai song! Actually I haven’t been listening to too much Thai songs. So I did not have one to post about. But then I was reminded of this song when I saw Sungha Jung uploaded this video to his channel.

It’s a song called Look Aum (ลูกอม) by  WhatChaRaWaLee (วัชราวล). There is no music video for this song, so please play the following video for the audio.

Look Aum (pronounced like luk-om actually means literally hard candy in Thai (the kinds of candy’s have different names).

I have heard this song played and sung by all my students. I noticed that this is one of the very popular songs among high school kids here in Thailand. They memorize this song by heart. Maybe because I’ve heard it a lot of times, so that’s why I didn’t really care to find the original song. And then I heard Sungha Jung played and I am mesmerized by the song!

It’s actually a very beautiful song. The lyrics are really nice. I like hearing it and it’s very pleasant to listen to. And as I found out, it’s also very easy to sing! Hahaha. It’s officially added to the list of my fave Thai tracks. I do love Thai songs like this!

If you want to sing a long, here are the lyrics of the song. As always, credits to thamnong @ deungdutjai.com for the romanization and translations!

Look Aum – Romanized

Nai keen tee fah nun dtep pai duay saeng fai

Rao ohb gaut gun lae maung pai bon fah glai
Soot hua jai soot sai dtah mee dtae rao
Duang jun laung loy lae maup kwahm ruk hai gun
Kaup koon wun nee tee koy doo lae ruk chun jahk hua jai jahk nee pai mee dtae tur

*Chun mai roo wah wun proong nee duang dao ja hai pai nai
Chun mai roo wah wun proong nee taung fah ja pen chen rai
Dtae chun gor roo hua jai kaung chun

**Ja mee piang tur ruk piang dtae tur
Ohp gaut tur duay ruk ruk tee huang yai
Jai chun hai tur mun pen kaung tur roo mai
Took kum mun glun auk mah jahk hua jai

***Rao ja loy kahm fah tahm glahng moo dao
Ja mai mee kwahm ngao kao mah glum glai
Pleng nee peua tur mun pen kaung tur roo mai
Sunyah ja doo lae tur jahk nee dtalaut pai

Mae mee bahng krung chun tum hai tur sia jai
Dtae took took krung tur praum ja maung kahm pai
Tur kao jai hai apai kon yahng chun


Dtor hai lohk salai hai pai gup dtah
Dtor hai dao bon fah lob leuan hahng glai
Ja chun hai tur mun pen kaung tur roo mai
Took kum mun glun auk mah jahk hua jai


Look Aum – Translation

During the night the sky is full of lights
We embraced each other and looked up at the distant sky
To the end of my heart, to the end of my vision, there’s only us
The moon floats by and bestows love upon us
I thank you today for looking after and loving me, from my heart, from now on, I have only you

*I don’t know where the stars will disappear to tomorrow
I don’t know how the sky will be tomorrow
But I know my heart

**I’ll have only you, I’ll love only you
I’ll embrace you with love, love that’s concerned
The heart I give to you is yours, do you know?
Every word that comes out comes from the heart

***We’ll float through the sky in the middle of the constellations
We won’t have loneliness intruding on us
This song is for you, it’s yours, do you know?
I promise I’ll take care of you from now on, forever

Though there are sometimes that I make you sad
But every time you’re ready to look past it
You understand and forgive a guy like me


Even if the world is destroyed and disappears from sight
Even if the stars in the sky fade away
My heart that I give you is yours, do you know?
Every word that comes out comes from the heart


Look Aum –  Thai

สุดหัวใจ สุดสายตา มีแต่เรา
ขอบคุณวันนี้ที่คอยดูแลรักฉัน จากหัวใจ จากนี้ไปมีแต่เธอ
(*) ฉันไม่รู้ว่าวันพรุ่งนี้ ดวงดาวจะหายไปไหน
(**) จะมีเพียงเธอรักเพียงแต่เธอ
โอบกอดเธอด้วยรัก รักที่ห่วงใย
(***) เราจะลอยข้ามฟ้าท่ามกลางหมู่ดาว
สัญญาจะดูแลเธอจากนี้ ตลอดไป
แต่ทุกๆ ครั้งเธอพร้อมจะมองข้ามไป
เธอเข้าใจ ให้อภัยคนอย่างฉัน
ต่อให้โลกสลาย หายไปกับตา
ต่อให้ดาวบนฟ้า ลบเลือนห่างไกล

And here is a bonus. This is the video of Sungha Jung‘s cover of the song. Gotta love him playing it!!!

**credits:TinNAmou@yt + deungdutjai.com + jwcfree@yt


Blast from the Past: 2008 MKMF DBSK Performance

Ok.. so I know this is a bit old, but I wanted to share some old stuff on my blog. Some may react like 4 years ago was not old, but in the land of Kpop and with the emerging Kpop fans and debuting groups, 2008 was a long time ago.

And today, I can’t stop watching this video from MKMF (MAMA now) in 2008. It’s the performance of DBSK when they were still 5.

I can’t help it but I find myself watching this video during the past days. I don’t know why. Maybe because it was because I remember how crazy I was with DBSK back in 2008.

I started being a Kpop addict in 2008 all because of DBSK. And it was that time when videos were difficult to find and Kpop fans around the world were only a few. I remember how difficult it was to find subbed videos and how bad the quality of the videos were back then. DBSK introduced me to the world that is known as Kpop.

Back then, there was no Beast, Infinite or Teen Top. They were still training to be the pop idols that they are now. It was just DBSK, Super Junior, Big Bang and SS501. They were the big names for the boy bands. While it was Wonder Girls, SNSD and Kara who rules as girl groups.

It was difficult to be a Kpop fan before but I really enjoyed it. And I have DBSK to thank for that craziness that still continues until this day.

I could only wish though for them to become 5 again. 10 year reunion maybe??? Oh well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

**credits: Mnet@yt