Ready, Set, Go – Aziatix (MV)

Posting this because the artwork in the video was done beautifully!!

It’s Aziatix Ready, Set, Go.

Honestly I didn’t know about this song and I have not heard about it. As this was uploaded on youtube in July, I am guessing this video was for the Olympics. But I this year I was not too much interested with the Olympics — ergo I have never seen this song or heard this video. Posting it because I like the artwork on the video so much!

I haven’t been listening to Aziatix these days. I think too many Kpop songs and too little time. But I am very happy about this video. I wish I could do an artwork like this. The artwork tells a lot about unity. It must have been a painstaking task to do this artwork! A big applause to the one who made it and the one who had the concept for it! It worked for me!!

I’m not much of a fan for this Aziatix song, I think there are better songs. Although, I love the part where they inserted a modern version of Arirang. That’s the best part of the song. of the e best part But this video is one of the best ones they have made!

Enjoy the artwork!

**credits: TheAziatix@yt