Thoughts on Big Bang’s Alive Galaxy Tour

And I am back! I was gone for a long time because of the final exams… I swear this is the hardest part of teaching high school kids! After checking endless papers and making lots and lots of grades, I rewarded myself with watching a concert in Bangkok. And I’m so glad it was Big Bang’s Alive Galaxy Tour 2012!

Honestly, I like Big Bang but I still can’t call myself a VIP because I don’t stalk them as much as Super Junior. But I do like them and the songs their songs. But though, I have to admit there was a time when I got a little bored of their songs. But their ALIVE album was to me a very good come back so I decided to watch their concert. There were two concert schedules in Bangkok, October 5 and 6. But since the seats for the Saturday concert were crap (pardon me) my friend and I decided to go there on Friday. Good thing school’s term is finished! The seats we got were quite good. It was definitely better than the Super Junior seat I had last time! 🙂

I arrived at the venue around 5 but it was full of people already! There were lots to do before the concert, some booths, people painting VIP tatoos, doing cover dances, contests… lots of them. They gave a lot of freebies too! And of course there was a booth for the official goods. Though, like all concerts, there were lots of people peddling stuff that looked like Big Bang good, when actually they aren’t. I don’t really mind, but I think it’s better to buy Big Bang merchandise to support them right? Anyway, the line to get inside to the venue was very very long!!! we had to wait like 45 minutes before we got inside 😦

The security of the concert was quite strict. No food and drinks allowed. If you bought food (like we did) you had to through it away. Also, no cameras or recording devices were allowed. You could only bring your mobile phones. This was indicated in the ticket. I did not think they would be that strict, but they were. I saw a lot of fan girls sad when they were told to leave their cameras. And just to give you an example of how strict YG is when they say no cameras, the girl sitting in front of me tried to take a picture, but she was warned with laser lights pointed directly at her. She only used her iPhone by the way. So don’t attempt to do so.. you’ve been warned!

The concert was a BLAST! OMG! Like it was really really nice! It lasted for almost 3 hours and I can’t remember a time when i felt tired. It was very well planned. All throughout it I was shouting at the top of my lungs (and two days later, I still don’t have my voice back :().  If you are a fan of the YG dancers, you would be happy to see them. I only see them on broadcasts and don’t really pay much attention to them, but on stage they were very good too! Also, a band was playing their songs live! During the encore part, they played like 3-4 more songs and the band could play it well. That was the best encore stage so far that I saw!


Taeyang was amazing during the concert (well he is my biased). But for this concert, he was the one doing the MC-ing part. I guess maybe because he can speak English. Him and G-Dragon were the ones talking in English to the fans most of the time. Taeyang is amazing on stage he owned it. Actually him and GD. GD though is a bit more playful on stage and it was so much fun watching him. Taeyang is the best dancer among them definitely and a performer. I’m sure those who have biases with him will be pleased and will be on cloud nine after watching this concert. I know I was! My only regret is he did not sing I need a girl. But it’s ok. GD is a performer no doubt! He knows how to please his fans. And though, it was not part of the song list, he performed a bit of One of Kind with the other boys beat boxing in the background.

It was so sad because TOP hurt his hands. I felt sorry because he could only hold the mic with one had, but nevertheless he still performed quite well. If you think he is charming on videos, you will find him more handsome on stage. He has an aura of being attractive. Could-not-explain-it-here-so-you-should-see-him-in-person!!! Daesung! Oh Daesung, as usual is the funniest member of the group. Though he spoke mostly in Korean but he was the one who made the jokes and the Thai impersonations. The Thai VIPs loved it of course! And his voice is better heard live. He has one of the strongest voice in Kpop i think.  And then there is Seungri, who I will remember for doing the Gangnam Style dance! My friend likes him a lot so till now I could hear her screams! But I think Seungri is the member who approached the fans the most. And as a maknae, he also is a bit mischievous on stage! But he is funny too!

To best experience this concert, it recommend you have the crown light stick. (It was sold here for 800 baht, but I’m not sure how much it would in your place). It’s not complete if you don’t wave it with the music. But warning, your arms will hurt because you can’t put it down! I didn’t want the concert to end!!!

Haha.. but there are two words to describe this concert:


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