Britney Learns Gangnam Style from Psy

It’s amazing how big Gangnam Style is all around the world!

And now, Britney gets to learn how to dance Gangnam Style from Psy himself!

Britney and Simon Cowell were guests on The Ellen Show. Ellen brought up that Britney made a tweet one time that she wanted to learn Gangnam Style. And lo and behold, Ellen surprises Britney by bringing out Psy to teach him.

I guess you can say Britney was shocked! Hahaha.. I guess she never expected Psy to come and teach her. I think her surprise was genuine. Look at the last few seconds of the video, she didn’t know what to do and she was surprised by the dance lessons.

But Psy is a character! I like it. “Dress classy and dance cheesy” is epic quote of this season!

You go Psy!

**credits: TheEllenShow@yt


I Want It That Way the ABS-CBN Newsroom Style

Ever wonder what happens inside Newsrooms of TV Channels?

I had a blast watching this video!

It’s the ABS-CBN News Team‘s version of Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way.

So that’s what they are doing! Lol.. I’m kidding! I know how serious these people are at their jobs but it’s nice to know they know how to liven up and have a little fun. Who says working in the newsroom is no fun? Haha…

Seeing this video makes me miss home and watching Philippine TV. But I am amazed like they not only made the younger news correspondents sing, but they also made veterans like Korina Sanchez and Noli de Castro sing to the song!


And I think I would have to commend them because they were game to do it, knowing that this will be posted online and might even go viral (knowing how many Filipinos would be watching it!).

This is a super fun video! So now spot your favorite news personality! haha.. I see Atom Araullo… reminscing 5 and up days!! And Dyan Castillejo is so sexy! hahaha 🙂

Have fun watching it!


Sexy Love – T-ARA (MV)

Finally making some longer posts. Will be busy again for some time. It’s almost the end of term here and I have to do final. I can see myself checking papers real soon! But will post as often as I can.

Anyway, this is a post for T-ara‘s Sexy Love.

First things first, I know there has been and still is some controversy surrounding this group, but I don’t hate them nor do I hate Hwayoung. I listen to T-ara because of their music, so I don’t really care much about the controversies as long as they still make good music. That’s more important to me!

The Video

There have been other videos that have been released for this song, including the drama version. Although that version was one of the best they made, I’m not really into long drama versions. I just like the action thing that they did. And to insert a little comment, Eunjung has really matured as an actress, it’s a shame she didn’t do Five Fingers.  Anyway, because I like dance versions better (tehee), I posted that on top.

I kind of like this video for the robot concept. Though I’m not much of a fan for robots and dolls being placed in music videos but I think the girls did a pretty good job acting as if they were robots. The movements were well played as well as well edited. Also, I like the harlequin / circus theme they had in some parts of the video. The blend of the puppet as well as the robot concept seems to work fine with me. I think that’s why I was sold with the dance version.

The dance – I’ve seen my share of the robot dances and I think it worked fine. Actually scratch that, for this song, I like the robot dance better than their dance in the chorus. Haha.. it was a little  off to do the robot dance and then do that sexy-ish dance in the chorus. The robot dance looked cooler! 🙂

The Song

When I first heard it, I loved it on the spot. To me for T-ara’s songs, there have been hits and misses. The biggest hit for me still is I Go Crazy Because of You. That’s still the best tract for me followed by TTL (though it’s a duet with Supernova). The biggest miss was Ya Ya Ya. That song was really not my style. But this song reminded me of the old T-ara songs, the ones that they did pre- Why Are You Being Like This? era. This song reminds me so much of Bo Peep Bo Peep with a little bit of Like the First Time and a dose of I Go Crazy Because of You. That combination works fine with me.

The thing that I didn’t like though is that auto-tune rap! Kpop stop with the auto-tune already! It’s a pity you’re not letting the girl’s real voice be heard. I am not much of a fan with auto-tune as you can see. Why? Because a lot of Kpop songs from long ago did not have auto-tune and the song worked out just fine! I know it’s a trend now, but stop it already!

Also, the girls still have to work out with their pronunciation. English coach anyone? The title of the track is written completely in English so I think it’s only fitting they should practice saying this properly! But nevertheless I love it!

Final Verdict: I don’t care what haters say, I love this song but I prefer the Robot Dance video than all the other MVs.

**credits: LOENENT@yt


Umma Gangnam Style

I am posting this because I think it’s so cool.

Psy‘s Gangnam Style has become a phenomenon all over the world. And naturally it has a lot of parodies and dance choreographies. But out of all those, I think this one is the best that I’ve seen.

It’s Mike Song and his Mom  dancing to Gangnam Style. The video is aptly titled Umma Gangnam Style.

I know Mike Song ( from Kaba Modern. If you aren’t familiar, they were the runner up during the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew (the season that Jabbawockeez won). He is a choreographer and he is quite famous in the States. And for all the Beauty’s out there, he is the co-choreographer of B2ST’s Breath. Anyhow, according to the youtube post, this is the first choreography he taught his mom who is 60.


I wish my mom could do that! Haha.. but I know she never will. Lol Sorry Ma! 🙂

**credits: mikesong@yt


Seo Inguk and Jeong Eunji perform All For You @ MCountdown

Quick post…

I can’t get over this song.. hahaha.. maybe it’s because I’ve liked it before, or maybe because I’m going crazy over the drama, or maybe because I love this couple so much (my obsession these days haha) !!

Oh Seo Inguk! I just love your voice!

Anyway, Seo Inguk and Jeong Eunji perform All For You at MCountdown.

Sigh 2 more episodes before Reply 1997 will end… nooooo!!!

**credits: Mnet@yt

Just the Way We Love – Jeong Eunji and Seo Inguk (MV)

OMG!! They released part 2 of the OST of Answer Me 1997 (Reply 1997 Love Story Part 2).  And this time, compared to the happy sounding ballad All For You, it’s a slower ballad.

I didn’t expect them to release the song this fast, I thought they would be releasing the song a little bit before the finale.. I think maybe they did it because of the popularity of the drama. Oh drama how I love thee! The song actually sounds quite nice, though I’m not really sure about the lyrics. But Eunji’s voice and Seo Inguk’s voices sound really good together. Well with Seo Inguk.. there is not doubt I like his voice and his songs. I just like this kid period!!!

The video contains spoilers of episode 12. That was the best episode so far! Seo Inguk is pretty amazing as he does Yungjae’s confession. It broke my heart to pieces when I watched that part. I honestly can’t wait what will happen next and who will Shiwon end up with. Though maybe the answer is obvious, but the write has a good way of teasing us! I can’t wait!!! This is another cable drama I’m hooked to again! ^_^

**credits: CJENMUSIC@yt