Yoon Eun Hye’s Goong Fashion

I was watching Goong the other day. Though I have noticed it a long time ago when I first saw Goong, I am just posting it now. I Super Love the clothes that Yoon Eun Hye wears in the drama.

When looking at her dresses in the drama, you have to remember that this drama was made in the late part of 2005 and was shown in early 2006. So the Hallyu fashion today is very different from the Hallyu fashion at that time. But I love the pieces that she wore especially the hanboks. I think watching this drama was the first time I saw I saw the fusion hanbok style.

I want to do screencaps but I’m too lazy to do them, so instead I will post most of the official pics from the drama as well as pictures I found while lurking in the internet.

So tell me which one is your favorite?

I remember wanting a Korean school uniform because of this drama! 

These were the Hanboks she wore

These two were my favorites

Compilations of what she wore (i did not compile it so credits to whoever did it :))

And did last but not least.. I so love these shoes!!!

If you have more pictures to share, please write it in the comments below 🙂 Thank you!

** credits: as tagged (pictures are not mine) + afspot.net


Super Junior’s First Performance of Spy @ Mnet

I haven’t posted anything about Super Junior in a long time.. I haven’t really been updating with them as much as I like.

But last Thursday they performed Spy on Mnet.

Actually the music video has not been released yet as of writing this entry. And my question is why???

I would have wanted to see it first before I see them perform on stage. The teaser has been released but from the looks of it, I think it would be the same concept where it will feature the boys dancing. Honestly, it’s getting a bit boring! I miss music videos with concepts. Why can’t they make one like Boa’s Only One??

Anyway, I do  like this song.. but I will reserve my comments in another post when the music video will come out!

Don’t you just love it when you see more of Siwon during live performances?

**credits: Mnet@yt