All For You – Cool (Lyrics)

I am going crazy over Reply 1997. And I am going crazier because they released a remake of Cool’s All For You!

This song is one of my favorites from Cool. It’s one of their slow songs. If  I am not mistaken it’s from their 5th album. Actually I like this song better than Aloha. I wanted to post this a long time ago, but there was no MV for this song, so I settled with posting Aloha. But as this song is getting more popular because of Reply 1997, I decided it’s time to post it.

Like I said there is no MV of this song, so I am settling for this live performance clip. I found better copies on naver but i don’t know how to post it here, so this youtube vid will do.

I really like hearing this song! It’s very sweet.. And it’s easy to sing a long with. I will not be putting a critic on this song, because no matter what someone says at the end I will still say I still love it!

Because it’s quite old, I could not find any good romanizations so I made on of my own. Please credit: chipskjaa@wordpress if you use it!  Thanks!

All For You – Romanization

Beolsseo meonchiljae jeonhwado eobneun neo
Eolmahomeon naui saengil-irangeol aneunji
Nunchido eobshi shiganeun jakkuman heulreogago
Nan mi-umboda geokjeongseureon mame
Mojakjeon chijagan neoui golmogeogwi-eseo
Saenggakji mothan useumyeon bangineun neoreul bwasseo

Sashireun marya na manhi gominhaesseo
Naege amugeotdo haejeul su oepneungeol
Ajik manhi mojarado gajin geot eobseodo
Ireon narado badajullae

*Neoreul wihaeseo neomaneul wihaeseo
Nan sesang modeungeol da angyeo jujin mothajiman
Nan neo-egeman ije yaksokhalkke
Ojik neoreul wihan naega dwilkke

**It’s only for you
Just wanna be for you
Neon geureoke jigeum moseub geudaero
Naegyeote isseumyeondwi
nNan dashitae-eonado yeonweonhi neoman barabolke

Yeongweonhi neowa hamkke han mirae naegyeote
Isseojun neoreul wihae neomaneul wihae

Neon moreujiman jogeumeun himdeureosseo
Naege eo-ullineun sarami nainji
Geuga naega anirado dareun nugurado
Ijen geureon maeum beorille

Repeat * and **

Love nae jakeun mamsoguel oh, love ni hyanggiro chi-ullae
Geu soge yeongweonhi gadhyeo beoreondedo
Nan haengbokhal su itdorok

Repeat *

It’s only for you

Yeonweonhi haengbokhal sumaneun eobgetji
Eonjenga apahal naldo itgetji
Hajiman jigeumcheoreomman baro jigeumcheoreomman
Seoro saranghamyeon amureon munje-eobji
Uh uh it’s all for you

All For You  – Translation

Already it’s been a few days, but you don’t call
Do you know that in a while, it’s my birthday?
Thoughtlessly, time only passes,
Instead of hatred, with a worried heart,
I went to your house to see you,
And I saw you, who smiled for me

Honestly, I thought a lot
I can’t do anything for you.
Even though I’m not perfect, and I don’t have anything,
Will you accept me?

It’s only 4 U, just wanna be 4 U
You? You just have to stay by my side like always,
And even if I’m born again, I’ll only look up to you.
The future I will spend with you, just for you.

You might not know, but it was a bit hard,
Am I the one that matches with you?
Even though I’m not, and somebody else is,
I’ll throw away that thought. ]

It’s only 4 U,
Just wanna be 4 U
You? You just have to stay by my side like always,
And even if I’m born again, I’ll only look up to you. LOVE
In my little heart, oh love.

Even though I’m trapped in your scent forever,
I can be happy, just for you, just for you.
I can’t get everything in the world,
But I’ll promise this to you,
I’ll be the one made for you.
It’s only for you,

We can’t be happy forever, one day there will be pain,
But, if we love each other like now, and look up to each other,
There will be no problems.

All For You – Hangeul

벌써 며칠째 전화도 없는 너
얼마후면 나의 생일이란걸 아는지
눈치도 없이 시간은 자꾸만 흘러가고
난 미움보다 걱정스런 맘에
무작정 찾아간 너의 골목어귀에서
생각지 못한 웃으며 반기는 너를 봤어

사실은 말야 나 많이 고민했어
내게 아무것도 해줄 수 없는걸
아직 많이 모자라도 가진 것 없어도
이런 나라도 받아줄래

* 너를 위해서 너만을 위해서
난 세상 모든 걸 다 안겨 주진 못하지만
난 너에게만 이제 약속할께
오직 너를 위한 내가 될께

** It’s only for you
Just wanna be for you
넌 그렇게 지금 모습 그대로
내곁에 있으면되
난 다시태어나도 영원히 너만 바라볼게

영원히 너와 함께 한 미래 내곁에
있어준 너를 위해 너만을 위해

넌 모르지만 조금은 힘들었어
내게 어울리는 사람이 나인지
그가 내가아니라도 다른 누구라도
이젠 그런 마음 버릴래

Repeat * and **

Love 내 작은 맘속을 oh, love 니 향기로 채울래
그 속에 영원히 갇혀 버린데도
난 행복할 수 있도록

Repeat *

It’s all for you

영원히 행복할 수만은 없겟지
언젠가 아파할 날도 있겠지
하지만 지금처럼만 바로 지금처럼만
서로 사랑하면 아무런 문제없지
Uh uh it’s all for you

**credits: ginaaax3@soompi +  daum + umpire0117 @yt


Seo In Guk and Eunji (A Pink) Remakes Cool’s All For You

I am getting addicted to the drama Reply 1997 (Answer Me 1997)! I can’t believe how good this drama is and how the writers were weaving the story of the main characters Yunjae and Shiwon..

Anyway, Seo In Guk and Jung Eunji (A Pink) have released a song for this drama (the OST is called Love Story). It’s a remake of Cool’s All For You.

The Song

When I saw the title of the song, I was like… wait a minute is this Cool’s song? And I was not mistaken! And how nice this remake is! It’s originally sang by group called Cool (the same group that sang Woman on the Beach). It’s one of my favorite Cool songs. It was one of their slow songs. Although Seo In Guk and Jung Eunji play the main characters in this drama, they are singers first before they became actors. So I am not surprised that they performed a good remake of the song.

I love their voices together. If you aren’t familiar with Eunji, she is actually the lead singer of the group A Pink. Also, she is the one who did a duet with Yoseob (Lovely Day). I think she has a really sweet voice. I liked her voice when she did that duet with Yoseob. It was a very cute and bubbly song. On the other hand, I love love love Seo Inguk. I’ve been impressed by him ever since he won Super Star K. He can really sing! And I like his voice. So add them both together and you get the picture why I like this song! Oh and did I mention the chemistry between them? They make watching Reply 1997 a very pleasant experience!

Oh, and I’ve read somewhere they will be releasing a second part for the finale… I can’t wait!! I love this couple!!!

The Video

This drama is making me crazy and seeing the scenes in the video is making me crazy! Ahaha… if you haven’t watched it there are a few spoilers. I super love this couple and I super love the way the writers are putting together the story of the drama. But I will save that for another post!

For the lyrics: please see this post..

Final Verdict: This remake was done beautifully. I think it’s the perfect song for the couple in the drama.

**credits: CJENMMUSIC@yt + as tagged


Rantings: Of New Kpop idol groups…

My students in Thailand love Kpop! And that is why I get along with most of them (because I am the teacher who adores Kpop!)

This is my first time really writing about what my day job is in my blog, though some people already know. Yes,  I am teaching here in Thailand. And my students are in middle school and high school. Anyway, like I said we get along pretty well because of Kpop. Most of them warm up toward me especially when they know their teacher goes gaga over Super Junior, Big Bang and 2NE1.

But something about what one student told me made me write this post..

My students know I write a blog as a hobby. I told them it’s because I like Kpop and because I want to practice writing. So I sometimes encourage them to check my blog once in a while just to practice their English.

But today, someone asked me.. “Teacher why is there no EXO article in your blog?”

I was suddenly shocked! I didn’t know what to say. I knew that student really liked them.. however I only know EXO by name (I know they released MAMA) but I don’t know anything about them! Come to think of it I have no clue about all the other recent debuts made in Kpop. I guess I am pretty old school.

In the past year, there were a lot of Kpop debuts. I don’t even know who the new girl groups are or who the new boybands are.  I knew something about EXO. But doesn’t everyone know about them. I remember thinking it was so crazy having lots and lots of teasers for a new boy group. But I never really paid attention to them. It’s not that I don’t like them it’s just that I can’t keep up! They have been debuting left and right that I don’t know who is who. And also I have a day job that I have to do so I can’t give it 100% of my time.

The last debuts that I really kept track were that of Teen Top, B1A4, and Infinite. And that was like so long ago! But I still do like these idol groups. But I think to me I am sticking out to the original idols. I don’t why but I guess I am one of those fans who grew up with the idol group who was popular during their time. Maybe this is also one of the reasons why I am not really welcoming the new debuts.

Also, my tastes in Korean music have evolved from just listening to pop music, to listening to the different Korean music genres. I tell you there are a lot, just that when we think of Korean music, we just associate it with Kpop. But the Korean music scene has lots more to offer like Hiphop – Yoon Mirae (Tasha), Tiger JK, Leessang, DJDOC – Ballads – Sung Sikyung, Hugak, 4Men, 10CM, Nell – Acoustic and Indie – Standing Egg and Peppertones, among others.

I have also started to listen to old Kpop songs.. actually I hear them most of the time in shows like Immortal Song 2 or I am a Singer. I like it and so I look for them. Most of them were released even before Kpop created a storm all over the world.

I guess because of these reasons, I never really paid attention to New Kpop idols.

So if you are wondering why EXO or VIXX or NU’EST or AOA or B.A.P doesn’t make it to my blog.. come back and read this post 🙂

Oh and to keep from hurting my student, I just said… I’m not really into them.. I’m still gaga over groups who debuted way way before them!

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Turned Off the TV – Leessang (MV and lyrics)

I don’t know why I am listening to this song again because I know it was released last year. But I can’t seem to stop myself from listening.

It’s Turned Off the TV (TV를 껐네) of Leesang featuring Tasha, Kwon Jungyeol of 10CM.

The Song

This song was my favorite from last year’s Leesang album AsuRa BalBalTa. I absolutely loved the light beat of the song paired with the rhythmic rap beats of Gary and Gil. Tasha (Yoon Mirae) rapping in this song is icing on the cake! I think she is one of the best female Korean rappers. Kwon Jungyeol’s voice makes it more soothing to listen to. This is my second favorite Leesang song — the first is still The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Guy Who Can’t Leave (yes, that’s the video with Lee Hyori in it).

Although, I am very fond of listening to Kpop, there is always a spot for Leesang. I’ve liked them since I’ve discovered Ballerino back in 2008. Aside from Clazziquia Project, they were second on my list. Though I did not really understand their music but I loved the beats of the their songs. I just don’t really post too much about them on my blog. I would recommend them if you fancy listening to another artist not of the Kpop genre.

The Video

Was fun to look at! Hahaha.. Actually I am a sucker for animations like this and I really don’t care if it relates to the song of not. I think it was beautifully made. You might think it to be simple but actually it’s a painstaking task to do each of those frames done in the video. It has to be photographed then edited. And each frame has a particular detail so it is quite difficult.

I love this song and though it’s been a year from it’s release I’m posting the lyrics still.

Turned Off the TV (Romanization)

neol neomuna saranghaeseo, nan TV reul kkeosseo
saebbal gan, ni ibsul
neol neomuna saranghaeseo, nan keoten eul chyeosseo
saebbal gan, ni ibsul

neol neomuna saranghaeseo, nan TV reul kkeosseo
saebbal gan, (saebbal gan) ni ibsul (ni ibsul)
neol neomuna saranghaeseo, nan keoten eul chyeosseo
saebbal gan, (saebbal gan) ni ibsul (ni ibsul)

nae nunen geu eotteon seon boda areumda un neoye mommae
geomeun meori neoman ye gyanggi e naneun nok ne
ttaeron mollae, eungkeum han sangsangeul hae, geureo dayok shimi sotne
TV reul boda gado georireul geod daga do shido ttaedo eobshi nan neoreul wonhae
mot chama, eotteohke sonman jaba, ttakttak hage malhajima
nega nal ttakttak hage mandeul eot janha
neol neomu saranghae, nae modeungeol da jugo ne modeungeol da gatgo shipeo
deo gakka i neol ango shipeo
nae momeul jeokshigo, eongdeongi todak todak hago shipeo

i bami saedorok boyeo jugo shipeo (shipeo)
eojewa tto dareun nae moseube nunmul kkaji heullil geoya
i bami saedorok boyeo jugo shipeo (shipeo)
neon neomu sarang sureowo, eonjena nareul seollege

neol neomuna saranghaeseo, nan TV reul kkeosseo
saebbal gan, (saebbal gan) ni ibsul (ni ibsul)
neol neomuna saranghaeseo, nan keoten eul chyeosseo
saebbal gan, (saebbal gan) ni ibsul (ni ibsul)

deo unde gab jagi keoten eul waechyeo
jal bogo itneun TV neun tto waekkeo
geureon nuneuro wae tto, bunwigi jaba
pigonhae pigonhae, geunyang na jallae
ni pumeseo kkumkkugo shipeo bamsae
geuman jom bochae
oneulman nari ani janha jom chama
chakhaji nae namja, geunyang ko jaja
bbichiji malgo nae soneul jaba
eorin ae cheoreom wae tto deungeul dollyeo
mot mallyeo neoran namja, jeongmal utgyeo
saenggakhae bolge, eoseo gaseo bulkkeo

i daeron jam mot jayo, neon neomu areumda wo
nan, oneul i bameul bonaegi en ashwi wo yo
oneureun andwen dan marayo
geuman, geuman, geuman

neol neomuna saranghaeseo, nan TV reul kkeosseo
saebbal gan, (saebbal gan) ni ibsul (ni ibsul)
neol neomuna saranghaeseo, nan keoten eul chyeosseo
saebbal gan, (saebbal gan) ni ibsul (ni ibsul)

neol neomuna saranghaeseo, nan TV reul kkeosseo
saebbal gan, (saebbal gan) ni ibsul (ni ibsul)
neol neomuna saranghaeseo, nan keoten eul chyeosseo
saebbal gan, (saebbal gan) ni ibsul (ni ibsul)

nareul seollege mandeureo, yeah

Turned Off the TV – Translation

*I love you so much so I turned off the TV
Your red lips
I love you so much so I closed the curtains
Your red lips
I love you so much so I turned off the TV
Your red lips
I love you so much so I closed the curtains
Your red lips

In my eyes, your body has the most beautiful lines than any other lines
Your dark hair, I melt in its scent
Sometimes I imagine things and I become greedy
When I watch TV, when I walk, I want you all the time
I can’t suppress it, how can I just hold your hands?
Don’t sound so hard on me, you’re the one who made me hard
I love you so much, I wannna give you my everything and have your everything
I want to hug you closer, I wanna wet my body and pat your bottom

I wanna show you all night
You will cry when you see a different me from yesterday
I wanna show you all night
You’re so lovely, you always make my heart flutter baby


Why did you just close the curtains when it’s so hot?
Why did you just turn off the tv?
Why are you looking at me like that, setting the mood?
I’m tired, I’m tired, let’s just sleep
I wanna dream in your arms all night
Stop whining, tonight is not the only night
Not tonight baby, come on my angel, let’s just sleep
Don’t get mad and hold my hand
Why are you turning your back against me like a child?
Oh come on, you’re so silly
I’ll think about it, go turn off the lights

I can’t sleep like this, you’re so beautiful
I can’t just let tonight go like this
Don’t say no tonight, no no no


You make my heart flutter

Turned Off the TV – Hangeul

널 너무나 사랑해서 난 티비를 껐어
새빨간 니 입술

널 너무나 사랑해서 난 커텐을 쳤어
새빨간 니 입술
널 너무나 사랑해서 난 티비를 껐어
새빨간 니 입술
널 너무나 사랑해서 난 커텐을 쳤어
새빨간 니 입술

내 눈엔 그 어떤 선보다 아름다운 너의 몸매
검은 머리 너만의 향기에 나는 녹네
때론 몰래 응큼한 상상을 해 그러다 욕심이 솟네
티비를 보다가도 거리를 걷다가도
시도때도 없이 난 너를 원해 못참아 어떻게 손만 잡아
딱딱하게 말하지마 니가 날 딱딱하게 만들었잖아
널 너무 사랑해 내 모든 걸 다 주고
니 모든 걸 다 갖고 싶어
더 가까이 널 안고싶어
내 몸을 적시고 엉덩이 토닥토닥하고 싶어
이 밤이 새도록 보여주고 싶어
어제와 또 다른 내 모습에 눈물까지 흘릴거야

이 밤이 새도록 보여주고 싶어
넌 너무 사랑스러워 언제나 나를 설레게 만들어

널 너무나 사랑해서 난 티비를 껐어
새빨간 니 입술
널 너무나 사랑해서 난 커텐을 쳤어
새빨간 니 입술

더운데 갑자기 커텐을 왜 쳐
잘 보고있는 티비는 또 왜 꺼?
그런 눈으로 왜 또 분위기 잡아
피곤해 피곤해 그냥 나 잘래
니 품에서 꿈꾸고 싶어 밤새
그만 좀 보채
오늘만 날이 아니잖아 좀 참아
착하지 내 남자 그냥 코 자자
삐지지 말고 내 손을 잡아
어린 애처럼 왜 또 등을 돌려
못말려 너란 남자 정말 웃겨
생각해 볼께 어서 가서 불꺼

이대론 잠 못 자요 넌 너무 아름다워
난 오늘 이 밤을 보내기엔 아쉬워요
오늘은 안된다고 말아요
그만 그만 그만

널 너무나 사랑해서 난 티비를 껐어
새빨간 니 입술
널 너무나 사랑해서 난 커텐을 쳤어
새빨간 니 입술
널 너무나 사랑해서 난 티비를 껐어
새빨간 니 입술
널 너무나 사랑해서 난 커텐을 쳤어
새빨간 니 입술
나를 설레게 만들어

**credits: LOENENT@yt + daum + snsdlyrics@wordpress + pop!gasa


Nice Guy (차칸남자) Teaser is Out!

I have work tomorrow but that does not stop me from posting this! I should really be going to bed now!

But OMG!!! The trailer for Song Joongki‘s new drama is out.. actually it was posted 2 days ago! Grrr.. I should have checked my youtube subscriptions!

OMG! OMG!! I can’t imagine him playing a bad guy! (sorry for all the exclamation marks, but as you can see I’m very very excited!)

Song Joongki will be playing the lead character Maru in the drama 차칸남자 (Nice Guy). His role will be a good guy who was betrayed by his girlfriend in the past. He decides to change his ways to become a bad guy and get his revenge. His co-actors for this drama are Moon Chae-won and Park Shi-yeon. Oh and by the way, this is the drama where Lee Gwangsoo (from Running Man) is casted too.

Like I said I really could not imagine him being a bad guy! Maybe because his roles in the past required him to be the cute guy.. who at times can be serious (oh Yeorim how we miss you!). But this will be a first and I am quite excited to see the different side to him. This would prove his ability as an actor! I’m not very sure though about Moon Chae-won. I am not very quite convinced with her roles in the past. But you never know maybe it would change.

But I can’t wait for it for this drama..  I can’t wait for Song Joongki’s transformation….

From this:

To this:

Nice Guy will be premiering after Gaksital.

**credits: KBSdrama@yt + as tagged


Uncommitted – Junsu (Xia) — with lyrics

Finally Junsu has released a slow song. I have been waiting for this! And boy oh boy was I surprised when the ballad is all in English!

It’s Junsu‘s Uncommitted.

The Video

I actually saw the video when it was released last week, but I never had the time to write about it. When I saw it, my first impression was that they are trying to show Junsu’s sexy side not the cute side we were used to seeing back then. But though I am still not over the cute Xia face, I think it’s good that they are trying to sell the mature side of him.. like a statement that he is all grown up now.

The video actually works for me. Although, I wanted to tell all those girls to get their hands off him! haha.. anyway, that’s the crazy fan talking and not me writing! This video works because it shows in that he is a player and he likes to party ergo he doesn’t want to settle down ergo the message of the song. I think the part where he was arguing with the girl signals the message of the song.

The Song

I like the song, especially the tune. It has a very western feel to it. Not very common in Korean ballads / slow songs. If it wasn’t him singing, I would have thought that this song was from a foreign artist.

But what brings me back to reality is the English! I know he is Korean, but if you plan to release a song in English, you have to make sure the words are understandable to someone who speaks/understands English. I understand perfect English but some of the parts.. let’s just say I’m not sure what I was hearing.  Although, Junsu’s English pronunciation skills have improved a lot… well that is if you compared it to how he sang in the past. But frankly, he still needs a bit more practice. There were parts in the song where the stress wasn’t right so I wasn’t sure what it was.

I think if CJES wants JYJ to breakthrough in the US, they would have to do what the Wonder Girls did, learn the language and the culture.

Anyway, if you were wondering what the lyrics is for this song here it is:

She said I couldn’t be committed
She said I’m too much of a player
Come on

Ey, ey

It was all a dream
Reality was far from
the safe picture she painted for me
She told me I was the one and I believed
until the dream dissipated so suddenly

I don’t know why she was so compelled to leave
Something was messin’ with her psychology
I’m confused, she’s sayin’ something’s wrong with me,
But how can I fix something I cannot see?

She said, “You’re not ready
Baby, you’re not ready for the real thing”
She told me that I’d be
unfaithful and I cannot believe

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

How could this be, she’s telling me
I will never let her be my everything
She said I’m a player and I’ll never change
I feel that I’m ready to leave the game.

She said she could’ve never trusted a player like me
but baby that was part of my history
she’s telling me breaking hearts is a part of me
it’s like it’s in my system and it would never leave

She said, “You’re not ready
Baby, you’re not ready for the real thing”
She told me that I’d be
unfaithful and I cannot believe

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

I’m committed

Uncommitted, I’ll never admit it
and then i’ll never get it but somehow she could be right
Uncommitted, I’ll never admit it
and then i’ll never get it but somehow she could be right

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

She said you can’t be committed
I said baby I don’t really get it
She said you’re not the right type
only good for one night,
you never stay committed to me

Final Verdict: The video fits this very good song.. however as this song was sung all in English, they could have done better with the pronunciation.

**credits: kyungmi@kromanized + CJESJYJ@yt


Will You Marry Me… A Gentleman’s Dignity Style

Awwww… is so cute!!! I was jumping like crazy after I saw this!

It’s the proposal scene from A Gentleman’s Dignity.

I’m sure fans of this drama have see this scene already, but I just finished watching it last night! And this scene is so cute. I guess drama writers are now using ideas from proposals popular on the internet!

But this was is so cute!! And they chose such a perfect song for this part! I love love love this song! It makes the situation more romantic. And how cute it is to see the other members of F44 dance! (If you haven’t watched the drama, A Gentleman’s Dignity lets us take a peek at the lives of four men in their 40s.) I think Kim Min Jong nailed it, but he is after all a singer so I think he is capable of doing that! Kim So Ro!!! waaaa..  being adorkable! If Jang Donggun danced that would have been icing on the cake, but I guess his character would not permit it.. sigh 😦 (i just want to see him dance! lol)

The only problem I had with this scene was Kim Ha Neul’s reaction to the proposal. It was not so convincing though.. shouldn’t you look both happy and surprise at the same time, just like all those proposals we see on the internet?? Where’s the feeling girl?

Anyhow… this drama was a fun one to watch.. a breather from all those usual F4s (the younger ones). We will always remember the F44!

**credits:  go mblaqlover@yt


Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye.. Real or Not?

Ok so first off.. I don’t know if it’s real or not! When you go online I’m sure you’d find a lot of conspiracy theories about it..

But I actually made this post because for the past few weeks I have met 2 friends on my blog who I think are the best at this topic and I want to make a post especially for them both so they can share their thoughts!

They have the best resources for this… and their powers are not the same as mine… so I invite both Esigh and Bigungmama to share thoughts on the topic posted above…

And this would be a nice resource for JJH and YEH fans who both want them to end up with each other (me included).

If you think it’s real, please don’t hesitate to drop in a comment and your thoughts about the two of them. Sharing is caring and that is what my blog does!

Esigh and Bigungmama… share more of your thoughts! ^_^

By the way.. rant all you want on my blog! wink wink

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SPY – Super Junior (MV)

Finally the video for Spy by Super Junior has been released.. I know I posted the live performance before, but like I said I will posting my comment about this entry.

The Video

It’s once again another basic video that SM has been doing a lot of times now! The boys dancing in a room. Except for some parts where there’s a girl doing a sexy wave. It’s not that I am complaining but it’s getting a bit boring.. It’s just the same video concept. Them dancing in a room — they’ve used it over and over again.. the only thing that changes is the dance and the background! I’d love to see them do a video like they did with It’s You and No Other! And come on, there are lots of concepts you can play with with the them of the song.. You know James Bond right.. maybe you could have incorporated that in the concept. There were some hints of 007 concepts but they only used the common ones! They could have made more! Whoever is doing those concepts for the videos should use more of their imagination.. please do better!!!

Anyway, do like their clothes in this video. Apart from all of them looking good in suits, it fits the 007 persona which I assume they are having for this song. The best thing about the video is the dance! I love how simple it is (except the part where Donghae jumps) — but the choreography is quite elaborate, like where they are staying. It made video this video a pleasant experience 🙂

I know some people might bash me.. but it was funny to see Leeteuk’s hair! Hahaha.. it reminds me of 90’s boybands both American/European and Korean. Sorry but he does not look handsome with that hair. I know he makes fun of that kind of hairstyle during broadcasts, but to use it in a video will make someone say: What the heck were they thinking!!

The Song

The song has a lot of elements to it. When it started, it reminds me of a 90s disco song (Venga Boys style anyone?). I thought it would follow that but it changed with a sample of the James Bond theme. And then the verses were sung with an auto-tuned low pitch key. A little confusing! But thank god it’s not as funky as their previous style.. but just a little bit confusing! Do I like it? The sample for the James Bond theme is nice.. the  disco-ish tune was ok.. but the auto-tuning NOOOO!!! Why oh why did they autotune Kyuhyun and Ryeowook — bad idea! They are like the one of the best voices in SJ and you auto-tune them! That’s a crime! What were they thinking! Also, Kangin and Donghae can sin’g.. why did you auto-tune them too! urgh!

I did enjoy this song, but at the moment of writing its a bit confusing for me. But I got you little runaway” is pretty catchy. And for not sounding too much like their old songs, I’d give props to this. But for the moment I could not decide if this is better that Sexy, Free and Single.

Which one do you think is better?

Final Verdict: I still can’t decide if this is better than Sexy, Free and Single but thank god it’s a bit different. Nothing new with the video but loved the dance!

**credits: SMTOWN@yt


Yoon Eun Hye’s Goong Fashion

I was watching Goong the other day. Though I have noticed it a long time ago when I first saw Goong, I am just posting it now. I Super Love the clothes that Yoon Eun Hye wears in the drama.

When looking at her dresses in the drama, you have to remember that this drama was made in the late part of 2005 and was shown in early 2006. So the Hallyu fashion today is very different from the Hallyu fashion at that time. But I love the pieces that she wore especially the hanboks. I think watching this drama was the first time I saw I saw the fusion hanbok style.

I want to do screencaps but I’m too lazy to do them, so instead I will post most of the official pics from the drama as well as pictures I found while lurking in the internet.

So tell me which one is your favorite?

I remember wanting a Korean school uniform because of this drama! 

These were the Hanboks she wore

These two were my favorites

Compilations of what she wore (i did not compile it so credits to whoever did it :))

And did last but not least.. I so love these shoes!!!

If you have more pictures to share, please write it in the comments below 🙂 Thank you!

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