Like A Fool – Gilme ft. Eun Jiwon (MV)

Though I scream and follow Kpop idol groups, my liking of Kpop music is not limited to idol groups. I do like other artists.

And Gilme is one of them. She recently released a track called Like A Fool (내가 먼저) featuring fellow Clover member Eun Ji Won.

The Video…

My first reaction to the video was.. “OMG is that Gilme?” I had to do a double take. Actually I have liked her since her first solo single Love Cuts, which was released like 2 years ago. I like the way she sounds and her pitch is quite high. And the best thing about her is that she can sing and rap at the same time. If you’ve heard Clover’s songs, you’d know that she’s quite good at rap! Personally I like the way she raps compared to some the other idol group rappers (i can only pick a few that i like).Anyway, back then she wasn’t this thin, so I had to ask if this was really Gilme.

So let’s talk about the video.. hmm i don’t think there is a story, or maybe i don’t understand. The first part — the girl breaking the glass was a bit leaning toward a story, but in the end I just see Gilme singing, Eun Ji Won rapping and then Gilme dancing with the backup dancers. I was expecting there would be one, but there wasn’t any.

The video’s clothes were nice! I like it. But my god! Can they get rid of Gilme’s ridiculous hair!  Cringe!!! If I was there, I’d have pulled it or chop off that do. I think they were trying to create a chic gal, but that hair style is TERRIBLE! You can look chic without that do. I’m sorry whoever the stylist was, but that hair ruined the look. Make up was ok, clothes fabulous… the hair— horrible!!! And I think it was bothersome when she danced. This video would have been ok without that hair!

My only consolation in the video was seeing Eun Ji Won. Oh how we missed you in 2 days 1 night! Though I am enjoying season 2, but I still miss the craziness of Eun Choding! No one thinks like him. But I think he wants to focus on his music more. But happy to see him.

The Song..

The song is a bit slower compared to Gilme’s previous tracks. Do I like it? The first time I heard it I wasn’t convinced, but the “Naega Meonjeo” part gets to you and I’m liking it now. This song reminds me of Kpop tracks that were a trend in 2007-2008. Those tracks we don’t really hear much now. Gilme does rap, but it’s only in the end… I’d love to hear her rap more though. Eun Ji Won’s part.. hmm well the bill says it’s featuring him, he is not the artist, so I guess we can forgive him for having such small parts in this song.

Though I like this, I like Love Cuts better. I think that song showed more of her vocal ability compared to this one and it was more catchy than this one. But it’s still good nontheless.

Final Verdict: Something different to hear… but maybe you won’t like it directly, but later on the chorus will get to you. Video was ok, except for that awful hair, next time get a better stylist!

**credits: LOENENT@yt


Super Junior in SNL Korea 2012.07.14

I am not fluent in Korean but I could understand some of it.. and this was very hilarious!

It’s Super Junior hosting SNL Korea!

I haven’t seen an SNL Korea episode, but we know I’ve seen a lot of the American SNLs (one of my favorite shows!) so I pretty much understand how the show works. Now the boys are hosting the show and doing the skits themselves!

It’s been a long time for them to so shows like this. Actually, I couldn’t recall them doing variety like this. Though the closes may have been those parodies but not to this format. Did they pull it off.. I think so, I enjoyed it, but I couldn’t say it isn’t because I’m a suju fan — so that view might be tilted a bit *wink wink.

What was the best part? The opening! Watch it to know… I had to do a double take.. but not giving any more spoilers!!

Now they have to be on more variety shows! lol

**credits: Excentrique1106@yt