Like Money – Wonder Girls ft. Akon (MV)

Let me just say! I love this track!!!

It’s Like Money by the Wonder Girls featuring Akon.

Ok so before I say anything, I have to congratulate the girls! To have a collaboration with such a big artist as Akon is a big feat. They’ve  worked hard and they’ve been through a lot so kudos girls!

The song…

When I first saw a teaser that they were collaborating with Akon, I wasn’t really sure about what will come out it. I was a bit worried for the girls.  But when this came out, it’s actually pretty good. Well, it is to my liking. I mean if I didn’t know they were a Korean pop sensation, I’d think this was a song done by a western artist. It sounds very western, like something you’d hear in a club or played in a party. I love it! I actually like this better than Like This. And it does sound very much like an Akon song. Though most of the parts of the song are auto-tuned, there are still some parts that sound like it was them singing!

With the Wonder Girls, I am actually Yenny biased, so I am very happy that she gets a lot of parts to showcase her voice. Not that I have anything against the other members, I just like the way Yenny’s voice sounds. The girl’s English have improved a lot! Clap clap to Sohee! I think she’s really working hard.

The only thing awkward about this song was when Yubin said “instructions” in her rap. It sounded like something was wrong. I don’t think it was her pronunciation, it was more like how to fit that word into the rap. Awkward!

The Video

Ok so I know that they were kind of telling the story that the girls were androids of some sort who were made to be perfect “for complete domination”. And then there was something about the “the future is now”. Umm what does it have to do with the song? The song is practically telling you “how I to love me”, but the video says otherwise. I understand perfect English, and this video doesn’t fit it! The dancing part was ok. But the introduction was kind of weird and off track. It’s misguiding the audience as it doesn’t fit the songs lyrics. And they didn’t even close the story..

But the girls are very pretty here especially Lim and Yubin. The dancing was good.

Just the video.. just the video..

Final Verdict: Score for the song: 9 out of 10! Found another WG song to put on replay mode. Video?? Score: 3/10… the girls were beautiful in the video but the story was a complete fail.. sorry, not the best one!

**credits: WonderGirlsVEVO@yt


Author: chipskjaa

Certified Unnie / Jiejie who is crazy about anything and everything Asian! Currently fangirling over Chinese novels and Chinese dramas - but never forgets to watch Kdramas and Lakorns on the side. When she has time, she indulges in her favorite Bangtan Boys for motivation (",)

7 thoughts

  1. I never been a big fan of Wonder Girls or Akon but the song sound good. One thing that really amuse me is since JYP couldn’t insert his whisper in the beginning of the song he decide to appear in it XD


    1. yup! it sounds very very good.. it’s fresh and too i’m not really a fan of them i just like their songs! and you’re right this is the first we don’t hear “jyp”.. maybe he did not make this song… but i have to admit, i couldn’t help but smile when i saw him on the video!


  2. 100% agree with what you said. First the “instructions” by Yubin is very awkward. It happened before with some of the girls’ English lyrics in the past (I can’t recall any right now) but I thought that was because those lyrics were written by Koreans. But this time it is done by an American I suppose so it shocks me a bit. Second the video doesn’t match the song at all, and frankly speaking I think to use this kind of “space age” stuff nowadays an thinking it’s cool is actually a very outdated thought.

    But the song is very good, much better than I expected. The arrangements and studio stuffs are all done just right And yes I like “Like This” and this one is better than “Like This”. I think “Like This” is more fun watching the video while listening to it but “Like Money” is just the opposite, since the video is, hmm, let’s say I enjoy the song so much more.


    1. thanks for agreeing with me 🙂 i mean the space and andorid themes have been over used already! i think they should think of something else.. if not they can just make it fit with the song! i think this is a big problem with most (but not all) kpop videos, the video doesn’t fit the song!


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