Top Three Shinhwa Songs

I don’t usually post about Shinhwa but that doesn’t mean that my addiction has stopped! I so I am continuing with the Top Three Shinhwa Songs.

These are not actually my top three favorites. My favorite is still Perfect Man. But these three were chosen by Shinhwa themselves when they were guests on Radio Star.

Top 3 – Eusha Eusha

I first heard this song during Andy and Solbi’s We Got Married Days. My fandom for Shinhwa did not start yet, so I knew only  a couple of songs (as I recall it was Snowy Night and Brand New). There was one segment on WGM when during the Shinhwa concert, Andy made a heart gesture for Solbi. The song was catchy for me because it had a sample of Doo Wah Diddy by Manfred Mann. I liked it since then. This is actually my second favorite among all the Shinhwa songs (next to Perfect Man).

Shinhwa chose this as their top 3 song because it’s a song for the summer. And if you were in Korea, summer is not complete without hearing this song. This song was from their first album, and though everyone knows about it, believe it or not, it was not popular when it was released.


Top 2 – Brand New

One of the first songs I heard from Shinhwa. But when I heard it, I was not familiar with them and I was too busy being a TVXQ/DBSK fan girl. But I remember that when I saw the MV, I liked Lee Min Woo immediately! I absolutely no idea why! I think that time I like him as “M” better than he was with Shinhwa. This song is not really in my top 3 Shinhwa songs, but it’s still a catchy one.

Shinhwa chose it as second because it’s the song where they won a Daesang (the most prestigious music award given every year in Korea) beating popular artists like Boa. This was also a track from their first album that was not produced by SM Entertainment. I’ve read, that Shinhwa was very nervous about the release of this album but Shinhwa Changjo proved that though they were not with SM anymore, they’d still stand by their favorite idols.


Top 1 – T.O.P (Twinkling of Paradise)

Actually, I remember this song having the sample of Swan Lake. It’s kind of an old song, from their second album. A very catchy song, but it’s not a favorite of mine. I actually think the acronyms are too childish! Haha.. but I stop myself from thinking that way because this is the song that put Shinhwa on the Kpop dictionary!

This was their top 1 choice because it’s the first song that placed first on the charts. This song skyrocketed Shinhwa’s popularity. Shinhwa even said themselves that if it was not for this song, Shinhwa would have disbanded already. But we thank heavens for LSM giving them this song (HOT wanted this too!) or there would not be any Shinhwa now.

So what’s your’s favorite Shinhwa song?

** credits: SHINHWA COMPANY + inki3z + Chokollet@yt


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