Like A Fool – Gilme ft. Eun Jiwon (MV)

Though I scream and follow Kpop idol groups, my liking of Kpop music is not limited to idol groups. I do like other artists.

And Gilme is one of them. She recently released a track called Like A Fool (내가 먼저) featuring fellow Clover member Eun Ji Won.

The Video…

My first reaction to the video was.. “OMG is that Gilme?” I had to do a double take. Actually I have liked her since her first solo single Love Cuts, which was released like 2 years ago. I like the way she sounds and her pitch is quite high. And the best thing about her is that she can sing and rap at the same time. If you’ve heard Clover’s songs, you’d know that she’s quite good at rap! Personally I like the way she raps compared to some the other idol group rappers (i can only pick a few that i like).Anyway, back then she wasn’t this thin, so I had to ask if this was really Gilme.

So let’s talk about the video.. hmm i don’t think there is a story, or maybe i don’t understand. The first part — the girl breaking the glass was a bit leaning toward a story, but in the end I just see Gilme singing, Eun Ji Won rapping and then Gilme dancing with the backup dancers. I was expecting there would be one, but there wasn’t any.

The video’s clothes were nice! I like it. But my god! Can they get rid of Gilme’s ridiculous hair!  Cringe!!! If I was there, I’d have pulled it or chop off that do. I think they were trying to create a chic gal, but that hair style is TERRIBLE! You can look chic without that do. I’m sorry whoever the stylist was, but that hair ruined the look. Make up was ok, clothes fabulous… the hair— horrible!!! And I think it was bothersome when she danced. This video would have been ok without that hair!

My only consolation in the video was seeing Eun Ji Won. Oh how we missed you in 2 days 1 night! Though I am enjoying season 2, but I still miss the craziness of Eun Choding! No one thinks like him. But I think he wants to focus on his music more. But happy to see him.

The Song..

The song is a bit slower compared to Gilme’s previous tracks. Do I like it? The first time I heard it I wasn’t convinced, but the “Naega Meonjeo” part gets to you and I’m liking it now. This song reminds me of Kpop tracks that were a trend in 2007-2008. Those tracks we don’t really hear much now. Gilme does rap, but it’s only in the end… I’d love to hear her rap more though. Eun Ji Won’s part.. hmm well the bill says it’s featuring him, he is not the artist, so I guess we can forgive him for having such small parts in this song.

Though I like this, I like Love Cuts better. I think that song showed more of her vocal ability compared to this one and it was more catchy than this one. But it’s still good nontheless.

Final Verdict: Something different to hear… but maybe you won’t like it directly, but later on the chorus will get to you. Video was ok, except for that awful hair, next time get a better stylist!

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Super Junior in SNL Korea 2012.07.14

I am not fluent in Korean but I could understand some of it.. and this was very hilarious!

It’s Super Junior hosting SNL Korea!

I haven’t seen an SNL Korea episode, but we know I’ve seen a lot of the American SNLs (one of my favorite shows!) so I pretty much understand how the show works. Now the boys are hosting the show and doing the skits themselves!

It’s been a long time for them to so shows like this. Actually, I couldn’t recall them doing variety like this. Though the closes may have been those parodies but not to this format. Did they pull it off.. I think so, I enjoyed it, but I couldn’t say it isn’t because I’m a suju fan — so that view might be tilted a bit *wink wink.

What was the best part? The opening! Watch it to know… I had to do a double take.. but not giving any more spoilers!!

Now they have to be on more variety shows! lol

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Like Money – Wonder Girls ft. Akon (MV)

Let me just say! I love this track!!!

It’s Like Money by the Wonder Girls featuring Akon.

Ok so before I say anything, I have to congratulate the girls! To have a collaboration with such a big artist as Akon is a big feat. They’ve  worked hard and they’ve been through a lot so kudos girls!

The song…

When I first saw a teaser that they were collaborating with Akon, I wasn’t really sure about what will come out it. I was a bit worried for the girls.  But when this came out, it’s actually pretty good. Well, it is to my liking. I mean if I didn’t know they were a Korean pop sensation, I’d think this was a song done by a western artist. It sounds very western, like something you’d hear in a club or played in a party. I love it! I actually like this better than Like This. And it does sound very much like an Akon song. Though most of the parts of the song are auto-tuned, there are still some parts that sound like it was them singing!

With the Wonder Girls, I am actually Yenny biased, so I am very happy that she gets a lot of parts to showcase her voice. Not that I have anything against the other members, I just like the way Yenny’s voice sounds. The girl’s English have improved a lot! Clap clap to Sohee! I think she’s really working hard.

The only thing awkward about this song was when Yubin said “instructions” in her rap. It sounded like something was wrong. I don’t think it was her pronunciation, it was more like how to fit that word into the rap. Awkward!

The Video

Ok so I know that they were kind of telling the story that the girls were androids of some sort who were made to be perfect “for complete domination”. And then there was something about the “the future is now”. Umm what does it have to do with the song? The song is practically telling you “how I to love me”, but the video says otherwise. I understand perfect English, and this video doesn’t fit it! The dancing part was ok. But the introduction was kind of weird and off track. It’s misguiding the audience as it doesn’t fit the songs lyrics. And they didn’t even close the story..

But the girls are very pretty here especially Lim and Yubin. The dancing was good.

Just the video.. just the video..

Final Verdict: Score for the song: 9 out of 10! Found another WG song to put on replay mode. Video?? Score: 3/10… the girls were beautiful in the video but the story was a complete fail.. sorry, not the best one!

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Best Super Junior Comeback Special – Ingkigayo 2012.07.08

I am totally swamped with making midterms for my students! (It’s midterms in Thailand) I can’t promise to post a lot of stuff this month!

But though I have to make exams, that does not mean I didn’t watch any of the comeback performances my favorite boys, Super Junior, did. I managed to watch, but just a little late.

But I think the Ingkigayo Comeback special was the best one!

Clap clap clap. Whoever does the editing/directing of the show should receive a pat on the back! I love the angles and how they capture the performance. Although it’s not focused to one angle but the editing/directing (btw, is that what you call it? sorry, i’m not well versed in tv production) was done in a way you will not receive a headache and you’re seeing every aspect of the dance! You also see a little close up of the boys. And the best was when they had a close up of Eunhyuk’s dance in the second verse. Clap clap clap!

Hope I can see more of their performance. Oh why do the exams have to be this month.. 😦

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Super Junior at Music Core 2012.07.07

So yesterday, we did not see Super Junior performing on Music Bank because they showed Music Bank live in Hong Kong. That means, the boys are going to have their come back on Music Bank next week.

But today, they did make their comeback on Music Core singing From U (너로부터) and Sexy, Free and Single.

From U

Sexy, Free and Single

I love that they are singing the whole of From U. In the past, they would only sing about less than 2 minutes of the other promotional songs. I think this is their thank you to the ELFs in the world. And we love it! I love them boys!!!

I’m totally loving this album and their comeback. I feel happy when I sing Kangin dancce! Now I want to see more of him on variety shows! I’m also keeping an eye on this comeback as after promotions for this album, Leeteuk will be enlisting. A report said he was worried that his popularity will wane when he enlists. Don’t worry dear leader, ELFs got your back! You will always be popular to us!

When are they going to start appearing on variety shows?? I can’t wait!

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Top Three Shinhwa Songs

I don’t usually post about Shinhwa but that doesn’t mean that my addiction has stopped! I so I am continuing with the Top Three Shinhwa Songs.

These are not actually my top three favorites. My favorite is still Perfect Man. But these three were chosen by Shinhwa themselves when they were guests on Radio Star.

Top 3 – Eusha Eusha

I first heard this song during Andy and Solbi’s We Got Married Days. My fandom for Shinhwa did not start yet, so I knew only  a couple of songs (as I recall it was Snowy Night and Brand New). There was one segment on WGM when during the Shinhwa concert, Andy made a heart gesture for Solbi. The song was catchy for me because it had a sample of Doo Wah Diddy by Manfred Mann. I liked it since then. This is actually my second favorite among all the Shinhwa songs (next to Perfect Man).

Shinhwa chose this as their top 3 song because it’s a song for the summer. And if you were in Korea, summer is not complete without hearing this song. This song was from their first album, and though everyone knows about it, believe it or not, it was not popular when it was released.


Top 2 – Brand New

One of the first songs I heard from Shinhwa. But when I heard it, I was not familiar with them and I was too busy being a TVXQ/DBSK fan girl. But I remember that when I saw the MV, I liked Lee Min Woo immediately! I absolutely no idea why! I think that time I like him as “M” better than he was with Shinhwa. This song is not really in my top 3 Shinhwa songs, but it’s still a catchy one.

Shinhwa chose it as second because it’s the song where they won a Daesang (the most prestigious music award given every year in Korea) beating popular artists like Boa. This was also a track from their first album that was not produced by SM Entertainment. I’ve read, that Shinhwa was very nervous about the release of this album but Shinhwa Changjo proved that though they were not with SM anymore, they’d still stand by their favorite idols.


Top 1 – T.O.P (Twinkling of Paradise)

Actually, I remember this song having the sample of Swan Lake. It’s kind of an old song, from their second album. A very catchy song, but it’s not a favorite of mine. I actually think the acronyms are too childish! Haha.. but I stop myself from thinking that way because this is the song that put Shinhwa on the Kpop dictionary!

This was their top 1 choice because it’s the first song that placed first on the charts. This song skyrocketed Shinhwa’s popularity. Shinhwa even said themselves that if it was not for this song, Shinhwa would have disbanded already. But we thank heavens for LSM giving them this song (HOT wanted this too!) or there would not be any Shinhwa now.

So what’s your’s favorite Shinhwa song?

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I Love You – 2NE1 (MV)

Yay!! 2NE1 is back with a new track called I Love You.

The Song 

My favorite girls are back!! I love it that they have a more mature sound in this single with a touch of the 2NE1 sound that the Blackjacks have grown to love. This song is a mix of electronica, house, rnb and hip hop.. with a bit of the retro feel that is popular now in Korea. Do I like it? Yes!!! I love that it’s catchy with the lyrics saying I Love You. It kind of reminds me of cross between Bonnie Bailey and Kylie Minogue track with a twist of the 2NE1 sound they are familiar with. It’s no doubt this is a track that only these girls can perfect!

I love that they experimented with this sound, and they have delivered it.

The Video

I love that YG has finally shown the sensual and mature sides of the girls! I love the glam, the make up and the clothes! So fashionable! I gotta love those close ups! They look very very pretty! Though there’s not much of a story, from what I gather it’s like a girl singing about someone that she loves while thinking about him. I think because the title is I Love You, I would have wanted more than this MV.. like a love interest or something. I’m not complaining about the MV though.

I read in a report that Dara shed tears when she had to shave her head for this comeback. I think that’s mighty brave of her.. I think she has has changed from the cry baby Sandara Park in Star Circle Quest to a very mature Dara of 2NE1. (In case you did not know Star Circle Quest was the contest that made her popular in the Philippines. I used to watch it a lot back then, and there wasn’t a time when Sandara didn’t cry or looked pitiful at that time. I wasn’t rooting for her back then, but I think now, she’s not the same girl anymore, and I like her a lot now!).

Now I want to see them on music shows, but that means they will be going head to head with my favorite boys… Hmm, well I think that would be good to see them both together in a show!

Final Verdict: Can’t help singing I Love You when I hear this song.. but I expected a bit more with the video, but I’m not disappointed.

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I Love You – 2NE1 teaser

I was all hooked with the Super Junior comeback that I forgot posting about 2ne1‘s comeback! They are coming back with a song called I Love You.

Not really sure what to expect of the song, but it sounds like a track with a cross of hip hop, house and electronica. I think the song is now available on iTunes.


I guess I have to wait for it’s release! But they do look pretty in this picture! And why does Dara never age! She’s older than me but she looks really really young! Kya~~~~

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Super Junior Come Back on Mnet (2012.07.05)


Hurrah! My boys (Super Junior) have started their promotions forheir new album Sexy, Free and Single. And they started it with their performance of From U and Sexy, Free and Single on Mnet.

I’m sure all the ELFs already know that From U is the song that was made for the ELFs as a thank you. They rocked their performance, I kind of like how KRY was at the back singing the song while the 5 best dancers of Suju were up front dancing. White and black contrast – me likey! Though, it would have been better if Siwon and Kangin were there… it’s weird because only 8 of them were performing.

Sexy, Free and Single I’m ready too bingo — for an English speaker, it makes no sense! but what the heck I am a fan, so I’ll turn a blind eye on the lyrics.. But really SMent/SMtown, I think it’s time for you to invest in good English instructors and lyricist. Though the song is good, but it makes no sense and for someone who doesn’t understand Korean, they’d be laughing at these lyrics. They should invest now because Super Junior is promoting not only in Korea but world wide.. Though ELFs won’t mind, critics do! We don’t want them bashing on the Engrish of the song!

I was really happy to see Kangin performing, though I think he deserves more close ups next time. Wish he had more parts though. But it’s nice to see my boys.

Oh and just a comment on the whole album, I kind of like it, though it comes after Sorry, Sorry. I still think 3jib was the best that they have. This would be my second best. I like that it’s not all dance and electronic autotuned songs. My favorite would have to be th track 10 A “Good” bye and From U. The nice thing I think is that they also had ballad tracks in the song where the members sang, not just KRY. This album is definitely better than Mr. Simple (sorry, I really did not like that album, thus the lack of posts on the blog during that promotion period!).

Will be watching out for them on the music broadcast! And I can’t wait to see them on variety shows.. Speaking of variety, I think we need more of Leeteuk before he enlists for the army!

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Sexy, Free and Single – Super Junior MV

Finally!! I’ve been waiting for the MV. The song had been released 2 days ago, but I wanted to post the MV instead of just the song.

My Super Junior craziness is back on track with their release of Sexy, Free and Single.

The Song

When the teaser was released, I was afraid it was another track that would sound like Mr. Simple. Though, there is still a touch of the funkiness (I think this would be their trademark sound), I’m relieved that the song is not only a funky one, but with a mix of rnb and a bit of electronic. It’s also a bit slower compared to previous dance tracks that they have released. Though, there are still a lot of parts that are autotuned. But I’m glad that not more thatn 50% is autotuned. They are still singers, so I think it would be better to hear their real voices and not some computer generated ones.

I’m also glad, that they not only gave the singing part to KRY and included Sungmin and Donghae as well as gave singing parts to Eunhyuk and not the rap parts only. I think it’s time that they tell people that the other members can sing too! I have to say that from the time they have debuted until now, their singing has greatly improved.

But I think they still have to work out their English though. I’m not sure weather I heard Mingle or Bingeul. 🙂 Mingle would be the appropriate word, and I think it’s the correct word. But if you know a bit about Korean, you will know that M and B may be interchanged in terms of sound, so that’s maybe the reason why it did not sound quite right. So SMent, please invest more with the artist English ability, especially because you are targeting the global market. If Wonder Girls has done it, I’m sure you can!

The Video

Hmm, there is nothing new about the concept of the video, it’s like the same as the past videos they’ve done. I don’t know if this is a trend with SM videos, or Super Junior videos in particular. It’s just them walking and dancing. I have no complaints as a fan. But if I turn into a critic, I think it’s pretty boring. I mean, they should have a video with a story or something else. Just a fresh idea would do. I know they’ve done it in the past like in It’s You (Neorago) and No Other. So they should have come up with something that screams “We are Sexy, Free and Single and we want to mingle”. That is after all the meaning of the song. It’s weird that you only see them mingling with each other if you know what I mean. But having to many people would make it too crowded.

How many of you were trying to spot Kangin? Well I was! I don’t really go gaga over Kangin, but I kind of miss him during his 2 year hiatus. I have to say I was pretty excited when he sang his part. And I think you noticed that he is back to the lean Kangin! I like him better this way!

For a song that’s not really fast, the dance is very very good! This is way better than the Mr. Simple dance! I would love to see it live though and of course I can’t wait for the dance version!

Final Verdict: The song still has a touch of the SJ Funky sound, but thank God for them adding other beats like. The video is nothing extraordinary but the ELF can see their favorite boys… That enough to make them (and me included) happy!

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s come back on Mnet!

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