Keep Going – Standing Egg (MV)

My 600th post!

I am not only a fan of the Kpop genre. I also listen to other Korean artist who you don’t really hear or see on the mainstream broadcasts. A favorite of mine is Standing Egg (though I think they’re becoming more popular and might appear more on TV).

This is their latest video, Keep Going.

Isn’t this the cutest video? This is the best video that I have seen from all those that they have made! I like the vintage, romance  feel and the mixing of animation with reality. Not from a biased point, but I think they did a pretty good job with the animation and the real back ground. It looked believable. Maybe it’s because of the subtle focus and then it the animation is focused again. Also, though the story of the MV is predictable, I think it fits the song. And I want one of them Humpty Dumpty Eggs for a stuffed pillow!! Where can I get one???

Now for the song, well let’s just say it’s not a favorite of mine. Though the songs is quite uplifting but I am not really a fan of country-ish songs. Plus the song reminds me of SG Wannabe’s Lalala. Maybe some of you like that song but I didn’t like it period!  But I still like that there is a bit of the acoustic feel that I really like about Standing Egg. To me I still think 사랑에 빠져본 적 있나요 is my favorite.

Final Verdict: The upside was the cute animation of the MV. I can listen to the song, but I am not really a fan of ye old country feel 🙂

**credits: standingEGG@yt


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