Monster – Big Bang (MV)

Maximizing my free time tonight! Posting as much as I can!

This time it’s Big Bang’s Monster.

The Video

I really like watching Big Bang videos because of how unique the concepts and their interpretation of the songs are. Every time I watch it it’s as if I grasp the meaning of the song even though I haven’t seen the translations. This video, as scary as some may say it is, is once again another manifestation of those unique concept but you understand their message. Whoever is in charge of conceptualizing this video deserves a lot of credit! I think they can work for a large multinational advertising company with all their concepts!

Big Bang looks scary in the video, but that’s the point, they are supposed to look like a monster but they are telling you that though I look bad on the outside, on the inside I am not. Kind of like the concept of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Applause for the make up! Though I like seeing these boys in their normal/fashionable clothes, I didn’t cringe at the sight of them being a monster!

And OMG! TOP.. I think I just dropped dead when I saw this MV! He is so damn handsome in this video! Kyaa!

This video was released almost the same time as Wonder Girl’s Like This. Personally, I like this because of the concept and because I didn’t get too dizzy with it.

The Song 

I don’t really go gaga over Big Bang like I do with Super Junior, but I do like them, don’t get me wrong. But what I especially like about Big Bang as an artist compared to other idol groups is their ability to make music and fit a wide variety of musical genres and always give a good result. I have been listening to their song since I became a Kpop fan. At one point I was getting bored with their songs because it all sounded the same. But recently, I love that they are not afraid to experiment with music. When you hear their songs, it has the distinct Big Bang sound but it’s different from what they released before.

In the past, I could not imagine Big Bang would do a song like this and pull it off. But hearing this song made me understand how versatile they are as an artist. Props to Big Bang for that. I absolutely love listening to this song!

Final Verdict:  An artistic MV paired with a good song. Although you can’t understand Korean, you can fully understand the song through the MV.

**credits: bigbang@yt


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