Super Junior Teaser MV – Sexy, Free & Single

I knew it! I should have brought my laptop with me! I am visiting a friend for the weekend and I luckily (or unluckily) decided not to bring my laptop with me! Hating myself just a bit now. So I borrowed my friend’s compter. But it is  little awkward to write not from your own laptop…

Anyway, this came out today! I actually saw it on Kakaotalk! And a friend of mine also tagged me on a video on fb! OMO!! Teaser is out for Super Junior’s new single Sexy, Free and Single.

I’m loving their new look. Aside from Shindong, are they all really Sexy, Free and Single?? Kya!

But but but, is that another funky track I hear?? If this is another funky track, and though I know it’s getting boring, I just hope this is a very, very cool one, or i will be extremely disappointed… But I’m still a fan, so I would like it, but not as much as I do as Sorry Sorry or Neorago.

Can’t wait for Sunday!

**credits: SMTOWN@yt


Super Junior 6th album Teaser Photos – Siwon and Kyuhyun

Finally, Siwon‘s photo has been released.. as well as Kyuhyun‘s too for Super Junior’s 6th album!!!


Very manly! I like the way that they emphasized that he is not a kid nor just the maknae of the group. Hie features are well defined! But I think his is the simplest don’t you think? Why can’t the maknae get more sazz and stuff! Complaining much? Just sometimes I wish they’d have more drama when it comes to Kyu.



What? No abs? kkk.. Sorry but I just don’t understand why they had Siwon with long hair. It doesn’t look too girly though but I’m not sure if this image fits him. Or maybe because I haven’t seen him in hair like that long! If looks could kill I’d be dead when he stares like that.. I’m melting! A girl can only dream lol. But they’d better have a good concept else this would be the worst concept pic I’ve seen of him!

Counting the days till July 1.

**credits: smtown@fb


Super Junior 6th Album Teaser Photos – Kangin and Sungmin

Yay for Kangin! I thought he was coming back next year.. but he is coming back for Super Junior‘s 6th album! Yay!

He is not in my top three but I can’t help but miss him especially because I wasn’t able to see him in Super Show 2 because of that was the time he went to the army. But I am happy he will be participating in the activities for the album! I can’t wait to see him on variety shows.

So these are the teaser photos for Kangin and Sungmin.




Ugg.. i know Sungmin is really cute (not in a biased way, he looks very young for his age). But does he really have to look very androgynous in the concept photos! I wish they would show more of the manly Sungmin.. guess we will have to wait for July 1!



Super Junior 6th album teaser photos – Ryeowook, Leeteuk, Shindong and Yesung

Was out for the weekend without any internet! Grr.. so I did not see this until today!!

But anyhow, I’m still posting it though you can see it in all the other blogs!

This definitely has to go in my blog. 🙂 These are the album teaser photos of Ryeowook, Leeteuk, Shindong and Yesung!!






I’m so excited and I can’t wait!!

**credits: SMTOWN@facebook


Super Junior 6th album teaser photos – Donghae

I’m getting a bit excited all the more and I’m becoming a bit diligent with releasing teasers for the 6th Super Junior album!

This time they released Donghae‘s picture.


The article from the official SMTOWN ? Super Junior page says:

“Super Junior has been releasing each member’s teaser images through the official website, SMTOWN facebook and Super Junior facebook under the theme of a beautiful man.

In the teaser image released today, Donghae presents a dreamy atmosphere and it is enough to increase the curiosity and expectation for Super Junior’s new music. “

Hmmm… now I am really curious about this concept. He looks beautiful but too feminine! But I do like that Donghae’s soft features are highlighted in this picture. But I’ve never been a fan of men wearing see-through shirts, so his clothes kind of make me cringe!

I can’t wait for more photos to be released! Now where is Siwon‘s picture??

One more week till July!

**credits: SMTOWN@facebook


Super Junior will make a Comeback in July

I am supposed to go somewhere and do some errands but I had to post this first!

I got all excited when I read about this at work. It was hard to restrain myself from posting this at work! Kya!

I’m sure ELFs (me included!) are pretty excited because our favorite boys are making a comeback!!!! And they released the first teaser photo of Eunhyuk earlier today!

According to SMTOWNs facebook page, Super Junior will be making a comeback in July. And the sixth album will be released at 0:00 on July 1! Who is excited for the 6th album! ME!!!!

The title of the 6th album is apparently “Sexy, Free and Single”. I can’t really imagine what of songs they will release, but as long as it’s not another funky track, I will be happy. Actually I am happy with any song they release (I am a fan after all), but as a listener, I’m becoming a bit bored with the funky tunes they have released in a row.  But from the concept of the first teaser, I am guessing the concept will be related to a mysterious Shakespearean  kind of romance. I don’t know I have to see the other teasers first! Just one little complaint: why did they cover Eunhyuk’s face again! lol… remembering Ryeowook’s comment on Strong Heart!

I am also anticipating the release of this album because Kangin will be coming back! Yes we missed him!! And I am excited to see him back! Now I am looking forward to seeing him on variety shows! I just hope he will still be his talkative self just. I think that’s what I miss about Kangin the most!

I can’t wait! ELFs can’t wait!! I am so excited for the 6th album!!!!

**credits: SMTOWN@facebook


Shinhwa and Shinee on Shinhwa Broadcast


If you’ve read my blog, you would know that I have been obsessing about Shinhwa since they made their comeback. I know a lot of you will say they are old idols.. but it’s exactly because of that that I like them 🙂 Not to mention the fact that they are so funny when they are in a show together.

So Shinhwa has this show on a Korean cable channel called Shinhwa Broadcast. And for the past two weeks Shinee has become their first idol guest! So what do you get when you put them together in a show? A very noisy, crazy, funny show!  And that is why I am sharing.

Click on the links ^____^ (only part 1 and part 2 for the moment, will edit this post when part 3 is up)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I did not do the subs for this, nor did I upload it on yt. That’s all been made by  Jeannious1128@yt ( Big big thanks to her for subbing all Shinhwa broadcast and feeding my Shinhwa addiction!


**credits: Jeannious1128@yt + as tagged


One Day – 2AM + 2PM (PV)

I haven’t paid too much attention to Jpop recently. But this is essentially a cross between Jpop and Kpop so I decided to post it.

It’s the PV for One Day, a track by 2AM and 2PM.

I’m sure their fans would have known of this already. I am not much of a 2PM fan (except for Nichkhun). I liked them before, when Jay Park was there, but for me after Again and Again and I Hate You, I really didn’t quite get their songs. But I still like Nichkhun! It’s a different story for 2AM. I liked them since I heard What To Do and Confession of a Friend and I’ve never stopped liking them!

This song is a Japanese single. I think this song is actually a good one for the Japanese market. It’s the kind of song most Japanese boy band releases. Do I like it? Hmm.. it’s ok I think, but not a favorite of mine, but pleasant to the ear. I don’t hate it, just not very catchy for me. (I think this is the big difference for me with Jpop and Kpop)

The video is quite simple, just them dressed in suits and doing the usual dance. Ok Taecyeon! I don’t know what’s with me but I like the way you look in this video! Kya.. and not to mention Jinwoon (sorry I can’t helped but be biased). And yay! we got to see 2AM dance again. Speaking of dancing, their moves remind me of Arashi and their dance steps from the not so old days. If I hadn’t know better, I would think they were a Japanese boy band instead of a Korean one. Suddenly I miss my Arashi crazy days! Matsumoto Jun, Sakurai Sho! (at this point I am surpressing my Arashi fandom because this post is about 2AM and 2PM).

Final Verdict:I think the song is for the Japanese market, not the usual 2AM/2PM song, but good for Jpop. And the dancing reminds me of my Japanese boyband fandom! Oh how I miss Arashi!

**credits:  thanhnamKorean@yt


Insooni Rocks it with Ring Ding Dong!

When I saw it, I was like: Is this for real??

But boy did she rock it! It’s Insooni performing Ring Ding Dong (Shinee).


I am truly in awe of her performing this. Now before you go criticizing her for he Ring Ding Dong cover, you have to remember who she is and most especially how old she is! If you don’t know her, she is like one of the most respected Korean singers to date. To me, I believe she has one of the best voices in Korea! A very strong, clean voice, that has no problem belting a ballad or even a pop song.  She is a legend in the Kpop world!   For her to do a cover of a pop track means giving honor for the artist. And I am truly amazed because for those who do not know she 55/56 years old and she can still shake her booty (not as much as a girl in her 20’s though). But at this age, it’s very rare to see a Korean artist do it!

The only thing I can’t stand about the performance is the costumes. I think it would have been better if Insooni wore black instead of the white. But oh well, it’s the production team that is in charge of that not her, so this can be over looked!

I super love her and I love it every time she performs. I still want her to perform / cover as much dance songs as she can to tell everyone that she can still do it! Insooni fighting!!!

**credits: JoanCNBLUE3@yt


Keep Going – Standing Egg (MV)

My 600th post!

I am not only a fan of the Kpop genre. I also listen to other Korean artist who you don’t really hear or see on the mainstream broadcasts. A favorite of mine is Standing Egg (though I think they’re becoming more popular and might appear more on TV).

This is their latest video, Keep Going.

Isn’t this the cutest video? This is the best video that I have seen from all those that they have made! I like the vintage, romance  feel and the mixing of animation with reality. Not from a biased point, but I think they did a pretty good job with the animation and the real back ground. It looked believable. Maybe it’s because of the subtle focus and then it the animation is focused again. Also, though the story of the MV is predictable, I think it fits the song. And I want one of them Humpty Dumpty Eggs for a stuffed pillow!! Where can I get one???

Now for the song, well let’s just say it’s not a favorite of mine. Though the songs is quite uplifting but I am not really a fan of country-ish songs. Plus the song reminds me of SG Wannabe’s Lalala. Maybe some of you like that song but I didn’t like it period!  But I still like that there is a bit of the acoustic feel that I really like about Standing Egg. To me I still think 사랑에 빠져본 적 있나요 is my favorite.

Final Verdict: The upside was the cute animation of the MV. I can listen to the song, but I am not really a fan of ye old country feel 🙂

**credits: standingEGG@yt