Dalamatian’s Comeback with E.R (MV)

Since their debut, I really liked this group. and so I was glad that they’re making a come back after more than a year of hiatus.

It’s Dalmatian with E.R.

I haven’t really been paying attention to Kpop news — too busy having a vacation and watching all the dramas and movies that I missed. So When I saw this MV I was frantically looking for Day Day. I thought my eyes were deceiving me. A quick google search told me that he has quit the group for personal reasons. NOOOOOO! Sigh.. the group has a new singer rapper, Simon. I have to admit he is pretty good looking, but Dalmatian is different without Day Day!! Oh well I have Daniel and Jisu to root for now.

The reason why I liked Dalmatian was because of how they were structured — 3 guys would rap and the other 3 would sing. They were like a nice hip hop pop group. But with this new song, I didn’t really hear a lot of rap. I mean, I know how good singers Jisu and Daniel are, but it sounds a little different to me. Maybe a little more mainstream. It’s too common. Compared to their past songs, this one had lesser rap. Maybe they are changing their concept or something, but it’s just not the same — Dalmatian without a lot of rap in their songs… too different! Wonder what MC Mong would have said if he heard this song.

But but but.. on the plus side.. the video was hot! Though a little morbid and stuff (wonder how it feels like to be stuffed in that body bag!). About time they showed off their bodies!! Kya! fan girling! Also, the painted tattoos were not as bad as I thought it would be. I love how they showed off the manly side of Jisu and Daniel! Omona! Jisu.. you’ve matured so much! As usual Youngwoon has the hair that catches your attention! Remember his blue hair? Well I haven’t seen him have long curly locks!

Conclusion: Song — good but it’s doesn’t give me the Dalmatian vibe. Video — sizzling hot except for the morbid parts!

**credits: cjenmusic@yt


The Chaser – Infinite (MV)

I was supposed to make two other posts yesterday but sleep got the better of me.

So Infinite has come back with a new song called The Chaser 추격자.

I wasn’t really an Infinite fan when they first started out. A friend of mine was and was trying to make me like them. But I did like how graceful and well coordinated they are when they move. But when I heard Be Mine, that song blew me off and now I’m rooting for them! Though I still have to get to the part where I have to identify their names… I can recognize their faces though I only know Sunggyu, L and Hoya.

I was expecting a lot from this song, but I was a little bit disappointed that it did not match up to Be Mine 내꺼하자. The song does sound a bit like Be Mine. I think this is the sound that Infinite want us to recognize that it’s theirs. When I hear something like this I get the Be Mine feeling. I think Be Mine had a much stronger sound that sticks to your head. But don’t get me wrong, I like the song, maybe I was just expecting a song that could top Be Mine. That being said, Be Mine is my favorite Infinite song (then Cover Girl and Amazing!).

Now on to the video… well there’s this thing about the car that was tumbling over… its to put it in a nice way, not edited properly. There was nothing wrong with L’s acting just that it was ridiculous to see that same car tumbling over and it’s not even convincing for me. It’s like they just replayed, rewind, fast forward it, took it from another angle. I think they could have done better! The dance as usual was flawless. I think that’s why I like watching them boys because they are so in sync when they dance. Now I want to see the dance version of the MV.

So to conclude, though this was a good song, to me it isn’t their best song. I still think Be Mine is the best release Infinite song!

**credits: wooliment@yt