Maybe Maybe (어쩌면 어쩌면) – Alex and Horan

Yay! it’s a new song with Alex and Horan singing. It’s called Maybe, Maybe (but i think it’s better if they translated it Perhaps, it has a more dramatic effect).

I am so excited hearing them together again!!! Bring back Clazziquai Project!!!!

Anyway, this song was actually composed and written for a show called Music and Lyrics. For this particular episode, John Park and actress Park Jin Hee team up to make a song.. and this is the song they made.. and i am so happy they let Alex and Horan sing it!!!

For those who do not know, they were part of Clazziquai Project. I think their voices match really well and they sound very good together. And that I probably why I love them so much! I wish they had more songs.

Looking forward to more from Alex and Horan. Fluxus music.. please!!!!!

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Recommended Movie: Sunny (Korean Movie)

I saw this movie awhile ago but I haven’t had the chance to recommend it. I’m sure a lot of you have seen this. And to me it has become my favorite Korean movie to date.

The movie is not about losing the one you love or finding love in the most uncommon place, but it’s about friendship. And this movie is called Sunny.



The film is about the story of 7 high school friends. The film begins by letting us know the usual routine of our heroine Nami. She is a wealthy homemaker. One day, she went to the hospital to visit her sick mom. It was on that day that she sees a patient who was struggling and shouting in her hospital ward. She reads the name on the door and it says “Han Chunhwa”. Seeing the name makes her remember of her high school days. Later, she finds out that Chunhwa was indeed her friend from high school. Apparently she is diagnosed with cancer and that she was dying. Chunhwa asks Nami if she can find the other members of their high school group “Sunny”. It’s her dying wish and Nami obliges. And thus starts the story of them remembering their pasts and seeing what has happened to each of them in the present.

Sorry I don’t want to write the whole story.. kk better watch the movie!

Why I like it?

This movie brought me to tears and it’s not even a romantic movie! I am not really a sucker for friendship movies because they usually don’t have a very good story. But with this movie, I think the story was absolutely perfect. Also, Korea has more romantic comedies or drama films, but they have very few films about friends, especially about friendship of women. I guess it was a refreshing one to watch.


The transition between old and new was also brilliant. It was not annoying and I love how they connect the scenes. The perfect example was when Nami was walking back to her school.


One minute she was in the present and the next moment she was in the past. And then we see the old Nami. I loved how they did it.

I also liked that there was a balance between the fun, the sadness and the heartbreak in this movie. They did have a love line but I’m glad it was not the emphasis of the movie or else it would ruin it! This movie had me laughing and crying. And did I mention the epic fight scenes both in the past and the future was brilliant!!

Also, the music and the montages of the past were pretty effective to me. Like the one where they fought during a demonstration. I love the songs in the movie too and the musical numbers they did! Gotta love Kang Sora!!!

I know it’s not related to the movie, but I can’t help admiring the posters. From my point of view I think they did a good job with the message of the movie and the posters.

 Teen Version

 Grown-up Version

After watching this movie I hoped that me and my friends would never lose touch and would still be super close.

Another thing…

Though this movie is not a musical, I love how they paid homage to the song Sunny both in the past and in the present. Warning: DO NOT WATCH these videos if you don’t want any spoilers!!!

I wish me and my friends would have a friendship this long.. Enjoy!!


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Hiatus and Shinhwa Obsessions

I went on a long vacation! But it does not mean I have been missing things about Asian stuff!

For the month I didn’t make a post, I have been obsessing watching past and present videos of SHINHWA!!!

Shin who?? If you’ve just become a Kpop fan for about a year or two, you probably would not recognize. They were one of whom you would call the original Kpop idols— long before DBSK, Big Bang and Super Junior!

They haven’t been around for 4 years or so but they’ve just came back with a new single. And I was watching their videos the whole time even while I was on vacation! Oh blame it on these guys craziness!! I swear they always make me laugh every time they are on variety shows. I think they are called Korea’s original variety idols!

But enough said, I am back from my vacation and will be posting more (when I can, because it’s the start of school again in Thailand). And thus, I leave you with my favorite Shinhwa song… Perfect Man.

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