OMG OMG OMG!!!! Their back!

Scream!!!! Minwoo!! Junjin!! Eric!! Dongwan!! Andy!! Hyesung!!! SHINHWA!!!

Shinhwa‘s back with a new song called Venus!

Pardon all the exclamation marks on the top page.. but I can’t believe my excitement when I saw their video! Shinhwa’s back!! yay!!

For those who do not know who they are, they were an idol group long before DBSK, Super Junior, Beast, Big Bang were around. And they’ve been doing their stuff for more than 10 years now and they haven’t disbanded.. To date, they are the longest running Kpop group!

I didn’t really know about Shinhwa back then but I fell in love with them after watching Andy and Solbi on We Got Married. They were a guest and I got curious and I started to watch them on variety shows and listen to their older songs. I find thei songs good and upbeat and their antics on shows funny. And the rest is history. The only problem was, some of them went into military service, thus I haven’t seen some of them on shows as one whole band.

But now, their all done with military service! Yay! And they are back with a new album! Yay! I’m not kidding when I say I have been waiting for this come back! Now have them as guests on variety shows!! All of them!! please!

Anyway, thoughts on the video: My first reaction was like Minwoo!!! Junjin!!! I could not concentrate on the song, but was instead looking at each member. I had to play it again .. ha! Anyway, this song is not the same usual Shinhwa track, yes, it’s a dance track but they pretty much decided to take on the Western style of song. Do I like it? Yes of course. This proves that they’re talented and they can fit to the new style of idol Kpop songs. Though too much autotune.. I would prefer to hear their voices.The dance.. they can still strut their stuff! lol… They can still do their moves..  Minwoo.. Junjin.. you still are one of the best dancers to me!

Many new Kpop fans may not know them, but for someone who has been listening to Kpop for a long time will be happy with this comeback! I know I am! GO SHINHWA!!!!

**credits: SHINHWACOMPANY@yt


Author: chipskjaa

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