Lover Boy (Studio version MV) – Clazziquai

I’m going a bit on a backtrack mode with the video that I am sharing.

Actually this is the first time I saw this video, but this is from a song from Clazziquai way back 2007/2008. Some of you may be familiar with the song, but the video is different as it is the Studio Version of the MV for Lover Boy.

Lover Boy was their single from the album Love Child of the Century. As you may know this is the album which has the song Romeo and Juliet (the one that Alex and Shinae sang in We Got Married). And I have to say that this is to date my favorite Clazziquai album!

I like this video compared to the original one..


The studio version is just plain hilarious… but in a good way. This was before Alex’s stint on We Got Married. I kind of liked this Alex here.. as after being on the show he kind of reverted to the romantic guy Alex… It’s nice to see the fun and cool Alex sometimes! And Horan.. I simply love her!!!!

I am so missing them and I want them to make an album again. They were the first Korean group that I really liked.. Long before I liked Kpop idols. I wish t hey would make more music.. the Clazziquai project music.. its been almost 3 years since they last released an album.

And because I miss  them.. here is a bonus video of them singing Love Mode and Come To Me sometime in 2009.


I miss them! Come back with a new album please!! 🙂

**credits: fluxus, juliapham07, Rosyjae@yt


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