Recommended Movie – Hello Stranger (Thai)

I’ve been living in Thailand for about 6 months now. I love it here but my only problem is the language. So to learn the language I have to watch tons and tons of lakorns (that’s what they call their drama) and movies.

And so I found a movie that I like very much. Very much that I like it more than Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

The movie is Hello Stranger (Kuan Meun Ho / กวน มึน โฮ).

The Trailer 

 The Story

The story introduces us to a man who has just been dumped by his girlfriend. We see him left in a not so sober state by his friends in an airport. He is on his way to a trip to Korea he would have taken with his new ex-girlfriend. (His expression here is pricess!! and the writing on his forehead say “Dumped”)

And then we see our heroine, who has an overly meticulous OC boyfriend who tells her to do this and to do that. She is also on her way to Korea for her friend’s wedding. She was supposed to be with another friend — but she lied to her boyfriend dear — she’s taking the trip alone.

So both of them landed safe and sound in Korea. After an almost encounter with eating man’s best friend, our hero got so drunk and he couldn’t find his way back home — and he ended up passing out on the entrance of the place the girl was staying. Taking pity on him (as it was cold), she bought him inside the backpacker place. The next day, the girl helped the guy get back to the hotel. And there he found out that he had been left by his tour group!

Having nowhere to go, the man had no choice but to follow our heroine around until she agrees to have him accompany her wherever she goes. And so begins their adventure. But all throughout they’ve never spoken about their names and they have agreed with each other not to tell their real names and use fake names. Amidst their time together, they have fallen for each other. But as fate would have it, they couldn’t be together.

Several months (a year plus later), the man could not forget the girl. And though it’s crazy liking someone without even knowing their name, he really loved her. One night, he ended up calling the radio to tell his problem and at that same moment the girl was listening to that radio show and she realized, the man truly loved him.

The Stars…

 Chantavit Dhanasevi or Thur, that’s his nickname, I’m not sure how to romanize it in English (to me he looks like Christian Bautista! kk)

 Nuengthida Sophon or Noona (I super love this girl! and she is a singer by the way…)


Why I like it….

While Crazy Little Thing Called Love made me feel giddy and reminisce about my first love, this movie made me giddy about the love you find as an adult. It’s a fun rom com and it was easy to watch. I particularly like the way the movie was told and how the movie ended. As an added information, this movie was actually adapted from a Thai book called “Two Shadows in Korea”. So it explains why the setting is in Korea.

Also on the side, the director of this movie was a director of Shutter! Explains why the scenes were good! The angles the backgrounds were perfect! The scenes really showed you the places in Korea that are frequented by tourists and the places not so frequented by them. Though there maybe some parts of the movie that is not really essential, but it was covered up by the better parts.

I have to say that this movie had one of the best endings ever! Watch it to know why… not giving spoilers on this post! While it’s not really believable to go with a stranger on a trip (didn’t your mom tell you not to talk to strangers), but I kind of like how they ended it. It was truly unexpected but perfect. I think there is more drama and a lasting impression when you have these kind of endings.

As for the actors,  I like Thur! kk Actually I think he is a good actor! I’ve seen some of his movies before and he has improved. Though sometimes his facial expression remains the same! kk After I saw this movie, I became a fan of Noona! kk I think she can carry out an expression and her face is very lively.

The story of Hello Stranger was something I have not read or seen before in a Thai rom-com movie, so I think that’s a big reason why I loved it!

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Bad Boy – Big Bang

I gotta love this BIG BANG album! I don’t know but I am welcoming the change they made toward their music. I guess its something new from all the Kpop sound I’ve been hearing over and over again.

So they have released their video Bad Boy yesterday.

The song is quite good. The beat is very western and not commonly done by a Korean idol group unless you’re like a hip hop group or something. It sounded like an Leesang-ish kind of song, but it sounded different too because G-dragon and TOP were rapping. But I’m absolutely glad that an idol group could do a song like this and not be a part of the usual bandwagon. But comparing this to Blue, I like Blue better.

Again, Big Bangs concept for the videos are amazing. Showing a scene you don’t normally see on videos. And i was jumping with glee to see them dance in their MV again! Oh boy, you don’t see them dance too much. And I think its a pity they don’t show off their dancing skills because I know from watching them over the years that they can dance! I want to see Big Bang dance more! And the fashion! Loved it!! Completely!! This is what I love about them because they are not afraid to break away from the usual idol group/boy band fashion. It doesn’t look tacky. It looks fashionable and wearable — think Paris and New York.. wear what you want for all I care!

There were two things that I wasn’t pleased in the video though. The first was G-Dragon’s fake long hair! It was a little funny to me the way it kept swaying. I think he’d do well without the hair. Couldn’t understand why they had to put that though. I mean the fashion was brilliant.. but that hair is hideous! G-D would look absolutely perfect without it. And the other one is — they should be careful of the models they use. I mean I know for a fact that Taeyang is pretty short (compared to other idols that is). But they only emphasized how short he was by using a model that’s slightly taller if not the same height as him. I know Western girls are tall, but find someone shorter than him (even when she is wearing heels) to not make the obvious clear! Ok that’s a Taeyang fan girl talking there.

But nonetheless, this album is probably one of the best that Big Bang has done so far! I’m truly happy with it!

Oh and thank you YG for bringing Big Bang to the variety show scene! kk I’m definitely looking forward to their Running Man adventure!!

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More than a Handful of Korean Songs (links for DL)

I have not posted in awhile… So busy with all the exams I have to make! Ugh!!! But just a few more days and it’s vacation time!! wohoo! ~~~

This post was meant to be a Valentine post but I got caught up with things.. But I’m posting it now.

In this post, you will find a colloection of songs that I really truly liked up till now. I wanted to share these songs so people can appreciate more of Kpop / Korean music and learn that it’s not just about the idols. There are lots of them whom you have not heard of yet. Also, I wanted people to know that usually there are some good songs in the albums of famous artist that are not their main songs, but should receive some recognition…

I hope you like them!

Click on the name of the song for the links 🙂

Touche Mon Amour – Winterplay
I’m Going Crazy – MC Mong ft. M.A.C
Good Person – Super Junior
Happy Together – Super Junior
Love in the Ice (Korean version) – DBSK
Flowepot – Alex
Love Mode – Clazziquai ft. Tablo
A Love Story – Gavy NJ
Timeless – Jang Ri In ft. Junsu (JYJ)
Listen To You – Kyuhyun (Super Junior) from the OST of Pasta
Only I Don’t Know About Love – Namolla Family
I Love You – Position
I Love You – Tim
South Island – Hachi and TJ
Let Me Love You – Yurisangja

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Oh and you probably won’t be reading this part.. but here is why I like these songs:

Touche Mon Amour – Winterplay >>> This genre of Korean music is not very popular yet. I love the jazz feel to it. It feels like I am not listening to a Korean song! I love the saxophone solo!! kk but what’s not to love about Winterplay. If you are tired of Kpop idol groups and you want to try something new, try listening to them! By the way, Winterplay is from the same company as Clazziquai. Their fron Fluxus. If you’ve grown tired of idols and want some refreshin Korean songs, check out their artist. I recommend Bye Bye Sea (Annyeong Bada).
I’m Going Crazy – MC Mong ft. M.A.C >>> I have to admit I am an MC Mong fan. I loved his music. I loved his variety show talents. I was kind of sad when he had to depart from the Kpop scene. But this is one of my favorites from his song. You should see the video too! It’s kind of funny and try to spot his manager on the video! LOL! 🙂
Good Person – Super Junior >>> This list cannot not have Super Junior. Anyway, contrary to their popular songs (yes I do like them), I tend to like the less popular ones better. Well maybe except for It’s You. This song is included in this list because its  remake from an old Kpop song by Toy (Yoo Hee Yeol from Sketchbook). I liked this song when Toy did it and I loved it when Super Junior made it. This is what I listen to over and over again from their 4th album! Oh and this song they got to sing, even Eunhyuk!! kk

Happy Together – Super Junior >>> One of my favorites in their third album. Its a refreshing sound with a very light melody but gives you a peek that these boys can sing too.. I love that it can be a theme for friends as well as for lovers. I love it when they say “Yeongwonhi Happy Together” 🙂
Love in the Ice (Korean version) – DBSK >>> This was included in the Mirotic album of DBSK back when there were 5 members. The original version of this song was actually done in Japanese but they made a Korean one for this album with the lyrics in Korean written by Changmin. This song is a very powerful one and it really lets us hear how good this group was when it came to singing in melody! It would give me goosebumps when I heard them perform this song live! Oh and Junsu dear Junsu, how can you not love him when he’s singing such a powerful part in this song!!
Flowepot (Hwabun) – Alex >>> I have three Korean songs I love the most and I can sing quite well. Hwabun (Flowerpot) is one of them. I loved this since I heard it on Coffee Prince and I loved it even more when I heard Alex sing it! He sang it on the first season of We Got Married for Shinae. His voice really fits it. I super love this song!
Love Mode – Clazziquai ft. Tablo >>> Before my fascination for Kpop idol groups came my fascination for Clazziquai. I love this kind of music and I love how they fit Alex and Horan’s voices into a DJ Clazzi song. I especially love it when they do their blending which is very evident in this song. This song may not be very popular but I love it also because Tablo did the rap in English! I miss Clazziquai and I want to hear their songs again!!
A Love Story – Gavy NJ >>> The first song I heard from Gavy NJ and from then on I’ve never stopped listening to them. I’m always waiting for their songs. I think they are one of those groups who are not given as much attention as they should have. These three girls can sing! This song is one of my most favorites (with Hwabun). I love how they can belt the high notes of their songs.
Timeless – Jang Ri In ft. Junsu (JYJ) >>> Jang Ri In’s first single with Junsu (JYJ). I have to admit I liked it first because of Junsu and because the video had Siwon. But the more I listen to this song the more I’m loving their powerful voices blending together. Most DBSK fans would know of this song, but a lot of new fans should know about this too!
Listen To You – Kyuhyun (Super Junior) from the OST of Pasta >>> I love the drama Pasta and I love that Kyuhyun (Super Junior) did this song! This voice is absolutely perfect for it. I mean I wasn’t really a fan of his until I heard him sing in the Super Junior concert! His voice is truly the best. Not too high, not too low but he can belt a high not if he has too! Very very good!
Only I Don’t Know About Love – Namolla Family >>> Love love love Namolla Family. Well they aren’t very popular oversear but their songs are quite good and very comfortable to listen too! This is my favorite song from them. I like the song because it’s a mix of pop but as well as rap.. but not in an idol kind of way, in a relaxed way.. a song you could listen to on a lazy Sunday afternoon which will get you singing..
I Love You – Position >>> Back then sad Korean music videos were a popular trend. This was one of them. And I still like this song until now. 🙂 It’s a remake from a classic Japanese song. If you are a DBSK fan, look for clips or mp3s of Changmin singing this ~~ then you’ll understand why I like it!
I Love You – Tim >>> Tim oh Tim! kkk so I am Tim’s fan. But this balladeer has a very nice voice and he was one of the original Kpop artists I really liked back when I was just getting to know about Kpop. I loved it when he sang “geudel saranghamnida…” This is by the way his first song.
South Island – Hachi and TJ >>> Ppoppo hago shipseo! kk I remember this line from We Got Married. Before all the new couples I was addicted to We Got Married when it first came out in 2008. Wow I can’t imagine that was almost 4 years ago!! Though I wasn’t really a fan of AlShin couple (that’s Alex and Shinae), I liked that songs were often associated with them. And this was one of the songs. Back in 2008 it was difficult to find sources for Kpop stuff, but thanks to my student she gave me this song and I love love it until now. I like this song also because of the island feel to it. I’ve always loved Hawaiian reggae so thus my fast attachment to the song.
Let Me Love You – Yurisangja >>> I loved this duo since I first heard their song To My Bride. And this is one of my favorites from them. It is a little popular as a lot of idols have made some covers of this but nothing beats the original performers. The songs of Yurisangja for me still sound good and I love how they can make wonderful acoustic melodies even if the song was from an idol group.




I am not gonna lie that I am a huge Super Junior fan! But aside from them I love other Kpop boybands too.

And BIG BANG is one of them.

They are out with a new song called BLUE.


I like this song because Blue is my favorite color.. wahaha kidding. No I’m not that shallow. But I do truly love this song. This is the sound of Big Bang that I truly miss! There was a time when to me most Big Bang songs sounded the same (no offense to the VIPs). But I love how they’ve grown and how they have reinvented their sound adding a western touch to it. I love also that they experiment with other types of music. If you’ve listened to their past album, it’s very visible there. It’s not just hip hop but hip hop with other elements to it. I like the fact that they are willing to try other genre’s of music to give their songs some added spice! This is I think what is unique with Big Bang.This song has synthesizers incorporated to it. Though it has some similarities with Love Song, but it has a different feel to it. Maybe I’m just hooked to this kind of genre (a can hear a little of that electronic vibe there).

Another thing about Big Bang that I like is the uniqueness of their videos! They almost always come up with a new concept for a music video that has not been used by others. Look closely at the video and you will see that it fits the song perfectly. I love how the video is shot with a gloomy feel emphasizing the feeling of the song. I also like how they shot it in a secluded like place. It gives you a lonely feeling (thus you’re feeling blue). Very very nice!

And of course, I’m liking this come back because Daesung’s back after the accident! I wasn’t really a fan of Daesung, but after I watched tons of episodes of Family Outing (the original one), I can’t help but like him! And his voice seems to be more mature this time. Maybe because of that fateful accident. I do wish I would see him more on variety shows like before! But not just him but all the other members too. They don’t do too much variety anymore! I miss Big Bang and their parodies of dramas! They have to do it again!!!

Oh Oh and this post is not complete without writing about Taeyang!! kk Is he bringing back his bandana style?? kk I haven’t seen that in ages though! I mean if you’ve been following them for quite sometime, the boys have used that style way back 2007-2009.. i’m not sure.. but I love how it looks good! And love the hair!

So I wish to see more of the boys while their promoting! YG please let them be on a  lot of Variety programs! I miss their antics!!! *_*

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Perhaps Love – J and Howl (Live)

The first Korean song I really like was Sarangingayo (사랑인가요) or Perhaps Love from the OST of the Kdrama Goong (Princess Hours). I saw the drama on TV in 2006/2007 and I loved this song ever since. I even loved this song way before I got into my Kpop phase. 

This was the first Korean song I learned to sing, and the first one I memorize. Every time my friends and I went to a noraebang, the one with Korean and Japanese songs, I would always sing it! I still love to sing this song until now and it still brings back that giddy feeling I had while watching Goong! (heck, there are times I still watch Goong!)

Though there have been a lot of covers done for this song, nothing beats the original singers singing it! kk And I found a clip where they performed it together on another Korean cable TV show! I loved it so much that I want to share it!


I so love this song! It makes me want to sing along! kk

If you ask me what’s my favorite Kpop song ever — it would have to be this one! What’s your favorite Kpop song?

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