Cry Cry Cry – Palmy (MV and lyrics)

I found another Thai song that I really like. I heard it first on the radio while driving with my cousin. And I can’t seem to get over this song! It’s Cry Cry Cry by Palmy.

I am being told that Palmy is probably one of the best and most successful singers in Thailand. And after hearing this song and listening to her other songs, I have to say her music is good! Good for me at least. I’m a certified fan now. Though I’m still a bit frustrated because I don’t know the meaning of the song… (edit: i do know the meaning of the song now!!! see below.. many thanks to deungdutjai@wordpress for the translations and romanizing it!!)

Anyhow, the reason why I fell in love with this song was because it sounded soooo good! I mean I think its a sad song as the tune denotes (as well as the video), but I’m a sucker for songs like this. The song sounded like a European track, I couldn’t even tell at first that it was Thai. But when I listned carefully it was in Thai. It’s a refreshing track from all the pop ones I am listening to most of the time. I’m developing a likeness to Thai pop music!

I think it would be nice to see it as the next big thing to Kpop and Jpop 🙂

edit: this is the lyrics of the song with its romanization and english translation:

Cry Cry Cry – Palmy

มองฟ้า เมฆครึ้มสีหม่น
Maung fah mek kreum see mon
Looking at the sky, it’s cloudy and a melancholy color
รักที่ร่วงหล่น กับฝนที่ประปราย
Ruk tee ruam lon gup fon tee pra prai
Love that falls with the sprinkling rain
คิดถึงวันเก่า สองเราเปียกปอน
Kit tueng wun gao saung rao piak paun
I miss the old days, the two of us soaked
Tahm glahng sai fon proy aun
In the middle of a late rainshower
Lae tur gup chun sumput gun
And you and I touching

Chuang welah tee meuan koey yoo nai fun
The times are as usual in the rain
Jaung maung doo sai fon prum leua yoo
Staring at the drizzling streaks left
กับวันที่สายไป นั่งมองดูฟ้าคิดถึงเธอ
Gup wunt ee sai pai nung maung doo fah kit teung tur
On a day too late, sitting looking at the sky and missing you

(*) ฉันก็จะเอาแต่ CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY
Chun gor ao dtae cry cry cry cry cry cry
I only want to cry cry cry, cry cry cry
ในวันที่ฝนโปรย เหม่อมองดูฟ้าร้องไห้
Nai wun tee fon proy mur maung doo fah raung hai
On a rainy day, absently watching the sky cry
ฉันก็จะเอาแต่ CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY
Chun gor ao dtae cry cry cry cry cry cry
I only want to cry cry cry, cry cry cry
Nai wun tee fon prum keu wun tee chun mai mee tur eek dtor pai
On a rainy day, it’s the day that I won’t have you anymore

Dtae welah gor moon won yoo yahng nun
But the time passes on like that
Lae jai chun ngao leua gern took krao
And my heart is so lonely every moment
ที่มองดูฝนพรำ ยิ่งทำให้ฉันคิดถึงเธอ
Tee maung doo fon prum ying tum hai chun kit tueng tur
When watching the rain fall makes me miss you more

(remember romanizations and translations are not mine, please credit deungdutjai@wordpress / htttp:// when copying.. thanks!)

**credits: gmmgrammyofficial@yt + deungdutjai@wordpress



Author: chipskjaa

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8 thoughts

  1. Yay! I think Palmy is a great start for getting in to Thai pop~ She is one of the most well-known and well-established singers and is well liked by fans of all ages. She was really really big in the 90s-early 2000s, then kinda faded out of the industry for many years. Now she’s back though and I’m so glad she’s making a come-back 😀 I love this new single and her first new one, “คิดมาก (Kit Maak)” a lot~ Her new album should be coming out soon, so you should definitely check it out when it is released. 😀

    You say you heard the song on the car radio? Where are you living, if you don’t mind me asking, that you get Thai radio? I’m jealous! hahaa 😛

    And thanks again for the credit and linkback~ ❤ if you ever need anything else translated, feel free to let me know~ 😀


    1. actually i just moved to thailand (in Khonkaen)… i’m originally from the philippines but my Po is from Thailand..
      i actually love her music..its absolutely fresh and definitely so easy to listen to… and I love that song too!! my cousin introduced me to her music… but my i don’t understand Thai (i’m still learning)
      so i’m relying on translations i see on the net and i think yours is the most understandable one 🙂
      i think Thai music is going to help me learn Thai faster.. 555


      1. Ohhh I see~~ Lucky!! I was raised in Thailand when I was little, but I was born and live in the US. I miss Thailand so much~ Though things are a bit hectic right now with all the flooding, huh? So stay safe!

        Listening to music definitely helps with language learning!! ❤ It's helping me with my Chinese and helping keep up my Thai when I don't use it every day haha~ Good luck learning it!! I'm sure you'll pick it up in no time 😀

        And awwwwe thank you so much!! Translating things like songs is always tricky, I like the challenge of trying to word the lyrics in a whole different language and make them completely understandable to someone who doesn't speak the language while still keeping the original emotion and style behind them~ So I'm glad you find my lyric translations as one of the most understandable ^__^
        And thanks for your request, I'll translate Palmy's Kit Maak for you, no worries~ 😀


        1. oh no wonder the translations sound good! kk thanks a lot!
          i know how hard it can be to translate something and to give the exact same feeling the song is giving..
          and thank you also for translating palmy’s kit maak! 🙂


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