Backtrack – Clazziquai Live Performances

These are really old (well not 10 years ago but more like 4 or 5 years ago, but in the Kpop world that’s really old already) performances by Clazziquai. I’m lucky to have found them on youtube!

Actually.. Clazziquai is one of my favorite groups in Kpop.. but I’m not sure if you could actually call their songs pop because it’s more on the electronic sound. I love this genre but I haven’t seen much of it in the Korean music industry.. just a handful of artists does this and most of them are either underrated or a playing their music underground.

Anyway these are a few of them..

Be My Love (060818) – English Version

If you’ve see My Name is Kim Sam Soon, you would know this song. This is played over and over again in the drama. And this song is what actually made Clazziquai popular in the mainstream Kpop world. This is the english version of the song. Yes, they do have several English versions of their song, which absolutely thrilled me during the start of my Kpop addiction. Though their English wasn’t that good, but its audible and understandable except for a few words.

Love Mode (070622)

I have to say this is my favorite Clazziquai song! I just love the electronic stuff DJ Clazzi did on this song. The original version has Tablo (of Epik High who is making his comeback soon! hooray!!) doing the rap.. in straight English! They do have a Japanese version of this one too where they sing the whole song in English while the rap is done in Japanese by M-Flo (you should hear his songs..). Love mode gets to me totally because of the Western/European sound which I love that this group is doing even before it became popular in Korea.. DJ Clazzi is a genius!

Romeo N Juliet (071228)

For one who watched We Got Married back when the variety program started, I’m sure you would know this song because it was what Shinae and Alex sung. This couple for me were too good to be true.. kk too sweet. But I think we got married that time was more believable compared to the We Got Married now. There was that certain sweetness that seemed surreal among the couples back them. I think maybe they were better actors! kk Kidding.. actually when I watch we got married now, it doesn’t have the same vibe as it did.. I mean probably the last that I liked were Jo Kwon and Ga In. Yonghwa and Seohyun almost did it for me, but sometimes they were just a bit too stiff.. Anyway.. about this song, this song is too sweet and I like the acoustic vibe of the song, paired with the rap part.

There are more live peformances, but I think 3 would be enough for now.. if I put them all I might not have any Clazziquai stuff to put anymore! kk and every now and then, when I miss them, I put them on my blog…

I wish they would produce more songs like this in the Korean music industry..

**credits: yameddae@yt



Paradise – Infinite (MV)

Wow! This group never stops to amaze me with their songs! I mean whoever gets to pick their songs should be commended because whatever they choose sounds different from all the other Kpop tunes I’ve heard over and over again.

This is Infinite‘s recent track called Paradise.

At first it sounded like Before the Dawn, but it was only the first few strings of the song. When you listen ti it, it’s different from all the common idol songs. I guess the reason why I’m drawn to it is because it has a little bit of the new wave sound with all the synthesizers and stuff. At least its not autotune! Another thing that I like about it is that it’s a slow song but it’s danceable. As usual I love how this group dances during their live performances. The only disappointment is that they do not have the usual dance break in their performance! Oh well I will forgive them this time because I really like the song. I haven’t even gotten over Be Mine and now this group gave me another good song.

For the video.. well I’m not much of a fan of it though because there was nothing new.. Same old concept like what most boybands have in their videos. Though I know most fans may say oh he is so handsome and stuff.. I think I couldn’t say that because I haven’t memorized them yet.. kk There are just too many boyband names to remember (but I do know who L and Sunggyu are.. kk)

Infinite keep all those good songs coming! I’m always anticipating for your fresh songs! kk 🙂

**credits: CJENMMUSIC @yt