Recommended Movie: A Little Thing Called Love (Thai)

I haven’t recommended movies for so long. It takes a lot of effort to do these recommendations and it stresses me out sometimes so I don’t do it much. But because I am here in Thailand, I thought why not recommend a Thai movie.

I don’t really watch Thai movies in the past and most of the movies I saw were the horror Thai movies (Shutter will always be a favorites) and Sports themed movies (think beautiful boxer). I haven’t explored much of the other Thai movies and I wasn’t interested until my sister recommended I watch A Little Thing Called Love (sometimes called First Love).

I really like this movie so I made this post extra special by adding a few screen caps!

The Story

It starts with P’Shone having an exhibit of his works as photographer. In the background you hear Nam (the heroine) saying that he is the one who taught her A Little Thing Called Love.

Flash back to 9 years ago, Nam was still in her first year of secondary school. She and her friends are going to a cafe, only Nam is not there to study but to see the boy of her dreams. She has a crush on a boy named Shone who is 2 years their senior.

Shone is a helpful boy, giving way to a passing blind man. Later we see him rescuing a cat from a mango tree only to land in front of Nam and offering her some mangoes. He is the son of an ex football player who was not able to bring glory to their town because he could not kick the penalty goal (think soccer). Nam on the other hand lives with her mom and little sister. Her dad is working in New York as a chef’s assitant (side note— is that Bobby Chinn??? LOL)  Nam was promised by her dad that if she achieved rank 1 in school, he will be sending a ticket to US to study there.



Nam has 4 friends who help her a lot. While hanging out in the cafe they overhear girls talking about a book 9 secrets to win the heart of the one you love. They of course put it to the test with Nam. (watching this reminded me of all the crazy things you do in high school!) They write the boys name on the stars, tries hypnosis and giving chocolates.

Anyway, our girl tries to win over the heart of the boy but unfortunately it was never returned back. Eventually she because a beauty (umm I really don’t get how suddenly she had milky white skin when she started as a dark skinned beauty at first). And then suddenly the boy’s best friend from kindergarten studies in the same school and develops an attraction for Nam.

Bestfriend likes Nam but Shone is always together with them. To Nam being with Shone’s bestfriend is the easiest way to be closer to him. But this situation is not a good one our girl because Shone and his friend made a pact never to fall for the same girl. So sad…

Eventually Nam gets to be rank 1 in school. Her friends urged her to tell Shone about her feeling because it will be Shone’s last year in school and she will be going to the USA. She does confess only to be struck by bad news that Shone has a girlfriend. Nam says her congratulations but when her back was turned, she could not hide her tears.


When Shone comes home that day his dad tells him that he will be going to Bangkok to play for a prestigious team. He is thrilled. And it is at this moment that we know that Shone has been admiring Nam for a long time from a far, but he does not know how to say it. Instead all of his feelings are stored in a notebook. He leaves a notebook in front of Nam’s house before he leaves.

Fast forward to 9 years. Nam is back in Thailand to do a fashion show. She has studied in New York and eventually became a world class designer. We are taken to the set of an interview where she is asked questions. The interviewer then lets her see a notebook and asks if she remembers it. Then a surprise — the owner of the notebook appears — Shone is there presenting flowers to her. Nam then asks if Shone is married. Shone says he is not married because he is waiting for someone to come back from America. Nam cries…



The movies is starred by Mario Maurer (my cousin said MA-RI-O) as Shone.

Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul as Nam.

I know this is not important but I really love Nam’s teacher! (played by Sudarat Budtporm) Daebak!! kk

The Best Part of the Movie…

This movie is a romantic comedy, focusing on being in love while in high school (or for some secondary school). Though the story may have seem so common but what I like about it is the NOTEBOOK, the notebook Shone made for Nam. When I saw this the first time, I did not expect there would be something like the notebook. Maybe I’m just used to seeing romance movies with the male lead falling for the girl in the end. In this movie, the boy has long fallen for the girl, only that it wasn’t revealed until in end. There was the element of surprise that we don’t see too much in Romantic Comedies.

But there were parts of the movie that really made me cringe.. Like the part where she suddenly becomes a white skinned beauty. So you mean to tell me the application of turmeric works just once?? kk but I know it’s a movie so that’s ok. The conflict between the best friend and Shone was not properly addressed too. I would have wanted them to make a little bit of a highlight, but it seemed too dry. The actor’s make up also need a little improvement. They did not make Mario Maurer attractive in the end of the movie, and Nam still looked like a teenage girl.

Nevertheless, I love the ending of the movie, because its too simple but understandable and its not too long but it doesn’t keep me hanging. Shone’s answer of waiting for a girl and Nam’s happy cry were essential scenes in the movie that all the more make a viewer wipe their eyes.

For one who wants to fall in love or wants to relive their first love, this is worth seeing!

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I Can’t Wait for Skip Beat!!!

Ok so I know some of you may have seen the trailer already as it has been uploaded on youtube for sometime now. But I really really can’t wait for it.

Skip Beat is actually one of  my favorite anime and manga. It’s one that I have watched for a long time, though unfortunately I haven’t been paying close attention to it now. I like it because Ren Tsuruga is to me the ideal man! (though this kind of men you only meet in mangas, i’m not sure if they really exist!! kk). Also, the story of this anime/manga is quite interesting to me.

I was really happy when it was picked up for a live action adaption which was then supposed to be starred by Ariel Lin and Jerry Yan. I’m not much of a Jerry Yan fan (though I have to admit he is getting more handsome the older he gets), but I like Ariel Lin. She is by far a very talented Taiwanese actress, at least in my opinion (i love how she can change characters but I love her the most in ISWAK).

When news of the change in the actors came, I was a bit disappointed that Ariel Lin was not going to be part of the project. But the disappointment was replaced by happiness when I learned Siwon was going to play Ren Tsuruga!! Wee… Just perfect!

So I can’t wait for this to be shown!!

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Its Been Awhile…

It’s been awhile since I neglected this blog. I have been busy because I uprooted by comfortable life in the Philippines to transfer to a new home in Thailand.

You see I was born to a Filipino mother and a Thai father. But basically I grew up in the Philippines — learned the language and the custom of the Philippines. But now I have decided to live in Thailand to know the culture, the language and to be with my dad’s family. I am a bit nervous but I think it will be exciting.

I don’t live in Bangkok but somewhere in the Northeast part of Thailand. It’s a little different from home… the pace is slow… but I think it would be good to relax here. I’ve been here for about a week and a half now. The roads are a little confusing to me but I am excited. But my lack of knowledge in the Thai language is a bit bothersome. Maybe soon I can speak Thai. But I think this city is exciting… I like riding the song taew (it’s like a bus or jeepney, it literally means two rows) and figuring out where it will stop. In time I will figure out where to get to where. I will be ok! Aja Aja Fighting!!!!

Anyway… the advantage of being in Thailand is the popularity of Kpop and everything Korean! Wohoo… Sungkyungkwan Scandal is even on TV. But it’s dubbed in Thai so boo… While roaming around the city, I found some Super Junior ads..

Siwon for Acer… (I saw the same ad but I couldn’t take a pic, but it looks like this)

Donghae for Maxim… I saw the cardboard life size cut out.. but it was on the street so I didn’t take a pic..

Kyuhyun and Donghae for deodorant… I was buying my cellphone sim when I saw a tarp across the street.. this picture I took but it’s not so clear..

There are other Kpop artists here too like CN Blue and 2NE1.

And another is MA-RI-O (as in Mario Maurer)… I wrote it the way my cousin said it… He is very very very popular here.. I will be watching out for that.. Oh if only I knew how to speak and read and understand Thai. Can someone teach me a few words??

I am starting to love the Thai entertainment industry. It’s funny that it’s so underrated. Bu t listening to the songs on the radio while my Aah (aunt) is driving, I’m starting to like it. So maybe soon I will be developing a love for this kind of music.

So that’s the end of this post and I will be posting as much as I can, this time from Thailand!!!

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