Kyuhyun and Jungmo (Trax) at Immortal Song 2

I was talking to my friends the other night. We were watching some videos (particulary Suju’s Why I Like You performance — and it was played again and again 🙂 –). Suddenly another friend asked me how about the rock scene in Kpop? Do they have any?

My friends know I am an avid rock fan — been a rock fan since I was in grade school. So they were kind of curious if the kind of rock songs that I love also existed in the Kpop world. My answer to them was this.. yes there are bands but their bands are all flower boys. Most of the kind of rock songs I like are indie groups. Truth be told, the kind of rock songs I like are the loud ones, like the ones you will hear from Jpop rock groups.

The closest I can get to my kind of rock music is Trax. So when I saw this video I was happy that some people do like rock in Korea.

This is the video of Kyuhyun‘s performance on Immortal Song 2 with Jungmo from Trax as his special guest. He singing a song called Masquerade.

It was stunning to hear and see this performance. Jungmo is a real good guitar player! Really REALLY good (not to mention good looking… see flower boys!).  And I didn’t know Kyuhyun’s voice would be good for a rock song, but I think he nailed this performance. I think it has to do something with the shout. If I didn’t know him, I think I could never tell that he is part of a boyband. The make up though — I really don’t understand why they correlate rock with eyeliners. If it was a goth / emo  rock band, yes. But have you ever seen Oasis wear eyeliners.. nuh-uh! And rock bands don’t dress that way, they dress comfortably. Maybe it’s their concept of being in a rock band.

But I was glad with this performance especially because its a show where most of the contestants are or were from idol groups (except Huh Gak but  I’m still rooting for him! oops.. and Kyuhyun too!) It was something refreshing from the usual cutesy kind of music.

**credits: RaiBaka@yt



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  1. Their outfits may not have been “rock” but I would wear it… Maybe… (I’m a girl heh heh) and who would’ve thought that Kyuhyun’s voice would fit a song like this? We know Yesung’s would because of Are You Ready from their movie, but… Yeah…


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