Superman – Super Junior MV

I’ve been busy these days but a friend of mine (Johnny Talker) was telling me to post something on the blog. So here it is…

Well he particularly asked for a post not from an unknown Kpop artist so I am posting something from an idol group — my favorite idol group! kk ๐Ÿ™‚

This is the video of Super Junior‘s Superman.

For those who have been watching their comeback and who’ve been following them, you would know that this song is not part of their 5th album, but it was performed during their comebacks. So due to the public demands of the fans, the group has recorded the full song of Superman and was released in the version B of the album.

When I first heard the song, I was like.. it sounded weird and it’s not something you would hear from them. Though there were some traces of it sounding a bit like Miina. The song particularly talks about them being a superman in the industry. It also says something about their experience and hardships to get to being super junior.

A lot of fans have been complaining about the video as its just a compilation of the concert. But I think it was nicely put together. I think they didn’t have much time to make the video, of course all of them are busy with the promotion of Mr. Simple and other activities, plus Heechul is going to enlist in the army real soon. I don’t think the boys have time to make a video. I think this video and song was put released a a fan service to all the fans, so we should be at least thankful. And we want them to rest a bit right? Some fans can be so crazy.. well I think that’s part of the insatiable needs of a fan.

So anyway enjoy the video.

*credits: smtown@yt


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