New Jo In Sung photos (from his recent fan meet)

OMG!!! (screams from a fan girl!)

We all know that Jo In Sung has been discharged from the military right? So I decided to commence stalking mode to check what has he been up to in the days since the discharge.

Well apparently he had a recent fan meeting held last July 31 with the attendance of some 600 hundred fans! OMG! Can I like be there?!?!?!

So during the fan meeting, he greeted his fans who have been waiting for him and serenaded them with a song (I’m dying of envy now). He also informed his fans of the recent activities he will be participating, one is the filming of his new movie Fist Fighting. I can’t contain that giddy feeling of anticipating watching his movie! It definitely has been a long time.

And the fans also presented him with a cake to celebrate his birthday, which by the way is on July 28.

Hurray! He’s back.. He’s back!

*credits: + sidusHq


Asian Food: Jolly Pong (Korean Snack)

So I saw Simon and Martina’s review some Korean snacks and I got curios about a snack called Jolly Pong. So one time I went Korean grocery store shopping, I made sure I bought one.

There are a lot of Korean are a handful of grocery stores in the city I live in because there are a lot of Korean who come here to study. So I had no difficulty looking for the the snack I wanted to buy. But I was shocked when I saw how much it was, it was like the price of 3 big Piatos snacks combined! But nevertheless I bought one.

When I opened the package, a small cardboard with a design came with it.  I was with a friend that time and we both were puzzled. We thought it was  like a collectible cardboard cut out that you usually see in those cereal boxes. I tried to read the instructions with my limited korean and found out that’s it’s supposed to be folded to scoop the jolly pang!

How cool is that.  This is how it looks like.

I just love how ingenious Koreans are when it comes to packaging. You should see their ice cream packages! They always make packages that are beneficial to their customers.

This is how the snack inside the bag looks like:

It’s like rice or some wheat popped into something like a pop corn. It’s flavored like a caramel flavored pop corn. When I tasted it, I didn’t really understand the taste and I didn’t know how to describe it. But the more I ate, the more I liked it. And it took me about 2 days to eat it (stopping in between of course) because it was just too many. I couldn’t eat all of it at one sitting because it became too sweet the more I ate. It’s a snack meant to be shared with friends.

I would definitely buy this snack again especially when I have those movie marathons! If you buy it just look for this sign and don’t forget to use the little cardboard box a scoop for your Jolly Pong!

*pictures are mine, take out with proper credits thanks!


Mr. Simple – Super Junior

Ok so I have been fan girling for about a week now… unfortunately, I had no time to post my fan girl moment because I was too busy processing some papers.. sigh, I hate red tape!

Anyway, I cannot not have this video on my site. KK As a Super Junior fan, it needs to be on my site! It’s their new track, Mr. Simple.

 So, this is said to be part of their SJ Funky sound, and it’s supposed to be the last among the three. SJ Funky is the same beat like that of Sorry Sorry and Bonamana. But among the three, if you ask me, I still like Sorry Sorry. Now when I first heart this song, it’s like… uhmm there’s too many things going on. But the more I listen to it, it gets to me, and I am suddenly singing along. What I like about it though was the lyrics. Unlike the other previous Suju songs which have been promoted,  it’s talking about not worrying about what others think about you and just to be yourself. I like those kind of songs, and it’s certainly refreshing.

When I saw the video, it’s very simple, the dance is very simple. Even the part where Eunhyuk does his usual dance, just the break dancing shattering the glass was different (But yay for having Donghae, Sungmin and Kyuhyun for the back up!). I am not sure but I think I was expecting a more complicated dance routine like they did with Sorry Sorry and Bonamana. It’s you had a more complicated choreography. Some of my friends think that it’s been done haphazardly maybe because due to the busy schedules and activities of the boys. I think they work too hard and sometimes they deserve a break. 🙂

But anyway, I am a fan, so it doesn’t stop me from liking the song. They have started promoting already and I can’t help but fan girl when they perform (especially Siwon’s costume during their comeback on Music Bank, reminds me of his character in Athena — I can’t wait for Poseidon!). So now I have a reason to stream the music shows again! kk

Super Junior Fighting! kk 🙂

*credits:  SMTOWN@yt